You’re fired!

Last month we went to a house party and scoped things out without really getting very involved. Last night we attended a second party at the same place. Last time there were something like 50 or less people attending. This time there were 100 people. It was crowded to the point that you essentially had to push people aside to move from one place to another.

I don’t know if it was the additional people, that there were just some different people there, or that we knew more what to expect but things went a lot different for us this time. For one thing there were a lot of really nice looking people there. I don’t think that had changed that much but from some of our previous experiences where most of the people were unattractive we were much more aware of it.

We immediately saw people that interested us and most of them seemed interested in us or at least interested in Jo. I don’t think I could count how many people wanted to know how tall she was or commented on it. She is between 6’ and 6’ 1” which made her taller than all the women, even when they were wearing heels, and taller than most of the men. This was appealing to the guys and many of the women.

The first couple we talked to had been in the lifestyle for many years. I think they first started in the mid 1990’s. They had been on several lifestyle cruises as well as been to many different clubs. They lived just a few miles from our usual club but hadn’t attended there for several years. Jo and the guy were hitting it off really well but his wife was a short distance away talking to some other people and I wasn’t getting involved in conversations with any women. She finally drifted away from the other people and we chatted some. The biggest impression I got from it was that they had been married for 40 years. He looked old enough to have been married that long but I thought for sure his wife was at least 15 years too young, if not 20, to have been married that long. Jo was similarly surprised. I prefer taller women, she was probably about 5’2”, but with all things considered she was well within my acceptable range.

I’m not sure how or why it happened but we drifted off to talk with another couple, Calvin & Jerri, close by. This woman was 5’ 8” and in the tall heels she was wearing she was at a height that I could easily talk to her without looking down. She had a great body and was wearing a top that showed a lot of skin through the tight fitting and partially fishnet cloth. I was very interested in her. Jo and Calvin were hitting it off well but Jerri, while polite, didn’t light up like Calvin did with Jo. She put some effort into including a nearby couple, Cam and Rebecca, who seemed to be “wallflowers” included in our conversation. She did express a lot of interest in Jo and there was some kissing and all three women showing off their breasts as we stood in the kitchen talking. While Jo had the only ones that were all natural I could not tell, even from detailed touching that either of Jerri’s and Rebecca’s breasts had implants. Jerri’s implants were 20+ years old.

One of the more interesting things to come out of the conversation was that Calvin and Jerri are going to be in Las Vegas next weekend. The same time as Jo and are going to be there. They are meeting another swinger couple there for the weekend. They had met them on a lifestyle cruise recently and were going to get back together. We gave them our phone number and email address and told them to contact us if they wanted to do something with us.

Things were somewhat fluid for a while with various people coming and going. At one point when there was a pause in the conversation and it seemed that Jerri had warmed up to me I asked Calvin and Jerri if they wanted to go find play area with us. They looked at each other without any words being spoken and after a few awkward seconds Jo and I excused ourselves to let them have some time alone. As we walked away Jo told me, “You’re fired! It was too soon to ask that. Things were going just fine and then you messed it up.” The words were a little more harsh that what she really thought but there was some truth to it. I have a tendency to be socially awkward and had just made another demonstration of that. I didn’t see that it was too early to ask. The same question at what I thought was the same point in the “get to know each other phase” was generally successful at our usual club.

Ultimately we wandered back and continued pretty much where we left off without anything said about the awkward question. There was one change in things. Jerri was giving a lot of attention to Cam and Rebecca announced that she was going to stand next to me rather than Calvin so that everyone in our three couple group could have someone different. That put Jo back with Calvin again. There was a lot of kissing and touching between us and ultimately we wandered into the music/pole dance area. The other two couples sat on the couch and Rebecca and I leaned up on the frog chair and made out and slowly took off our clothes. We tried to make things work on the frog chair but the legs were too high for her and we went over to the sex swing beside the couch. That was far too short for me to have intercourse with her but it would well enough for oral sex. I started to eat on her and Jerri, right next to us on the couch, grinding her hips into Cam, said, “No. I’m first” and bent over to eat on her and use her fingers on her.  I gave Rebecca’s breasts some oral and manual attention and when Jerri returned her attention to Cam I once again performed some oral sex on Rebecca. After a while I noticed a sort of bean bag like mattress on the floor nearby and suggested we go over there.

It was incredibly loud in the room. Both from all the people and the music. It wasn’t the most comfortable location and I was having trouble until Jo and Calvin joined us and he put on a condom and entered Jo. I almost instantly became erect and the condom went on and things went much better between Rebecca and I.

Rebecca and I finished sooner than Jo and Calvin and we gave Jo’s breasts some attention and after a while Jerri came over and had her hands and face at the junction of her husband and Jo’s groin. Jo and Calvin continued for quite some time and the room cleared mostly cleared out except for the six of us and two other couples. We had a long drive home and Jo suggested we put on our clothes and maybe leave. I knew she was right so I found my clothes near the frog chair and after I got them on checked the time on my watch I found on the floor. It was almost midnight!

We went up to the kitchen, drank some water, ate a snack and were sort of working our way out when a group of people took an interest in Jo and her height. One woman started touching her and asked that she “unsheath” her long legs. Jo took off the panty hose and then two guys took off her bra. Jo describes it as “a little feeding frenzy”. The woman asked if she could kiss her and there was a long kiss. Jo was flattered by all the attention and still laughs about it but she ultimate held her panty hose in one hand, her bra in the other, and kissed her way out of the group. The woman who wanted Jo “unsheathed” had been talking to me and we kissed goodbye and I followed Jo out of the kitchen back into the music/pole-dance room to say goodbye to our playmates. Cam and Jerri were fucking again and Calvin and Rebecca were going at it now. Jo kissed them all, I kissed the two women and we left for the long drive home.

It was about 2:00 AM when we arrived. Jo was very sleepy and was tired too and I’m a night owl type. We got into bed and had sex with each other with some talk of our sex with our new playmates. When we woke up this morning we had sex again.

Quote of the week: Wilma

You can fuck him any way you like. Just don’t give him any fucking cookies.

March 28, 2014

I heard this while Wilma was leading a discussion group on the lifestyle and was reporting how she and her husband stumbled across a “trigger”. Her husband, Rocky, had a playmate that she was fine with. They could have sex and everything was cool. Then the playmate made him a plate of cookies.

No one expected it or understood it but Wilma had a strong reaction to the gift of cookies. She didn’t actually say the words above to the playmate but this is how she ultimately expressed it to get her feelings into manageable words.

It took a while to get it figured out and everything is cool now but it was a great example of the landmines that can blow up in your face in the lifestyle. You can have no idea something was there and then you get a really strong reaction. It takes some sensitivity and a lot of communication to deal with these things.

One woman I took to the club had a similarly strange reaction. This was our second visit to the club. We just played with each other the first time and on our second visit we were with another couple in a play area. She was getting a lot of hot attention for the other guy and I moved slowly with the other woman while watching to make sure my friend was okay with the things that were happening. She seemed to be having a good time and when they started having intercourse I moved from soft stroking of the other woman’s breasts to a kiss. As the kisses grew more passionate my friend became upset to the point it was clear it was time to leave. We disengaged ourselves, put our clothes on and left. She was really steamed and wasn’t even talking to me. It was a several hour drive back to our homes and after maybe thirty minutes she finally told me, “It would have been okay if you were to have fucked her. But not kissed.”

I apologized and told her I didn’t know that was a problem. I told her I didn’t intend to upset her and that I really wanted to talk about it. But there was not reaction from her for another hour.  Finally she reached over and put her hand on my leg. I touched her hand, rubbed it, and said, “Thank you.” I was getting really sleepy anyway and I soon found a motel to check into. I got a room with two beds because I didn’t know what she wanted—she still hadn’t said a word. She got into bed with me and immediately initiated sex.  We had a great time in bed and cuddled up to sleep for the night. We still didn’t talk about it. We talked about other things but not that. A couple of days later in IM she told me she was out of line. She didn’t really understand but the kissing bothered her. She realized it was crazy but that was what she felt. She was enjoying the sex with the other guy until I kissed his wife and then things just fell apart for her.

“Trigger”, “landmine”, whatever. They can show up when you least expect them. There have been a few “firecrackers” with Jo, but all have been relatively minor and easy to deal with.

Meet and greet

We went to a meet and greet at our usual club last night. We went to the very first one a few months ago and had a nice time but had not been back for one since. We decided to try it again. There were a lot of people attending. In fact there were more people attending than were at the last party we went to. The play area is closed except for tours for the new people until midnight. By midnight all the new people have to become members or leave. Then the play area is opened up. Midnight is late for Jo. She frequently has trouble staying awake even until 11:00 PM. But she took a nap during the afternoon and figured she could handle it this time.

It didn’t take long for Jo to find someone she was interested in. I think I had gone to the bathroom then went to check my cellphone for messages when she came to find me and tell me I needed to check out his wife to see if I was interested. We went back to the social area and stood around the table chatting and drinking with them. Yes, Alice was nice. She was smart and nice looking. She and Alan had been members for many years in the past but had taken a break starting in about 2007. They were now ready to come back and play again.

At 9:30 there was discussion group that I wanted to participate in. For some reason I just assumed that everyone else would be interested as well. When the social director announced it was starting I headed off for that and then noticed the rest of the people at the table weren’t going. I told them I was really interested and I would be back afterward.

The discussion was interesting and I came away from it with my Quote of the Week. Jo joined me when there was about 15 minutes left and we contributed some to the discussion. Mostly it was about communication with your potential playmates before going into the play area. Our contributions was primarily about the soft swap incident we were surprised by. Brenda contributed a similar incident she had recently too. She was with some guy in the play area and things were going fine then just when he should have been putting on a condom and “getting down to business” he told her that he didn’t go all the way. She was kind of annoyed because she had other options available that night and now she didn’t.

After the discussion broke up Jo told me that Alex was really interested in her. They had been doing a bunch of kissing. We needed to give them some attention before they found someone else.

We went back to the social area and found Alex and Alice at a different table with another couple. We joined them with Jo sitting next to Alex and me next to Jo and directly across the round table from the other couple. Alice was on the other side of Alex. Alex was showing Jo lots of physical attention as well as the conversation. Alice didn’t seem that interested and said something about having had too much to drink. She said it was okay for Alex to play on his own if he wanted but Jo told him that we played together and we weren’t interested in a threesome.

The couple across the table were interesting too. She had been a member of the club for several years in the past but had not been recently. The guy she was with had never been to the club or done anything in the lifestyle and she was trying to get back into it with him. He wasn’t entirely sure about this. She was tall, slender, and very appealing to me. She seemed to have an interest in me as well. She asked questions about how long we had been members and when Jo told her that I had first joined in 1978 she insisted I could be old enough unless I had joined when I was like 12 years old or something. She said she was 50 years old and asked how old I was. I was shocked at her age. She could have said late thirties and I wouldn’t have questioned it for a second. We talked briefly about the anti-aging effects of frequent sex. We didn’t have any valid research on the topic but we certain had some indications that such a hypothesis was valid.

She enjoyed showing off her body too. She said, “I wonder if it is okay to get undressed here even if the play area isn’t open yet.” She wasn’t going to get completely nude, just get down to her sexy underwear. We told her that it would probably be okay and if it wasn’t someone would let her know. She wandered off and then her companion left for bit as well. Perhaps to go to the bathroom or something. She came back with nothing but high heels and dark red sexy bra and briefs. She was stunning. Her body was lean with not even visible stretch marks from having two children. Her companion wasn’t back yet and she asked, “Where did he go? I got undressed and now he isn’t here!” I told her, “Whatever it is that you needed from him, just let us know and we will try to take care of your needs ourselves.” She seemed to appreciate the attention and I was thinking things could turn out okay between us, if not tonight then maybe some other time.

Her companion came back shortly and she sat on his lap and they touched each other. He announced he was the luckiest man in the world. I could definitely see his point even if I thought I could be a serious competitor with Jo. He was nice looking too and I think Jo would have been just fine with him but you could tell he was not all that interested in staying. Later we heard that just before they left she was trying to convince him to become members and stay.

With things with Alex and Alice not going too well and this other couple not appearing to be ready for “the big time” yet we decided to go. It was sometime after 11:00 PM and that is when Jo frequently starts crashing anyway. We collected our stuff, and were saying our goodbyes when we ran into Ellen who is the wife of Nick (see here and here for more about Nick) who we had said goodbye to on Wednesday. We talked to her for quite a while since we knew we would not see her again for a  long time, if ever. She told us she wished they could go with us to Las Vegas next weekend but she was flying out on Sunday. I’m not sure how it came up but one or the other of us mentioned blogs. It turns out that she has been blogging about her experience in the lifestyle since the very first time about a year and a half ago. She told me the name of her blog, Blissfully Open, and I told her about this one. We were both fascinated about finding out that each other were telling our stories online. She hasn’t blogged for several months because “of some problems it was causing”. I didn’t ask exactly but from reading it I have my guesses.

We finally left as it was nearing midnight and on the way home I read one of Ellen’s blog posts (they are LONG) to Jo. I also discovered that Nick has a blog as well, Compersive Times. It is very interesting reading and I have another blog post in mind from the perspective someone who has been in the lifestyle for a long time and seen a lot of things happen with couples relationships. Nick and Ellen exhibit part of a common pattern. There were some stresses introduced by entering into the lifestyle. There some stresses it relieved as well and I suspect things are settling down at this point which, again, is also part of the pattern. Nick and Ellen are very smart and articulate people. I wish them well and if they were interested and available I would like to discuss things with them and perhaps help them if they still have some issues to resolve.

When we got home Jo and I talked a little about Nick and Ellen’s blogs then, as it usually after coming back from the club, we had sex with each other.

Dynamic change

Last night we arrived to the club a little bit later than usual. But it was still plenty early. The only downside was that we didn’t get as good a parking spot as usual. We checked in and talked with our usual friends. Nick was there and we talked quite a bit to him. He and Ellen are soon leaving the area for an extended period of time and this was his good-bye visit to the club. We talked to Brenda and Kim too and the four of us were going to have dinner together. Jo and I were thinking that she could hookup with Nick and I could probably play with Brenda or Kim. As we were sitting down Nick apologized and said he had to accept an invitation at a different table, “It is weird”, he said. We knew there was some “interesting” history there but didn’t ask. That little change of seating changed the dynamic for the evening. I was now sitting at a table with three women as the only guy. Nice, but now who is there for Jo? Another woman came along and asked if she could sit with us. Of course she could. Then another woman joined us. The table was full. I was with five single women. Luckiest guy at the club, right? Maybe not so much. I wasn’t going to invite one of them to play when Jo was going to be left out. We ate dinner, had a nice conversation with our dinner companions, watched the evenings entertainment. It was “Amateur Strip Night” at the club. Jo won the $100 prize very first time they had one of these. That was last October. Now the bar has been raised so high that Jo doesn’t even enter. They had some really good amateur participants. This is probably our favorite club entertainment now. For the most part we view the entertainment part of the party as just a distraction that keeps people from migrating to the play areas sooner. We still consider it a bit of a distraction but it’s a pleasant distraction. After the contest Jo looked around and it appeared that Nick was going to be “busy” for the evening and there wasn’t anyone else of interest to her there. We decided that I would use the massage coupon we had won at a raffle at a previous party. Jo would sit in the hot tub while I got my massage then we would go to the play area together. As always I had a nice conversation with Gretchen. Jo came back from the hot tub to check on me once and then sat on the couch in front of the fireplace and big screen showing porn to wait. She talked to some guy for a while then I joined her and we went into the play area together. There wasn’t much going on and we found a bed with a view of one other couple and talked for a bit. The situation in the hot tub was sort of interesting. There was a guy there that we had a threesome with once. And he had his hands all over her and told her how much he missed her. She wasn’t that interested in him and didn’t encourage the contact. She didn’t discourage it either until it starting going a little too far. That was went she got up and came to check on me. We had sex with each other and went home where we had sex again.


Night before last Jo and I visited a different club. I had known about it for decades but never visited before. My ex-wife and I made plans to visit once with my landlord who had attended a few times but the plans fell through when my landlord came down with a cold.

The driveway and parking lot shared some characteristics with a maze and we weren’t exactly sure how to make it from the parking lot to the party house. We parked next to another couple who had just arrived and I figured we could follow them in. It was nearly pitch black and after we locked up the car and the lights were out I turned on my flashlight so we could avoid the mud puddles in the graveled parking area. That was when we saw the faces of the other couple for the first time. It turned out to be Nancy and her boyfriend. Nancy is considered to be “an old flame” of mine by Jo. There is a certain amount of truth to this but it’s also a bit of an exaggeration. After breaking up with my wife Nancy and I frequently slept together and went to the club together. I had met her there in fact. I really liked the companionship but she wasn’t interested in a committed relationship like I was and she wasn’t that great of match physically either. I’m quite tall and she is quite short. We are still on good terms and it was nice to see her again. Nancy explained that she had only been there once before and that was four years ago. Jo and I hadn’t seen her in several months and it was nice to catch up a bit on things. But there wasn’t going to be any playing with them. Nancy is on Jo’s “no list” for me and her current boyfriend was of zero interest to Jo.

The place is not nearly as physically nice as our usual club. We got a tour and went through orientation with about 20 other people. The play areas were few and except for one very large public/voyeur area they were small as well. Some of the play areas were even in separate buildings. You had to walk 75 to 90 feet across the yard to these other small buildings. That could be a real “joy killer” when it was cold outside and you weren’t wearing much in the way of clothes.

I had heard the décor described as “rustic” before and that was accurate. Minor disrepair might also have been appropriate. The hot tub had pieces of missing tile and the rough concrete edges were cold and abrasive on my back when we soaked in the tub for a while.

I looked around for others we might know from our usual club. Apart from Nancy there was a guy that used to come to the club with his wife, then got divorced, then with another woman for a while. I hadn’t seen him in months at our club and we briefly said hi to each other.

We originally thought we would like to participate in the couples speed dating event and sat down at the long table a few minutes before it was to start. As the table filled up we realized there was no one at the table we were interested in. The people there reminded us a lot of the meet and greet (and retreat) we attended last week. Again we retreated.

We sat on a couch in a clothing required area and had a nice chat with a young guy. His wife was close by chatting with another couple. They were pretty young and probably weren’t interested in us even if we had been exceptionally interested in them–which we weren’t. As we sat there we did see another couple arrive. It was the same couple we had sort of skipped over in the mirror room last week. They recognized us and we smiled at each other.

Eventually Jo and I wandered off to take a quick look at some of the play areas to see what was happening. There was some play going on but nothing we were interested in so we took off our clothes and sat in the hot tub. After a while a nice looking couple joined us and we hit it off quite well. They were younger than us but fun to talk to. This was their first time here as well and had the same opinion about the quality of the furnishing as we did. I asked them what sort of things they were interested in and they told us it was mostly other women for Janet but occasionally they played with couples too.

After a long chat and starting to get a little wrinkly we all decided to get out. There was some talk of leaving the club entirely and going back to their hotel room (they were from out of state) or my apartment with the water bed and mirrored canopy. They sort of seemed interested but didn’t run with the idea.

As we were drying off and putting clothes on Janet and Jo decided they needed a drink. Janet said she had a bottle of vodka and a bottle of Dr. Pepper in their car and we all went out into the parking lot. Henry and Janet, especially Janet, were a little bit on the crazy side. It was in a fun way and even though Jo and I had spent decades with truly crazy spouses this couple was okay. Janet drank most of the bottle with Jo taking a few sips. We laughed and talked for probably a half hour and then went back inside. Rather than picking up the rest of our stuff and leaving as I sort of expected they decided to do some dancing. It had come up that Jo had won an amateur pole-dance/stripping contest at our club once. She told Janet and Henry that whenever she hears Prince singing Cream she has an urge to take off her clothes because that was the music she used for the contest.

Jo and Janet went to the dance area with Henry and I following. Janet urged the D.J. to play Cream by Prince and, as you might expect, the D.J. made that the next song and Jo and Janet started pole dancing and stripping to the music. They kissed and they touched and soon Henry took off his clothes and joined them at the pole. I took off my clothes and Janet met me as I stepped into the dance area. We touched and fondled each other as we danced and then we all gyrated and rubbed against each other around the pole. Another woman joined us for a while and Janet gave her attention as well as Jo and I. Then the couple from our club who Jo and I weren’t interested in joined in at the pole.

Janet and Henry moved to the bed next to the pole where still another couple had been laying for quite some time. The man had been fingering her for at least 20 minutes without things really moving beyond that or the woman even appearing to be very excited by anything. As things between Janet and Henry heated up the other couple on the bed left. Jo and I occupied the place they vacated and had oral sex with each other. Henry and Janet started having sex with each other and Jo and I had sex beside them. Then the couple from our club, who we weren’t interested in, lay down on the bed beside Jo and I. They were both touching Jo and the woman was touching me some. We didn’t reciprocate but didn’t reject them either. Then as Janet migrated over the top of us to touch the other woman Jo and I migrated off the bed. We decided it was time to leave. The couple we weren’t interested in were too involved and it wasn’t what we wanted. As Jo said our good-byes to Henry and Janet Henry asked that she give him a “lap dance”. He was laying flat on his back on the bed and Jo lay on top of him for a minute or so and rubbed against him but then got up and we left.

Jo and I talked about the club as we left and decided we were glad we went but were pretty sure we wouldn’t be going back. The layout and the finish of our normal club was so much better. And since we do the volunteer work there all our parties are free there just wasn’t a point in going to a club that wasn’t as nice and we had to pay $45 per party for.

We we got home we had sex again, then again the next morning, and again that night and again this morning. We haven’t had sex with other people much in a while but things are still rocking with each other.

Soft swap

Last Saturday the RSVP list didn’t look all that promising. There just didn’t seem to be anyone that interesting planning to attend. We looked around some when we arrived and a couple that had requested to be “friends” on the website were there. We had never met them but they had sent the friends request. We accepted it but with a bit of reluctance. For one thing they were mostly interested in single women. Other couples were a “maybe” for them. And physically they didn’t really stand out for us. Okay, in real life, they look a bit nicer than our initial impression from their pictures so maybe we should sit with them at their table and chat.

We enjoyed the conversation. They were very interesting and happy people and we ate dinner with them.  It came up that some friends of theirs were attending the club for the first time and we offered up our seats at the table for them. Jo and I then wandered off to talk to some other people.

Les and Glenda are a very nice looking couple and somehow we started talking to them. The conversation went well and another couple joined us at the edge of the dance floor as we talked.  We went to their table and talked some more. We ultimately migrated to the dance floor and Jo joined Mandy in the dance cage. I got in the cage as well and then Kim joined us. It was three very attractive women and me dancing in a small raised cage in the center of the dance floor. Nice. Jo and I touched, kissed, and rubbed our bodies against each other and involved the other women some as well.

We spent quite a bit of time on the dance floor in and out of the cage. The floor was nearly packed and the cage got so full there were people hanging on to the outside of it as well as packing into the interior. Glenda joined in and there was a lot of kissing and touching between her and various women including Jo. Ultimately Jo asked if Glenda and Les would like to go to the play area with us. They agreed and off we went.

We found a place to play in the mirror room and began touching and kissing. First it was with our own partners and then the women played with each other. Then Glenda began touching me as well as Jo. Then finally she gave her whole attention to me. She performed oral sex on me as the activity between Jo and Les heated up. Glenda put lube all over my chest and stomach as I lay on my back then she rubbed her naked body against mine. We kissed and rubbed and finally I rolled her over, performed oral sex on her for a while. After a while I scooted up to where my penis was rubbing her groin area and reached for the condom I had laying next to our bed. She then told me, “I know we haven’t talked about this but we only do soft swap.”

That explained what I was seeing with Jo and Les. They seemed very “ready” but things had “stalled” just short of intercourse. They were laying spoon style facing Glenda and I with Les slowing humping her in the back. But I was pretty sure he wasn’t in the right position to actually be penetrating her. And the expression on Jo’s face was definitely not that of when she is having sex.

I continued to stimulate her with my hands, fingers, and tongue for a while. Then I moved over to give Jo some attention. I wanted more than just foreplay! Jo and I had sex for a while and she whispered, “We could migrate to the right.”

There were two other couple on the beds next to us. At the far end was Tom and Mary. In between was a couple with a guy that Jo wasn’t interested in. But his wife was very nice looking and as her husband was giving still another woman on the bed some attention we began touching the other woman and moved closer.

The other woman was very receptive but it was sort of strange. She was talking and saying how nice it was but there was no movement and no real excitement in her voice. She was just sort of laying there even when I was performing oral sex and giving her vigorous finger fucking. As her husband started giving Jo attention Jo moved on to Mary who was right next to us.

I just couldn’t get excited about the woman I was with and moved on to give some exposed parts of Jo some attention as she played with Mary. Tom and Mary began having sex with each other and Jo and I did the same. Mary was laying on the bed with her head next to Jo’s side as we all had sex. I once reached over and put my hand on Mary’s breast and her hand immediately went to the top of mine. She didn’t move my hand away or say anything but I got the feeling she wasn’t entirely certain she wanted me to be touching her. Tom and Mary finished a little before we did and watched and touched Jo’s breasts some as we finished up.

Jo and I talked with Tom and Mary for a while and then we all decided to leave the play area. Mary kissed Jo and thanked her. She then asked if she could kiss me. I readily agreed and we had a quick kiss.

We met up with Tom and Mary later when the midnight snacks were served. We learned more about them and how they met. It turned out that Mary had considered herself a lesbian and wasn’t interested in men when she met Tom. She was meeting men via and going on a date or two then writing a chapter in a book about them. Tom was going to be chapter 13. A part of this conversation is the quote of the week. That was several years ago.

Now Mary is interested in “further exploring her sexuality” and, as Tom put it, she will reach out and touch but then pull back. He seemed a little surprised that Mary kissed me. That was apparently new territory.

It was a very pleasant evening. We were rather disappointed we didn’t get to do a full swap with Les and Glenda. We certainly were all ready for it and fully expected it. Had we known ahead of time we probably wouldn’t have invited them to go play with us. But it ended up okay. A little less than what we wanted but it was still a nice experience.

Quote of the week: Mary

I told him, “This could work out well for you.”

March 15, 2014

Tom and Mary told Jo and I the story of how they met and got into the lifestyle.

The quote above was how Mary broke the news to the guy she had been dating that she was primarily a lesbian. She had a significant other woman that she had no plans of giving up. But she was willing to share.

Quote of the week: Susie

I was driving around late one night and turned around in a motel parking lot. These two truck drivers asked me to have coffee with them.

It was the first time I ever had sex with two men at the same time.  It was like being plugged into an electric circuit — I knew then I could never be in a sexually monogamous relationship again.

December 9, 1997

Susie was probably 50 years old when she told me this. Her story occurred maybe ten years earlier.

I’ve been told similar stories by several women. After they had sex with two men at the same time there was no way they could ever go back to monogamy. They knew they would be missing out on too much.

Meet, greet, and retreat

Last night Jo and I went to a “meet and greet” at a lounge about 45 minutes from where we live. It was with an online group we just joined. It was advertised as for couples and bi-sexual females. Even though I have been in the lifestyle for decades in this area I had never heard of them.

Online it looked promising. They said the previous event of this sort had 55 couples so it would seem the chances of finding compatible couple should be fairly good. The drive was a little longer than we really like to travel for just an evening but maybe we could meet people close to where we lived and it would be worth the time invested.

We arrived well after it had started and for some reason Jo was nervous. She wanted to get a drink before going into the back area where “our” group was. We went to the bar, got her a drink and then walked back into the area where the people from our part of the Internet were. There were quite a few people there. There were only a few empty chairs. But it was easy to see we were way out of place here. We had dressed up just a little bit. Jo wore a typical dress she would wear to the club. Very short with a significant amount of cleavage and “sharp”. I wore a nice sweater, newish black jeans and dress shoes. With the exception of one very young couple everyone else was nearly indistinguishable from one another. The clothes were old and fading. Then there was the fact that their bodies all seemed to be closely related to that of the Pillsbury dough boy. I asked Jo, “Do you see anyone you are interested in?” “Nope, not a one”, she replied.  “Ready to go?”, I asked. “Yup!”, she replied and she placed her barely touched drink down on a table and we left.

Well… At least we know that group wasn’t a good match for us.

Early night

Last night we went to the club again. There didn’t seem to be anyone very interesting signed up but we figured we could just go and talk to people and leave early if there wasn’t anyone of interest. There was one couple that looked nice enough and we thought we would try and find them and see how things went.

More people showed up at the last minute and it was a fairly well attended party. The couple we had some interest in came and sat down next to us in the snack area shortly after we arrived. Jo and the other guy were sitting next to each other on a couch with me on the other side of Jo. The other woman sat on a chair at the end of the couch just past her husband. Jo and the other guy seemed to hit it off well and I chipped in a sentence or two occasionally but because of the seating arrangement the other woman and I just didn’t have much opportunity to talk. I suppose I should have moved over near her to engage her in conversation but there wasn’t much in the way of seating opportunities near her. After 20 minutes or so she indicated she wanted to leave and they wondered off to another area and we didn’t really see them again until the entertainment part of the evening.

At dinner Brenda, Ed, Gretchen, Steve, Jo, and I sat together. It was a quite nice conversation. The entertainment for the night was “Spin the Bottle” with some enhancements for the club environment. The previous time Jo and I were there on “Spin the Bottle” night we had zero interest in the people that participated and so we stayed away. This time there were much more interesting people participating. So after some encouragement from Ed we joined in. Barb and I both ended up kissing several different women and Barb kissed a couple different guys as well. It was fun even though we both discovered some attractive women were smokers from our kisses.

We had hoped we could sometime would come of the entertainment but nothing really jumped out at us. We debated about just going home but ended up going to the play area alone. We went to “The Perch” and played with each other. As we were leaving one of the couples from the spin the bottle group invited us to join them in the Mirror Room but we declined. Had it been earlier we probably would have joined them and the other couple on the big beds under the mirrors.

We came home and had sex again before going to sleep.