Lights out

Last night we went to Club Diamond. Kent and Karla had told us they would be there and we (well, mostly me) were hoping to be able to talk to them some more. Club Diamond has a much better atmosphere for talking. Also, the RSVP list showed Toni would be there. And Ben and Jackie planned to be there too.

Jo was feeling a little sore from all the sex we had the night before and said she probably wouldn’t be playing. I could just wander off and play with who ever I wanted and she would be fine. She reassured me several times this would be okay so that was my plan. Maybe Karla or Toni and if not them Jackie has had a very strong interest in me in the past so maybe her.

When we arrived about 8:10 PM and the people directing the parking reported the power had gone out with them rain and wind storm we were having. There were candles and kerosene lamps in various rooms but it was still quite dark and made for a much different atmosphere. By about 9:00 PM the power came back on and I was actually a little disappointed.

Even more odd than the power outage was that Jackie and Ben would barely say hi to us. We couldn’t figure it out. I impressed Stephanie by remembering her name but she was so busy talking to others that I, being the introvert, almost didn’t say a word while hanging around and listening to a bunch of extroverts chatter away.

Kent and Karla never showed up. It wasn’t until just now as I write this that I may have figured out why. One of the other party guests told us the freeway not to far from Kent and Karla’s house, and many miles from Club Diamond was blocked by trees knocked over by the wind. I wouldn’t be surprised if they encountered the multi-mile back up and just went home rather than try to find an alternate route.

Ichabod and Tanya were there. We didn’t expect them. I have long thought she was exceptionally beautiful but assumed the odds were very low of her being interested in me and with her husband not even close to being a match for Jo I just figured the odds were essentially zero.

But my previous chats and her overt interest in me combined with Jo suggesting I find someone to play with on my own meant this might be my lucky night!

We saw one tall, extremely good looking, guy there that Jo was immediately interested in. We knew we had seen him before but didn’t recognize the woman he was with. Jo finally put it together. It was Jovan and Tina. We had seen them at another club in the area months and talked for quite a while. Jo had spent a lot of time kissing him but Tina and I were a little more shy and only talked. We had a lot in common and enjoyed the conversation months ago and again this time. We were standing in the hallway and the people walking by were easy to reach out and touch and they touched and grabbed back when everyone knew it was welcome. Tanya walked by a few times and are touching got more and more intimate. Once she cupped by groin and gave me a big smile. I was very encouraged.

We sort of drifted apart from Jovan and Tina as people stopped to talk to us and I asked Jo if it was okay to give them our card. She said, “Sure. I won’t hurt. But we sent had them messages on after our last meeting and they never returned them.” She assumed Tina wasn’t all that interested. That was a reasonable assumption. I knew Jovan was definitely interested in Jo. And I thought Tina was a good match for me as well even if we hadn’t done much touching. So it pretty much had to be Tina, right? Or else “life got in the way” and they just didn’t have time for lifestyle stuff for a while and forgot about us.

Jo took one of our cards and wandered off to give it to Jovan and I stood around watching people for a minute or so when Tanya came up behind me and put her arm around me. I immediately reciprocated and we began touching and talking. She is very smart, well educated, and an introvert like me. We talked about the difficulties of being an introvert in the lifestyle, our kids, and she went on and on about how wonderful the lifestyle cruise she and Ichabod had gone on. After a while I asked if she would like to play with me. She told me, “Yes and no. I really want to but we are soft swap only. Are you going to run away now?” I told her no. I was very interested in full swap with her but that just hanging out and talking to her was more than enough to hold my interest.

She explained some about the reason for the soft swap only rule. Ichabod was fine with everything except another man having his penis in her pussy and similarly she was fine with everything except him putting his penis in the pussy of another woman. But there were many times when she almost desperately wanted to have sex with another guy. “We’ll get there eventually”, she concluded.

Jo showed up about then and the three of us talked for a while and I asked Tonya what their rules were, “Everything but intercourse?” “Yes”, she replied. I asked if she would like to go play with me with those rules. She said, “Yes, but I’ll have to ask Ichabod first. Can you wait and see how that turns out?” I agreed and Jo and I wandered around and talked to other people for a while. We could see Ichabod and Tanya talking for many minutes before they finally went off to the dance room by themselves.  I guess the answer wasn’t in my favor.

Jo reported she had a very hot and heavy “make out session” with Jovan on the porch when she was delivering the card. But with Tina not showing a lot of interest it didn’t seem like there would be anything come of it.

We decided to maybe it was time to leave because it was going to be early morning before we would be in bed. I wanted to check on Tanya one last time before I left and I found her with Ichabod in the dance room moving to the music and appearing to be very much into each other for the moment. I figured it was time to go.

I went back to find Jo and leave when Tina crossed paths with me and touched me and asked, “Do you guys play at parties?” “Yes!”, I replied and returned her sensuous touches. “We’ll catch up with you sometime then”, she answered and we went on our separate ways.

I found Jo and we watched and listened to a very drunk woman ramble on for a while before leaving. As we were pulling away I told her about Tina asking if we played at parties and she asked, “Do you want to go back?” I was surprised and said, “But I thought you were too sore to play with anyone tonight.” “I’m consider making an exception for him!” she said. It wasn’t entirely clear to me that Tina was talking about tonight, it was getting very late, and I didn’t want Jo to get even more sore so I told her I would rather just go home.

Jo feel asleep while in the car and by the time we arrived home I was sleepy too. I was in bed a couple minutes before Jo and almost asleep when she said aloud, “I wonder if I’m still sore.” She felt herself for a while and said, “I think I’m okay.” I was developing an erection just from her cuddling up to me and it took no time to convince me that it would be nice to have sex before going to sleep.

Meeting and hike

In part due to our frustration at not finding many good matches at the parties we have been going to Jo contacted a couple via that lives over two hours away. It’s too far for a close relationship of the type we would like but other than the distance their profile was a really good match for us.

One of the things we had in common with them was an interest in the outdoors so the four of us decided to meet about half way in between and go for a hike. It was a fairly short hike but we found a secluded beach and sat down on a log in the shade and talked for a long time. It was extremely pleasant talking to them. We learned they were retired in their mid-fifties after having productive technical jobs. They have been married for over 30 years and seemed very happy together. Some people seem to “have their guard up” all the time and maybe are hiding something from you. Kipp and Katherine were really easy to talk to and we had so much in common. It was a delight being with them.

We walked back to our cars and then went to a local restaurant for a very late lunch. We talked and talked. Finally we had to go because of the somewhat long drive home. We had somewhat passionate goodbye kisses and agreed we should get together again soon.

Club hopping

A couple weeks ago we met a couple via and enjoyed talking with them over drinks. But he was a former politician of considerable note (at the state level) and the politician in him was a little bit irritating after a while. The wife was nice and there wasn’t anything that was a definite deal breaker. We agreed to meet again sometime and as we parted Jo did her standard “good lover” test of kissing him. He failed. After we got home we looked up more information via the web on the politician. He was several years older than what they had said on their SLS profile. Another strike against them. But what do you expect from a politician? It’s like they say, “Q: How do you know if a politician is lying? A: His lips are moving.”

They wanted to get together again and we agreed to see them but not one-on-one. We suggested a Meet and Greet where we could meet others and give our SLS acquaintances a polite brush off if they continued to fail our tests.

I wasn’t all that interested in going to the Meet and Greet. When the band started playing it was too loud to talk to people and there just didn’t seem to be any good matches except for people we already knew. But Calvin and Jerri reported they had met something like five really nice looking couples the last time they went. So we decided to go then if things didn’t look very promising we would bail early and go to Club Topaz.

We arrived just as the M&G was supposed to start. On previous visits arriving 15 minutes after it started resulted in not being able to find a table or chair. This time we were the first ones there. We had a nice time talking with the organizers and we had seats which allowed us to see everyone as they came in. After an hour or so there were probably 25 or 30 couples and no one of interest to us. We were about to leave when the former politician and his wife showed up. We stayed for a while to talk to them and she was really stoned. She was almost zombie like with an almost shuffling walk, turning her entire body instead of just her head, and slow speech. He wasn’t stoned that we could tell but the politician was just as evident and we decided we weren’t interested in anyone there. We told them we were leaving to go to Club Topaz and they said they would go too. Okay, whatever.

As we were getting into our car Calvin and Jerri drove up and stopped right in front of us. Jerri gave us this exaggerated shocked and questioning look and mouthed, “What?” We went over to greet and kiss them. We told them we didn’t see anyone of interest there and were going to Club Topaz. They said they wouldn’t be going because it was further away from home for them (it was closer to home for us) and they were in Amsterdam that morning and weren’t going to be out very late this night. They had visited a sex club there and were quite impressed with it. After a few minutes of chatting we parted and continued on to Club Topaz.

The politician and stoned wife were already there. He showed increasing interest in Jo until she finally told him they weren’t a good match for us. I chatted with Kenny and Darcy for quite a while. And then saw a tall very good looking woman in a white dress with nothing underneath that had just as much are with holes as it did fabric. She and the dress were quite stunning. I just sort of starred and drooled for a long time.

Jo had surveyed the landscape and other than sitting on the lap of the club owner and kissing for a while didn’t see anyone of interest there. So she walked up to the tall woman in the white dress and did a “height check”. The woman was wearing about four inch heels and was close to two inches taller than Jo who was wearing flats. We chatted with her for quite a while. Her name was Karla. She told us she and her husband had just got back from Hedonism II. She, as well as everyone else we know who has been there, thought it was a wonderful place and how after a few days they would just wander around separately and have sex with people they were attracted to. She pointed out her husband, Kent, at a nearby table and as she finished getting her drink at the bar told us we should talk to him too.

When I saw an empty chair at the table I sat down and chatted with him for a while. They are planning to go to Club Diamond next week and the hotel takeover by Club Topaz in a couple months. We already had the same plans so that seemed like we had some similar interests. He seemed to be a nice guy too but I’m not sure he is tall enough to be interesting to Jo. They also both have a few tattoos which loses them a few points in my book. I gave him our card anyway and told him we would look forward to seeing them again. It was just too loud to chat for very long and really get to know them. Jo sat at the table with us for a few minutes and couldn’t hear a word that we said.

Jo and I ended up going into one of the play rooms together. The room was nearly full and we got to watch probably another half dozen couples have sex at the same time as we were playing. The politician and his stoned wife poked their heads in the room and watched longingly at Jo and I for a while before leaving.

After we were done we went home to get some sleep. We had big day ahead us…

Hotel rendezvous

We met Kipp and Katherine at a hotel last night. As we were getting ready to go Jo was having second thoughts. Meeting at a hotel for sex made her feel a little odd. “Sort of like being a prostitute”, she said.  Some of my best memories of being in the lifestyle have taken place at hotels with another couple and I was disappointed that she wasn’t looking forward to the meeting as much as I was. She reassured me that I just plan on having a good time and maybe things would work out for her.

We meet at a restaurant a couple blocks from the motel and had a nice dinner and again we were instantly at ease with them and immensely enjoyed the conversation. I sat on one side of the table with Katherine and Jo was sitting across the table from me next to Kipp. At one point as we talked after dinner Kipp got a funny look on his face and his speech stumbled for a moment. Jo had put her hand somewhere on his lap. They continued to touch each other as we chatting. Soon Katherine and I were touching too.

Then after we had paid the bill and there was a pause in the conversation Kipp and I almost simultaneously suggested it was time to leave and go to the hotel.

The hotel room had two queen sized beds and Katherine and I used one bed while Kipp and Jo used the other one. After we were done having sex we again talked and talked.

One of the things that was somewhat surprising that came out of the conversation I had with Katherine was that her first sex partner was Kipp. And after years of marriage and children he had suggested she have sex with other men, without him, to see what other sex partners were like. I asked, “Did you liked that?” “OH YEAH!”, was the response. He probably would have had playmates of his own but there weren’t didn’t seem to be any opportunities for him. That was something like 20 years ago and it wasn’t until just a few years go they discovered and sex clubs and started playing with other couples.

We tried to figure out when we could next get together but it just doesn’t look good for next couple of months. We both have various travel and family plans which didn’t provide for any matching weekends. We were all disappointed because we get along so well together.

Then after trips to the bathroom by various people Jo ended up in bed with Katherine and I for a while. It was nice but lasted only a little longer than enough to give them both hugs while on either side of me. Katherine went to be in bed with Kipp and after a while I suggested to Jo that we have sex. As things started warming up between us Kipp and Katherine also started having sex with each other.

After we were finished again Katherine said having a “Round Two” with your normal partner while still in the same room was a first for them.

Jo and I left to go home while Kipp and Katherine were going to spend the night.