Dynamic change

Last night we arrived to the club a little bit later than usual. But it was still plenty early. The only downside was that we didn’t get as good a parking spot as usual. We checked in and talked with our usual friends. Nick was there and we talked quite a bit to him. He and Ellen are soon leaving the area for an extended period of time and this was his good-bye visit to the club. We talked to Brenda and Kim too and the four of us were going to have dinner together. Jo and I were thinking that she could hookup with Nick and I could probably play with Brenda or Kim. As we were sitting down Nick apologized and said he had to accept an invitation at a different table, “It is weird”, he said. We knew there was some “interesting” history there but didn’t ask. That little change of seating changed the dynamic for the evening. I was now sitting at a table with three women as the only guy. Nice, but now who is there for Jo? Another woman came along and asked if she could sit with us. Of course she could. Then another woman joined us. The table was full. I was with five single women. Luckiest guy at the club, right? Maybe not so much. I wasn’t going to invite one of them to play when Jo was going to be left out. We ate dinner, had a nice conversation with our dinner companions, watched the evenings entertainment. It was “Amateur Strip Night” at the club. Jo won the $100 prize very first time they had one of these. That was last October. Now the bar has been raised so high that Jo doesn’t even enter. They had some really good amateur participants. This is probably our favorite club entertainment now. For the most part we view the entertainment part of the party as just a distraction that keeps people from migrating to the play areas sooner. We still consider it a bit of a distraction but it’s a pleasant distraction. After the contest Jo looked around and it appeared that Nick was going to be “busy” for the evening and there wasn’t anyone else of interest to her there. We decided that I would use the massage coupon we had won at a raffle at a previous party. Jo would sit in the hot tub while I got my massage then we would go to the play area together. As always I had a nice conversation with Gretchen. Jo came back from the hot tub to check on me once and then sat on the couch in front of the fireplace and big screen showing porn to wait. She talked to some guy for a while then I joined her and we went into the play area together. There wasn’t much going on and we found a bed with a view of one other couple and talked for a bit. The situation in the hot tub was sort of interesting. There was a guy there that we had a threesome with once. And he had his hands all over her and told her how much he missed her. She wasn’t that interested in him and didn’t encourage the contact. She didn’t discourage it either until it starting going a little too far. That was went she got up and came to check on me. We had sex with each other and went home where we had sex again.