Zoning, EMTs, and puritans

When creating a sex club there are some issues unique to the “industry”. Probably the biggest problem sex clubs have is zoning. This case from Arlington Texas is a typical example:

The operators of a swingers club at an upscale north Arlington home say they will fight the city’s efforts to shut down their weekend parties.

On Wednesday, Arlington officials sent the owners of the house in the 2400 block of North Cooper Street a letter telling them to shut down immediately, accusing them of illegally operating a home-based business.

The clubs in our area tell me they work with local officials and generally have no problems of this type.

Aside from zoning there are things of importance that need to be thought through and have some sort of plan in place for the operators and patrons of the clubs.

The biggest issue that I know of which happened at Club Pyrite is one time a woman had a medial emergency. The ambulance EMTs had what seemed to be a rather large escort from the police. We suspected it was because they wanted to see what it was like inside the club but we don’t really know for sure.

I was at the club at the time. While someone was calling 911 other people were notifying people in the club the EMTs, and probably police, would be showing up soon and to leave if we didn’t want to be there. We were welcome to stay and were told the path the emergency responders would be taking. We were asked to stay out of the area so they could have room to get the stretcher in and out. It was suggested we might want to be dressed, but again it was our choice.

I was sitting in the hot tub and the time which had a view of the locker room entrance where the woman collapsed. I elected to stay in the hot tub and see how it all went down. I watched the EMTs and police arrive, the woman leave on a stretcher, and then the police leave after asking a few questions of some of the people who witnessed the woman collapse. It seemed to be handled professionally as near as I could tell.

Jo and I saw the police at the club one other time when some guy got upset about something, was asked to leave, and things didn’t go as smoothly as they should have. The police arrived in the parking lot and made sure the guy left the property.

I have heard of cases in other states where there have been police raids on clubs. Sometimes there have been accusations of sex for money and other times alcohol and nudity issues. But people in the lifestyle always have the suspicion that it’s really a puritan issue where the authorities are afraid that someone, somewhere, is having fun.

Hostile neighbors

I’ve been going to sex clubs for decades now and the majority of my close friends are “in the lifestyle”. This means it’s easy to forget that some people can get all bent out of shape about people like me:

Calling a proposed swingers sex club “evil” and a would-be “cancer” on Madison, the leader of a Christian school put voice to local concerns during a meeting Monday that aired opposition.

“We will exhaust every legal, every political, every kind of resource we can find to stop it,” vowed Ricky Perry, president of Goodpasture Christian School, about a half-mile from the proposed club.

I’ve never had open personal contact with people like this, but then I keep a pretty low profile when I’m in the vanilla world. I’ve told a few people who I thought might be interested in the lifestyle some of the things available and things always went fine even when they weren’t interested in participating themselves.

But news like this is a solemn reminder that we need to be careful. In an Internet enabled world once we have been exposed there is no going back.

Brother goes to the club

Last night Jo invited her brother, Nash, to the club with us. She told him about the club over a year ago and he expressed a lot of interest but always had reasons why he couldn’t go. He got most of the issues straightened out and attended the Wednesday party which has a lot of single women attending.

We haven’t gotten a detailed report yet but I expect he thought it was almost magical.

We went through orientation with him and three other singles. Two women and another guy. We went over the rules, toured the play areas, and discussed various scenarios to illustrate the rules.

Then we had dinner together with Kim, Janice, and another couple Janice knew. The conversation was sometimes sexually explicit and as the amateur strip contest proceeded women presented various body parts to him and invited touching by Jo and I just inches from Nash.

After the strip contest Jo and I danced for a while then started talking with another couple and eventually went to sit in the hot tub with them. The last we saw of Nash was he was dancing with one of the women we went through orientation with.

Jo and I ended up just playing with each other then going home but looked for Nash and couldn’t find him anywhere. His locker still had his contents in it and since he had his own car we just left without getting an update.

Jo later received a text message saying he had a wonderful time, was invited into the play area, and is going to join the club.

This has to be almost mind blowing for him. His last girlfriend wasn’t much interested in sex and it was sometime after six weeks of dating that they first had sex. I can’t imagine going without sex for six weeks and would have dropped her after two or three dates unless there were extenuating circumstances. Yet despite this slow start and continued lack of interest he dated her for about two and half years.

We are looking forward to a more complete report and Jo is going to come up with a “system” such that they can avoid seeing each other having sex when at the club at the same time.

Meet and greet

Last night Jo and I went to another meet and greet.

A few days before we sent messages on SwingLifestyle.com to the people on the RSVP list who we thought might be interesting. We told them were were interested and requested face pictures so we could recognize them. They all complied.

At the actual event the more interesting details were the following:

  • The couple we were most interested in didn’t seem very interested in us.
  • One couple we immediately knew were of no interest to us chatted to us long after Jo disengaged and was talking to someone else and I had said things I like, “It was nice talking to you, thanks for stopping by our table.”
  • One couple who contacted us before the event and then the day before confirmed they would see us never made contact even though we were plain sight just inside the entrance.
  • We spent almost all of our time with people we knew from before the event.

We talked, danced, kissed, and fondled our friends Jack and Danielle, Calvin and Jerri, and Jeff and Mindy. We met a new couple which hung out with us for quite a while and Jack and Calvin both spent a lot of time kissing and fondling the female half. I talked to her and thought she was nice but I didn’t care for the male half and Jo felt the same.

Probably the most interesting part of the evening was that Jo announced she was going to go kiss Jeff to see if he showed potential as a sex partner. She spent quite a bit of time doing that and came back to our table to report he, “Definitely passed.”

Later Mindy told me that Jeff would be calling me to set up a play date between the four of us.

It wasn’t quite as productive as the previous meet and greet at the same location but it was worthwhile attending.

Wednesday party hunt

On Wednesday evening Jo and I went to Club Topaz to check out their middle of the week party. We hadn’t received any email or other advertisement from them about Wednesday parties but it was listed on their calendar. I wanted to check them out and see what they were like on a Wednesday but Jo wasn’t very enthusiastic. We decided to go then if it looked like a dud we would instead go to Club Pyrite.

There were eight cars in the Club Topaz parking lot and only six people in the social area all around one table. We hopped back in the car and went to Club Pyrite.

It was spin the bottle night which is probably the best social interaction activity they have for their various Wednesday parties. We arrived rather late, after dinner and just in time for Spin the Bottle. I went to the area first and chatted with the game organizer a while while waiting for others to show up. The club is shutting down in a few months and I asked her if she was looking for a new job yet. She is considering getting some training as a dominatrix and doing that professionally. It’s certainly not a service I would consider using but it was an interesting conversation.

Martha and Sean sat next to me and Martha was particularly friendly. She gave me a big kiss and did a lot of touching even before the game started. She asked if Jo was going to join in and I didn’t know for certain. She ultimately did but had a chair nearly half way around the circle from us. Martha insisted she sit next between Sean and her so Jo moved over. There was a great deal of touching and talking between the tree of them. I got my share of touching from Martha during the game when it was over and I was halfway expecting we would all go to the play area together. I asked Jo if she was okay with that and she said yes but Sean and Martha had made it clear they were interested in her and didn’t mention me as part of their intentions.

Jo and I ended up going to the play area by ourselves and found a public area next to Janice and some new guy. Shortly after arriving I left to use the bathroom and when I came back Jo was busy giving her attention to Janice’s breasts while Janice continued to have intercourse with the other guy.

After coming back from the bathroom Jo returned her attention to me and we had sex next to Janice and her companion. There was essentially no more interaction between us and the other couple and after our sex was complete we cuddled for a while, took a quick tour of the play area, groped Tammy’s new breasts (with her consent) for a bit as we walked by her and her playmates, and then went home.

Hall passes for Jo

I went out of state to visit my daughter this weekend for a few days and Jo stayed home. She had planned to go to a night club with her best friend but the friend canceled. We sort of expect this would happen and I had told her she could probably get together with Mick and Michelle or go to one of the sex clubs. She was hesitant and just before I left on Friday asked if I was really okay with it. I assured her I was and she sent messages to Mick and Michelle and also Calvin and Jerri via the Swing Lifestyle website. She asked if they were going to Club Topaz on Saturday night.

Calvin and Jerri got back to her and said they were out of town until Sunday but invited her to their place to watch the football game on TV. I knew it would be more than that if she went but she wasn’t entirely convinced she would play with them.

Saturday night she went to Club Pyrite, “just for drinks and dinner”. About 10:20 she sent me a text message:

Leaving the club. Had a much better time that I expected. I played with Norman.

I replied with a smiley face and told her:

Glad you had a good time.

She said:

You are so wonderful to be fine with all this. I wish I was going home to cuddle with you in bed.

I really wanted to be there with her too. I did the next best thing I could and masturbated while thinking of her having sex with Norman. And I did it again the next morning.

The next day before she was scheduled to leave for her visit with Calvin and Jerri we had the following text message conversation:

Jo: Looking forward to playing with Calvin and Jerri?

Jo: I’m sort of not expecting playing. I guess it’s possible, and I think it would be fun if it happens. Last night I really expected nothing and it took my brain a little while to think about it and process it.

Bob: Did you play with anyone else besides Norman?

Talk to anyone interesting?

I expect they will be interested in playing.

Jo: Just Norman. It was a lot of people I have never seen. And a few men talked to me. I got there about 8:05 and had a drink while everyone finished dinner (I saw zero prospects) danced with Hank and Janice. Norman and I went into the play area about 8:55 then he was volunteering at 10 and I didn’t want a late night anyway.

Bob: Thanks for the details.

Jo: Any second thoughts from you about me going to Calvin and Jerri’s?

Bob: Nope.

Just wish I could go with you.

Jo: I wish you could come with me too!

At 5:00 PM we had another text message conversation:

Jo: After the game we played. It started as me and Calvin, then Jerri joined in. We only had about 45 minutes and I’m headed home for dinner with my son.

Bob: Good time?

Jo: Yes. Just a teeny bit awkward here and there, but fun.

Bob: Jerri was okay with things?

Glad you had fun.

Jo: Yes, she was completely ok. He said he asked ahead of time, and we asked twice there.

Bob: Good.

I’m looking forward to hearing all the details.

Then later:

I’m home and fixing dinner. What I think is interesting is that Norman, and Calvin and Jerri wanted me to spend the night with them. There’s only one person I know of that I want to spend that much time with and it’s you!

When I went to bed I fantasized about being with her and having sex with her as I masturbated and then imagined myself cuddled up to her so I could get to sleep.

I’m more than ready to go home now.

No more massage

Last Wednesday we went to Club Pyrite.

I had hoped to get a massage from Gretchen. The sign up sheet was out and I put my name on it. But when I didn’t see her there for dinner and when it became close to the time for the massage I asked at the desk about her. They called and reported back that she wasn’t coming after all and that furthermore she may never be at the club again. Apparently someone “reported her” to her employer about working at the club. I don’t know what the complete story is but that was a pretty messed up thing to do. She never mixed sex with her work and in fact I she has been monogamous with her boyfriend for many months. I don’t really understand why an employer would have a legitimate issue with this. This was very disappointing to me. We were rather close friends and this makes it unlikely we will see each other.

We saw and talked to Sherman and Marylyn who we hadn’t seen in a quite a while. Sherman used to be the chef at the club and play with Marylyn after he finished with dinner. He was married but I think we only saw his wife once in the many months we saw him there. Marylyn and he became a couple and only played with each other at the club and we knew they were meeting outside the club as well. We wonder what the story is with his wife but never ask. It was nice to get caught up on things with them.

We had dinner and had no interest in anyone we saw there. We went into the play area and watched others, including Sherman and Marylyn, as we played with each other.

Man with two penises

This is amazing (picture is NSFW):

One man who has two fully-functional penises goes by DiphallicDude (or DoubleDickDude, which morphed into DDD), as he is committed to keeping his real identity private. He is an American man in his mid-20s, living out on the East Coast. Beyond that, not much is known about who he really is.

About a year ago, he did an AMA on Reddit, that turned out to be one of the most popular of all time. He even submitted pictures as proof (obviously NSFW), if you’d like to see what diphallia actually looks like. When he said “Ask Me Anything,” Redditors did not hold back, dying to know what it is like living with that condition. It was revealed that DiphallicDude is bisexual, and has had sex with over 1000 people. While he didn’t go into too explicit of detail about his sexual experiences, he was able to confirm or deny most of the questions he was asked about the mechanics of everything.

His book is Double Header: My Life with Two Penises.

Over 1000 people and he is in his mid-20s? Hmmm… suppose he became sexually active at age 16 and is now 26, that is about 520 weeks. So he has had, on the average, about two new partners per week. That seems a little far-fetched.

New Years Eve

On New Years Eve Jo and I went to the club with the new facility. I’m going to name this Club Topaz just to make it easier to refer to in the future.

We saw some couples of interest but for the most part they seemed to be already “attached” to other couples. We talked to one very nice looking couple but thought they were a bit on the young side and probably wouldn’t be interested in us. As it turned out I think we were probably mistaken on that issue because of the longing looks he gave Jo in the orgy room later.

I was talking to Trevor when someone came up behind me and put their arms around me. I continued talking for a few seconds think it was Jo. Then I realized the feel of there body wasn’t right for Jo. I turned around and found to my big surprise it was Darcy. Darcy and I used to be very close. Her husband had stopped going with her to the clubs. My wife didn’t go with me to the club so in essence we became a couple and would meet at the club twice a month. That progressed to us getting together outside the club sometimes too. She told me she loved me but there was never any interest in splitting with her husband Kenny for me. And then when I split with my wife Darcy told me she would like it if I would be her second husband. As much as I enjoyed her company it wasn’t a good match. She and her husband lived too far from where I worked and her husband was sometimes uncomfortable with our relationship as it was.

After I split with my wife Darcy coached me some on finding a new partner and I would discuss the dates I had with women who were potential partners. As I was leaving my first date with Jo I sent Darcy an email saying I was in love. Ten days later I took Jo to the club to introduce her to the lifestyle and also so Darcy could met her and give me her opinion. When we had a few moments of privacy she quietly told me, “She’s a keeper!”

After that meeting in September 2012 I think we saw Kenny and Darcy just once more until New Years Eve. There hadn’t even been any email back and forth. Kenny was pretty sensitive to the relationship I had with Darcy at the time. And also Jo wasn’t comfortable with me spending time with someone I had been that close with while the relationship between Jo and I was still so young. So we just didn’t have contact with each other.

With that as background… Darcy and I kissed, hugged, and then talked for a while. We got caught up on each others lives and then went back to our spouses. Later I found Kenny and talked to him for quite a while about non-sex things that we had in common.

Jo and I ended up just playing with each other and watching others in one of the orgy rooms. We went home early and I think we were in bed before midnight.