Soft swap

Last Saturday the RSVP list didn’t look all that promising. There just didn’t seem to be anyone that interesting planning to attend. We looked around some when we arrived and a couple that had requested to be “friends” on the website were there. We had never met them but they had sent the friends request. We accepted it but with a bit of reluctance. For one thing they were mostly interested in single women. Other couples were a “maybe” for them. And physically they didn’t really stand out for us. Okay, in real life, they look a bit nicer than our initial impression from their pictures so maybe we should sit with them at their table and chat.

We enjoyed the conversation. They were very interesting and happy people and we ate dinner with them.  It came up that some friends of theirs were attending the club for the first time and we offered up our seats at the table for them. Jo and I then wandered off to talk to some other people.

Les and Glenda are a very nice looking couple and somehow we started talking to them. The conversation went well and another couple joined us at the edge of the dance floor as we talked.  We went to their table and talked some more. We ultimately migrated to the dance floor and Jo joined Mandy in the dance cage. I got in the cage as well and then Kim joined us. It was three very attractive women and me dancing in a small raised cage in the center of the dance floor. Nice. Jo and I touched, kissed, and rubbed our bodies against each other and involved the other women some as well.

We spent quite a bit of time on the dance floor in and out of the cage. The floor was nearly packed and the cage got so full there were people hanging on to the outside of it as well as packing into the interior. Glenda joined in and there was a lot of kissing and touching between her and various women including Jo. Ultimately Jo asked if Glenda and Les would like to go to the play area with us. They agreed and off we went.

We found a place to play in the mirror room and began touching and kissing. First it was with our own partners and then the women played with each other. Then Glenda began touching me as well as Jo. Then finally she gave her whole attention to me. She performed oral sex on me as the activity between Jo and Les heated up. Glenda put lube all over my chest and stomach as I lay on my back then she rubbed her naked body against mine. We kissed and rubbed and finally I rolled her over, performed oral sex on her for a while. After a while I scooted up to where my penis was rubbing her groin area and reached for the condom I had laying next to our bed. She then told me, “I know we haven’t talked about this but we only do soft swap.”

That explained what I was seeing with Jo and Les. They seemed very “ready” but things had “stalled” just short of intercourse. They were laying spoon style facing Glenda and I with Les slowing humping her in the back. But I was pretty sure he wasn’t in the right position to actually be penetrating her. And the expression on Jo’s face was definitely not that of when she is having sex.

I continued to stimulate her with my hands, fingers, and tongue for a while. Then I moved over to give Jo some attention. I wanted more than just foreplay! Jo and I had sex for a while and she whispered, “We could migrate to the right.”

There were two other couple on the beds next to us. At the far end was Tom and Mary. In between was a couple with a guy that Jo wasn’t interested in. But his wife was very nice looking and as her husband was giving still another woman on the bed some attention we began touching the other woman and moved closer.

The other woman was very receptive but it was sort of strange. She was talking and saying how nice it was but there was no movement and no real excitement in her voice. She was just sort of laying there even when I was performing oral sex and giving her vigorous finger fucking. As her husband started giving Jo attention Jo moved on to Mary who was right next to us.

I just couldn’t get excited about the woman I was with and moved on to give some exposed parts of Jo some attention as she played with Mary. Tom and Mary began having sex with each other and Jo and I did the same. Mary was laying on the bed with her head next to Jo’s side as we all had sex. I once reached over and put my hand on Mary’s breast and her hand immediately went to the top of mine. She didn’t move my hand away or say anything but I got the feeling she wasn’t entirely certain she wanted me to be touching her. Tom and Mary finished a little before we did and watched and touched Jo’s breasts some as we finished up.

Jo and I talked with Tom and Mary for a while and then we all decided to leave the play area. Mary kissed Jo and thanked her. She then asked if she could kiss me. I readily agreed and we had a quick kiss.

We met up with Tom and Mary later when the midnight snacks were served. We learned more about them and how they met. It turned out that Mary had considered herself a lesbian and wasn’t interested in men when she met Tom. She was meeting men via and going on a date or two then writing a chapter in a book about them. Tom was going to be chapter 13. A part of this conversation is the quote of the week. That was several years ago.

Now Mary is interested in “further exploring her sexuality” and, as Tom put it, she will reach out and touch but then pull back. He seemed a little surprised that Mary kissed me. That was apparently new territory.

It was a very pleasant evening. We were rather disappointed we didn’t get to do a full swap with Les and Glenda. We certainly were all ready for it and fully expected it. Had we known ahead of time we probably wouldn’t have invited them to go play with us. But it ended up okay. A little less than what we wanted but it was still a nice experience.