Helen Fisher: Why we love, why we cheat

This TED talk may help explain why the lifestyle is so appealing to us:

The take away quote is:

Millions of years ago, we evolved three basic drives: a sex drive, romantic love, and attachment to a long-term partner. These circuits are deeply embedded in the human brain.

These are independent drives. They are complimentary and at times contradictory. I find it may just explain a lot of things.

I found this via Justin J. Lehmiller.

Happy endings

Last night was the retirement party for the founder of Club Pyrite. There will be a few more parties but due to scheduling issues this party was the best for this theme. They named the party “Happy endings”.

The party was sold out so Jo and I arrived shortly after the gate to the parking area opened. We still had to park further away than we usually do.

The party was nice but there was only one couple that we were really interested in and they have frequently ignored us in the past. This time was no exception. They would walk past us without making eye contact. It was as if we did not exist. Very odd.

We had a nice dinner talking to another couple from out of state. They had been in the lifestyle for many years but besides the man being way too short to be of interest to Jo they were only interested in soft swap. Another couple showed up at the table who were much younger than us and new to the lifestyle. They had a lot of questions and we answered and gave advice as best we could.

Paul and June were there and made it very clear they were interested in playing with us but the more we get to know Paul the more we want to keep our distance. June became very intoxicated which didn’t help things any.

We went into the play area by ourselves about 9:30 and it was packed. We were only able to find one end of the big bed in the mirror room available. The other people on the bed were of no interest to us but we had sex with each other and watched the others play. After we were all done the other people on the bed were replace by “The Mechanics”. We watched for a little while then went home.