Mattress types and sex suitability

Via Glen Reynolds we have this report on various types of mattresses and their suitability for sex:

  Air Memory foam Water Latex Innerspring
Active sex friendly c+ d+ c b- b-
Bouncy c f d- d+ b
Allows discretion d+ A- b- B+ c+
Durable d+ b b- b C
many positions c+ c c- b- b
Comfortable b- A- c+ b+ c
Allows faster climax c b c+ C+ c
Whole bed suitable c- C+ B- b C+

There is lots of additional information and detail in the complete article. What they didn’t report on is the suitability for group sex. While I like a waterbed with no baffles for one couple sex with two couples my experience is that everyone pretty much just gives up on the sex and starts laughing. The waves from the movement from one couple totally disrupts the motion of the other couple.