Just one couple can make the difference

Last night we went to Club Topaz again. We were going to be gone for the weekend and decided to try out a Friday party even though we knew there would be a lot more people on Saturday.

We arrived about 7:30 and even though we didn’t expect a lot of people present we were disappointed in the number of people present. It didn’t take long for Jo to start talking about writing off Friday parties as well as Wednesday parties. We sat on the couch near the door so we could see people as they arrived. There wasn’t anyone of interest but a young guy stopped by to talk for a while.

He asked if we were from Club Pyrite and we told him yes. He welcomed us and told us how much he was going to miss the club, etc., etc. He asked what we thought of Club Topaz and we told him we were disappointed in the lack of people on Wednesday and Friday nights. He told us it only takes one couple or even one person to make the difference between a wonderful time and a complete disappointment. While true, the odds are that if there aren’t very many people present the “one couple” is less likely to be there as well. He told Jo how beautiful she was and that helped brighten up the evening some for her.

After talking for a while Jo went to the bar to get a drink while I got a snack from the food table. When I went to find her she was talking with another young man near the bar. He was too short for Jo to be interested in as a playmate but there wasn’t anyone else there who was remotely interesting either. It turns out he was a mechanical engineering student working on a quad-copter drone for a photographing plant life. I found that interesting and chatted for quite a while. Then, probably about 8:30 or so, I saw Calvin and Jerri (see here, here, here, and here) across the room. I waved at them and they came over and joined us at the table where we were still talking to the ME student.

We all chatted for quite a while and after a hearing several times that 22 years old was much too young for either of the women the ME student wandered off to check on his girlfriend. At one point Jo wandered off to get water from the bar which was to my back. Calvin commented that Jo was kissing the ME student. What? Interesting… After a while Jo came back and reported that she was just testing him. He passed the kissing test but he was still much too young.

There was a new couple at a table next to us and I’m not sure if it was Jerri or Calvin who invited the blond woman to our table when she was there alone while waiting for her partner to come back from a snack run or something. She looked a bit on the young side too. But her partner was probably close to our age. But Jo didn’t care for his physical appearance even the young woman had been interested in me. There was a lot of touching going on between Calvin, Jerri, Jo, and I with some of kissing between Jo and both Jerri and Calvin. We talked to the third couple and found they were very new to the lifestyle and not really sure what they were looking for yet.

Ultimately Jerri asked me, “Are you interested playing?” I told her I was very interested and checked with Barb who was somewhat involved with Calvin at the moment. She agreed and after Jerri told the woman of the third couple she and Calvin would be back for the party the next evening and would like to see them again the four of us went into the play area together.

Jerri with help from Calvin gave Jo a lot of attention for many minutes. Jerri ate on her for a long time as Calvin kissed and stroked Jo’s breasts. I used my fingers and hands on Jerri’s pussy and breasts at the same time. After much gasping and many shudders Jerri turned her attention to me and changed positions so I could eat on her easier as well. Calvin put on a condom and Jo had sex with him while on top then after a while Calvin got on top. I put on a condom and fucked Jerri at the same time. I wasn’t able to get a full erection and didn’t come and shortly after Jo and Calvin finished I stopped with Jerri as well. After a minute or so of cuddling Jo scooted over closer to me and we started having sex. Jerri reached in and massaged my scrotum and penis. I quickly got a full erection and after a few minutes asked Jerri if she wanted to try again. She said, “Sure!” and so I put on another condom and had sex with her as Calvin watched and Jo kissed Jerri’s breasts.

After Jerri and I finished we all lay around and talked for a few minutes before putting on our clothes and returning to the socialization area. Jo and I decided it was time to leave since it was getting close to midnight and we planned to leave fairly early the next morning. Jerri and Calvin had gone out ahead of us and as we left we saw Jerri dancing with the young blond woman. It was pretty clear Jerri was attracted to her and had plans to play with her sometime.

It was nearly 1:00 AM by the time Jo and I were home in bed but we had sex again before going to sleep and again this morning.

Wednesday Party dearth

Jo and I decided we really needed to check out the Wednesday parties at Club Topaz. We arrived about 7:30 (they open at 7:00) and there were only a few people there. We asked what time people started showing up and we were told people are still arriving at 9:00 or later.

We wandered around a bit and then while I picked up a few snacks at the food table Jo fixed herself a drink and started talking to a single guy. I joined them and we talked for probably 45 minutes or so. It was a pleasant conversation but the guy was too short to be someone Jo was interested in.

A few more people had arrived and Jo said we need to go talk to some other people. We saw a nice looking couple sitting on a couch and joined them. They were brand new to the lifestyle and the woman told us the extent of their interest at this time was to be in the same room with another people as everyone was having sex. This isn’t what we are looking for but out of the probably 30 people or so there we didn’t have any other prospects so we continued to talk to them about kids, jobs, etc.

Eventually the other couple went into the play area by themselves and we discussed whether to go home and have sex or go into the play area for sex. I wanted to stay but Jo was just as inclined to go home.

We eventually went into one of the play area where there were three other couple, including the couple from the couch, and we had sex together there. After we finished and were putting on our clothes the woman from the couch told me she was sorry they just got up and left without saying good-bye. I told her it wasn’t a big deal and maybe we would see them again sometime.

Jo and I went home and agreed we didn’t need to attend a Wednesday party for a long time, if ever.