Club successes

As I have mentioned before Jo and I have frequently been disappointed when going to clubs. However there have been some fairly recent success stories which I haven’t reported here.

In June a couple we met via Adult Friend Finder, met at a restaurant for conversation, then a week or two later met at Club Topaz to play together. It was a convenient meeting place for play about an hour from their home and 20 minutes from ours. We barely interacted with anyone else.

In July we went to Club Topaz and the club in line to check in ahead of us was someone from out of state we had met via Swing Lifestyle on a “Hot Date” almost a year before. We had invited them home to play with us and we had a good time. This was their first visit back to the area and we just happened to bump into them at the club. We again played with them.

Tomorrow we are going to an out of state club and expect things will turn out well also. We were invited by a couple we met at a meet and greet to a party. We expected it was a house party but then found out everyone invited, several couples, were meeting at a local lifestyle club.

We’ll see, but the point is that clubs still do have a place in our lifestyle adventures.

Clubs aren’t worth it to us

Jo and I went Club Topaz last night. We went there a month ago as a place to meet some new friends and had a great time. But we didn’t have eyes for anyone else. We couldn’t meet at either of our homes because of kids. It was just a place we could meet and play. It worked out well.

Last night we were hoping to find some new friends or maybe have some play time with existing friends. We spent over two hours watching the people come in and didn’t see anyone we were interested in and apparently weren’t that interesting to anyone else either.

As we drove home we talked about all the disappointments we have had at the club scene. We are so much happier going to house parties and getting together with another couple at home.  Our club attendance is going to be very carefully scrutinized from now on. Are we meeting someone there or are we hoping to find someone new? It’s a very poor investment of time and money if our intent is to find new friends there.

Free ranging

One of the couples we know well attends a lot of club parties. They have been doing this for about 20 years and Jo and I started observing them in action. While they do interact with others as a couple while chatting they never play with just another couple in the same room at the same time and frequently don’t play with another couple. They do a lot of what Jo calls “free ranging” with frequent checks with their partner.

They end up playing with others far more frequently at clubs than we do. It sort of makes sense. Finding another couple where Jo likes the guy and I like the gal is more difficult than finding just a guy or gal that each of us like.

That is basically what we did at the house party a couple months ago. And a couple weeks Jo had a similar experience where there was a hot single guy who was interested in her and there weren’t any couple or single women available for us or me by myself. She had a great time with the young stud and then we had a great time together when she got home.

This free range then appears to improve our chances of getting some play time with other people. Jo had to “break some new ground” in regards to feeling comfortable with me being with another woman when she was without someone. She says she is entirely comfortable with it, so maybe learning from the pros is working.

Party house pictures

Last night was the last party ever at Club Pyrite. I first visited here over 35 years ago. The first woman I ever had sex with other than my wife was here. And the first man she had sex with, other than me, was also here. I could not begin to tell you how many people I have seen have sex here.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been to this club but probably on the order of 500 times.

I got permission to come in early before the party and take pictures of the play area. Click on the pictures for a larger version.

These are the indoor and outdoor hot tubs.

This is the entrance to the locker room, bathrooms, and showers. I didn’t take pictures in there as there were people there at the time.

This is the stairway to the upstairs play area. Some people have called it, “The stairway to heaven.”

This is the bed at the top of the stairs for the “Bed Monitors” to make sure people entering the play area obey the rules.

This is the interior of the room you see on the right in the previous picture.

This is to the right of the bed for the bed monitors.

This is a group area to the immediate right as you come up the stairs.

Looking down the hall between the bunk beds and the group area you see the “Frog Chair”.

A closer view of the Frog Chair.

Around the corner to the right from the Frog Chair we enter the Red Room.

Opposite the bed in the previous picture are these two sets of beds. Both the upper and lower area are composed of two king sized mattresses. The upper area is what Jo and I call The Perch.

This is what The Perch looks like.

This set of pictures is part of the view from The Perch as you scan from left to right. You can also see the first bed coming into the Red Room and if you try a little bit you can see the Frog Chair as well.

This is the rest of the Red Room as you continue on to the right from The Perch.

This is looking back into the Red Room from the opposite end of the room.

I forget this room is officially called, maybe “The Glow Room”. Jo and I just call it the Black Light room. It is illuminated with black light and paintings, posters (gone in the picture), towels, sheets, etc. created some interesting effects here. It is just round the corner from the Red Room as you can see in the last picture.

This is the Mirror Room. The ceiling is covered with mirrors. This is the room where Jo had her first lifestyle sex with someone other than me.

To the left of this bed you can see into the Mirror Room. Beyond the bed you can see the Bed Monitor bed. To the right you can see the railing for the stairway. We have come back to the beginning. This is “The Loop” I sometimes mention.

On the left you see the stairs going up to the upper play area. In the picture on the right you see a play and socialization area. To the extreme right is the entrance to another play area.

This set of pictures is primary downstairs play area. On the right you see the back of a couch and smaller play area.

On the far left of the upper picture you see part of the primary play area from the previous set of pictures. Then the couch and video screen (X-rated videos shown here during parties). In the last picture you see another frog chair which is to the far left of the video screen.

On the left, with the video viewing area in the background and the stairs on the left you see the public massage table at the base of the stairs. On the right is another view of the table.

Although Jo and I hadn’t played with any couples, despite trying many times, in over a year I’m going to miss the club. There are so many memories and the club changed my life. It was a such a huge part of my life.

Happy endings

Last night was the retirement party for the founder of Club Pyrite. There will be a few more parties but due to scheduling issues this party was the best for this theme. They named the party “Happy endings”.

The party was sold out so Jo and I arrived shortly after the gate to the parking area opened. We still had to park further away than we usually do.

The party was nice but there was only one couple that we were really interested in and they have frequently ignored us in the past. This time was no exception. They would walk past us without making eye contact. It was as if we did not exist. Very odd.

We had a nice dinner talking to another couple from out of state. They had been in the lifestyle for many years but besides the man being way too short to be of interest to Jo they were only interested in soft swap. Another couple showed up at the table who were much younger than us and new to the lifestyle. They had a lot of questions and we answered and gave advice as best we could.

Paul and June were there and made it very clear they were interested in playing with us but the more we get to know Paul the more we want to keep our distance. June became very intoxicated which didn’t help things any.

We went into the play area by ourselves about 9:30 and it was packed. We were only able to find one end of the big bed in the mirror room available. The other people on the bed were of no interest to us but we had sex with each other and watched the others play. After we were all done the other people on the bed were replace by “The Mechanics”. We watched for a little while then went home.

Mardi Gras party

Even though I have been attending Club Pyrite for decades I had never been to one of their Mardi Gras parties. Because of the scarcity of the remaining parties and the large number of people planning to attend Jo and I attended.

It was interesting. The people attending had a lot of energy and even though we only played with each other we had a pretty good time talking with friends and throwing beads to the women flashing their breasts on the balconies.

It was a little surreal because due to recent complaints to the state liquor control board women had to be wearing pasties such that their nipples weren’t showing in the area were alcohol was being consumed. What? For decades people at the club have been on the dance floor in the same area wearing little more than shoes. This is a sex club! Who could be a member of this club and complain about exposed nipples?

I’m glad I was able to attend the last Mardi Gras party. It was fun with a strong mixture of frustration and sadness.

Zoning, EMTs, and puritans

When creating a sex club there are some issues unique to the “industry”. Probably the biggest problem sex clubs have is zoning. This case from Arlington Texas is a typical example:

The operators of a swingers club at an upscale north Arlington home say they will fight the city’s efforts to shut down their weekend parties.

On Wednesday, Arlington officials sent the owners of the house in the 2400 block of North Cooper Street a letter telling them to shut down immediately, accusing them of illegally operating a home-based business.

The clubs in our area tell me they work with local officials and generally have no problems of this type.

Aside from zoning there are things of importance that need to be thought through and have some sort of plan in place for the operators and patrons of the clubs.

The biggest issue that I know of which happened at Club Pyrite is one time a woman had a medial emergency. The ambulance EMTs had what seemed to be a rather large escort from the police. We suspected it was because they wanted to see what it was like inside the club but we don’t really know for sure.

I was at the club at the time. While someone was calling 911 other people were notifying people in the club the EMTs, and probably police, would be showing up soon and to leave if we didn’t want to be there. We were welcome to stay and were told the path the emergency responders would be taking. We were asked to stay out of the area so they could have room to get the stretcher in and out. It was suggested we might want to be dressed, but again it was our choice.

I was sitting in the hot tub and the time which had a view of the locker room entrance where the woman collapsed. I elected to stay in the hot tub and see how it all went down. I watched the EMTs and police arrive, the woman leave on a stretcher, and then the police leave after asking a few questions of some of the people who witnessed the woman collapse. It seemed to be handled professionally as near as I could tell.

Jo and I saw the police at the club one other time when some guy got upset about something, was asked to leave, and things didn’t go as smoothly as they should have. The police arrived in the parking lot and made sure the guy left the property.

I have heard of cases in other states where there have been police raids on clubs. Sometimes there have been accusations of sex for money and other times alcohol and nudity issues. But people in the lifestyle always have the suspicion that it’s really a puritan issue where the authorities are afraid that someone, somewhere, is having fun.