Meet, greet, and retreat

Last night Jo and I went to a “meet and greet” at a lounge about 45 minutes from where we live. It was with an online group we just joined. It was advertised as for couples and bi-sexual females. Even though I have been in the lifestyle for decades in this area I had never heard of them.

Online it looked promising. They said the previous event of this sort had 55 couples so it would seem the chances of finding compatible couple should be fairly good. The drive was a little longer than we really like to travel for just an evening but maybe we could meet people close to where we lived and it would be worth the time invested.

We arrived well after it had started and for some reason Jo was nervous. She wanted to get a drink before going into the back area where “our” group was. We went to the bar, got her a drink and then walked back into the area where the people from our part of the Internet were. There were quite a few people there. There were only a few empty chairs. But it was easy to see we were way out of place here. We had dressed up just a little bit. Jo wore a typical dress she would wear to the club. Very short with a significant amount of cleavage and “sharp”. I wore a nice sweater, newish black jeans and dress shoes. With the exception of one very young couple everyone else was nearly indistinguishable from one another. The clothes were old and fading. Then there was the fact that their bodies all seemed to be closely related to that of the Pillsbury dough boy. I asked Jo, “Do you see anyone you are interested in?” “Nope, not a one”, she replied.  “Ready to go?”, I asked. “Yup!”, she replied and she placed her barely touched drink down on a table and we left.

Well… At least we know that group wasn’t a good match for us.