You’re fired!

Last month we went to a house party and scoped things out without really getting very involved. Last night we attended a second party at the same place. Last time there were something like 50 or less people attending. This time there were 100 people. It was crowded to the point that you essentially had to push people aside to move from one place to another.

I don’t know if it was the additional people, that there were just some different people there, or that we knew more what to expect but things went a lot different for us this time. For one thing there were a lot of really nice looking people there. I don’t think that had changed that much but from some of our previous experiences where most of the people were unattractive we were much more aware of it.

We immediately saw people that interested us and most of them seemed interested in us or at least interested in Jo. I don’t think I could count how many people wanted to know how tall she was or commented on it. She is between 6’ and 6’ 1” which made her taller than all the women, even when they were wearing heels, and taller than most of the men. This was appealing to the guys and many of the women.

The first couple we talked to had been in the lifestyle for many years. I think they first started in the mid 1990’s. They had been on several lifestyle cruises as well as been to many different clubs. They lived just a few miles from our usual club but hadn’t attended there for several years. Jo and the guy were hitting it off really well but his wife was a short distance away talking to some other people and I wasn’t getting involved in conversations with any women. She finally drifted away from the other people and we chatted some. The biggest impression I got from it was that they had been married for 40 years. He looked old enough to have been married that long but I thought for sure his wife was at least 15 years too young, if not 20, to have been married that long. Jo was similarly surprised. I prefer taller women, she was probably about 5’2”, but with all things considered she was well within my acceptable range.

I’m not sure how or why it happened but we drifted off to talk with another couple, Calvin & Jerri, close by. This woman was 5’ 8” and in the tall heels she was wearing she was at a height that I could easily talk to her without looking down. She had a great body and was wearing a top that showed a lot of skin through the tight fitting and partially fishnet cloth. I was very interested in her. Jo and Calvin were hitting it off well but Jerri, while polite, didn’t light up like Calvin did with Jo. She put some effort into including a nearby couple, Cam and Rebecca, who seemed to be “wallflowers” included in our conversation. She did express a lot of interest in Jo and there was some kissing and all three women showing off their breasts as we stood in the kitchen talking. While Jo had the only ones that were all natural I could not tell, even from detailed touching that either of Jerri’s and Rebecca’s breasts had implants. Jerri’s implants were 20+ years old.

One of the more interesting things to come out of the conversation was that Calvin and Jerri are going to be in Las Vegas next weekend. The same time as Jo and are going to be there. They are meeting another swinger couple there for the weekend. They had met them on a lifestyle cruise recently and were going to get back together. We gave them our phone number and email address and told them to contact us if they wanted to do something with us.

Things were somewhat fluid for a while with various people coming and going. At one point when there was a pause in the conversation and it seemed that Jerri had warmed up to me I asked Calvin and Jerri if they wanted to go find play area with us. They looked at each other without any words being spoken and after a few awkward seconds Jo and I excused ourselves to let them have some time alone. As we walked away Jo told me, “You’re fired! It was too soon to ask that. Things were going just fine and then you messed it up.” The words were a little more harsh that what she really thought but there was some truth to it. I have a tendency to be socially awkward and had just made another demonstration of that. I didn’t see that it was too early to ask. The same question at what I thought was the same point in the “get to know each other phase” was generally successful at our usual club.

Ultimately we wandered back and continued pretty much where we left off without anything said about the awkward question. There was one change in things. Jerri was giving a lot of attention to Cam and Rebecca announced that she was going to stand next to me rather than Calvin so that everyone in our three couple group could have someone different. That put Jo back with Calvin again. There was a lot of kissing and touching between us and ultimately we wandered into the music/pole dance area. The other two couples sat on the couch and Rebecca and I leaned up on the frog chair and made out and slowly took off our clothes. We tried to make things work on the frog chair but the legs were too high for her and we went over to the sex swing beside the couch. That was far too short for me to have intercourse with her but it would well enough for oral sex. I started to eat on her and Jerri, right next to us on the couch, grinding her hips into Cam, said, “No. I’m first” and bent over to eat on her and use her fingers on her.  I gave Rebecca’s breasts some oral and manual attention and when Jerri returned her attention to Cam I once again performed some oral sex on Rebecca. After a while I noticed a sort of bean bag like mattress on the floor nearby and suggested we go over there.

It was incredibly loud in the room. Both from all the people and the music. It wasn’t the most comfortable location and I was having trouble until Jo and Calvin joined us and he put on a condom and entered Jo. I almost instantly became erect and the condom went on and things went much better between Rebecca and I.

Rebecca and I finished sooner than Jo and Calvin and we gave Jo’s breasts some attention and after a while Jerri came over and had her hands and face at the junction of her husband and Jo’s groin. Jo and Calvin continued for quite some time and the room cleared mostly cleared out except for the six of us and two other couples. We had a long drive home and Jo suggested we put on our clothes and maybe leave. I knew she was right so I found my clothes near the frog chair and after I got them on checked the time on my watch I found on the floor. It was almost midnight!

We went up to the kitchen, drank some water, ate a snack and were sort of working our way out when a group of people took an interest in Jo and her height. One woman started touching her and asked that she “unsheath” her long legs. Jo took off the panty hose and then two guys took off her bra. Jo describes it as “a little feeding frenzy”. The woman asked if she could kiss her and there was a long kiss. Jo was flattered by all the attention and still laughs about it but she ultimate held her panty hose in one hand, her bra in the other, and kissed her way out of the group. The woman who wanted Jo “unsheathed” had been talking to me and we kissed goodbye and I followed Jo out of the kitchen back into the music/pole-dance room to say goodbye to our playmates. Cam and Jerri were fucking again and Calvin and Rebecca were going at it now. Jo kissed them all, I kissed the two women and we left for the long drive home.

It was about 2:00 AM when we arrived. Jo was very sleepy and was tired too and I’m a night owl type. We got into bed and had sex with each other with some talk of our sex with our new playmates. When we woke up this morning we had sex again.

Quote of the week: Wilma

You can fuck him any way you like. Just don’t give him any fucking cookies.

March 28, 2014

I heard this while Wilma was leading a discussion group on the lifestyle and was reporting how she and her husband stumbled across a “trigger”. Her husband, Rocky, had a playmate that she was fine with. They could have sex and everything was cool. Then the playmate made him a plate of cookies.

No one expected it or understood it but Wilma had a strong reaction to the gift of cookies. She didn’t actually say the words above to the playmate but this is how she ultimately expressed it to get her feelings into manageable words.

It took a while to get it figured out and everything is cool now but it was a great example of the landmines that can blow up in your face in the lifestyle. You can have no idea something was there and then you get a really strong reaction. It takes some sensitivity and a lot of communication to deal with these things.

One woman I took to the club had a similarly strange reaction. This was our second visit to the club. We just played with each other the first time and on our second visit we were with another couple in a play area. She was getting a lot of hot attention for the other guy and I moved slowly with the other woman while watching to make sure my friend was okay with the things that were happening. She seemed to be having a good time and when they started having intercourse I moved from soft stroking of the other woman’s breasts to a kiss. As the kisses grew more passionate my friend became upset to the point it was clear it was time to leave. We disengaged ourselves, put our clothes on and left. She was really steamed and wasn’t even talking to me. It was a several hour drive back to our homes and after maybe thirty minutes she finally told me, “It would have been okay if you were to have fucked her. But not kissed.”

I apologized and told her I didn’t know that was a problem. I told her I didn’t intend to upset her and that I really wanted to talk about it. But there was not reaction from her for another hour.  Finally she reached over and put her hand on my leg. I touched her hand, rubbed it, and said, “Thank you.” I was getting really sleepy anyway and I soon found a motel to check into. I got a room with two beds because I didn’t know what she wanted—she still hadn’t said a word. She got into bed with me and immediately initiated sex.  We had a great time in bed and cuddled up to sleep for the night. We still didn’t talk about it. We talked about other things but not that. A couple of days later in IM she told me she was out of line. She didn’t really understand but the kissing bothered her. She realized it was crazy but that was what she felt. She was enjoying the sex with the other guy until I kissed his wife and then things just fell apart for her.

“Trigger”, “landmine”, whatever. They can show up when you least expect them. There have been a few “firecrackers” with Jo, but all have been relatively minor and easy to deal with.