Meet and greet

We went to a meet and greet at our usual club last night. We went to the very first one a few months ago and had a nice time but had not been back for one since. We decided to try it again. There were a lot of people attending. In fact there were more people attending than were at the last party we went to. The play area is closed except for tours for the new people until midnight. By midnight all the new people have to become members or leave. Then the play area is opened up. Midnight is late for Jo. She frequently has trouble staying awake even until 11:00 PM. But she took a nap during the afternoon and figured she could handle it this time.

It didn’t take long for Jo to find someone she was interested in. I think I had gone to the bathroom then went to check my cellphone for messages when she came to find me and tell me I needed to check out his wife to see if I was interested. We went back to the social area and stood around the table chatting and drinking with them. Yes, Alice was nice. She was smart and nice looking. She and Alan had been members for many years in the past but had taken a break starting in about 2007. They were now ready to come back and play again.

At 9:30 there was discussion group that I wanted to participate in. For some reason I just assumed that everyone else would be interested as well. When the social director announced it was starting I headed off for that and then noticed the rest of the people at the table weren’t going. I told them I was really interested and I would be back afterward.

The discussion was interesting and I came away from it with my Quote of the Week. Jo joined me when there was about 15 minutes left and we contributed some to the discussion. Mostly it was about communication with your potential playmates before going into the play area. Our contributions was primarily about the soft swap incident we were surprised by. Brenda contributed a similar incident she had recently too. She was with some guy in the play area and things were going fine then just when he should have been putting on a condom and “getting down to business” he told her that he didn’t go all the way. She was kind of annoyed because she had other options available that night and now she didn’t.

After the discussion broke up Jo told me that Alex was really interested in her. They had been doing a bunch of kissing. We needed to give them some attention before they found someone else.

We went back to the social area and found Alex and Alice at a different table with another couple. We joined them with Jo sitting next to Alex and me next to Jo and directly across the round table from the other couple. Alice was on the other side of Alex. Alex was showing Jo lots of physical attention as well as the conversation. Alice didn’t seem that interested and said something about having had too much to drink. She said it was okay for Alex to play on his own if he wanted but Jo told him that we played together and we weren’t interested in a threesome.

The couple across the table were interesting too. She had been a member of the club for several years in the past but had not been recently. The guy she was with had never been to the club or done anything in the lifestyle and she was trying to get back into it with him. He wasn’t entirely sure about this. She was tall, slender, and very appealing to me. She seemed to have an interest in me as well. She asked questions about how long we had been members and when Jo told her that I had first joined in 1978 she insisted I could be old enough unless I had joined when I was like 12 years old or something. She said she was 50 years old and asked how old I was. I was shocked at her age. She could have said late thirties and I wouldn’t have questioned it for a second. We talked briefly about the anti-aging effects of frequent sex. We didn’t have any valid research on the topic but we certain had some indications that such a hypothesis was valid.

She enjoyed showing off her body too. She said, “I wonder if it is okay to get undressed here even if the play area isn’t open yet.” She wasn’t going to get completely nude, just get down to her sexy underwear. We told her that it would probably be okay and if it wasn’t someone would let her know. She wandered off and then her companion left for bit as well. Perhaps to go to the bathroom or something. She came back with nothing but high heels and dark red sexy bra and briefs. She was stunning. Her body was lean with not even visible stretch marks from having two children. Her companion wasn’t back yet and she asked, “Where did he go? I got undressed and now he isn’t here!” I told her, “Whatever it is that you needed from him, just let us know and we will try to take care of your needs ourselves.” She seemed to appreciate the attention and I was thinking things could turn out okay between us, if not tonight then maybe some other time.

Her companion came back shortly and she sat on his lap and they touched each other. He announced he was the luckiest man in the world. I could definitely see his point even if I thought I could be a serious competitor with Jo. He was nice looking too and I think Jo would have been just fine with him but you could tell he was not all that interested in staying. Later we heard that just before they left she was trying to convince him to become members and stay.

With things with Alex and Alice not going too well and this other couple not appearing to be ready for “the big time” yet we decided to go. It was sometime after 11:00 PM and that is when Jo frequently starts crashing anyway. We collected our stuff, and were saying our goodbyes when we ran into Ellen who is the wife of Nick (see here and here for more about Nick) who we had said goodbye to on Wednesday. We talked to her for quite a while since we knew we would not see her again for a  long time, if ever. She told us she wished they could go with us to Las Vegas next weekend but she was flying out on Sunday. I’m not sure how it came up but one or the other of us mentioned blogs. It turns out that she has been blogging about her experience in the lifestyle since the very first time about a year and a half ago. She told me the name of her blog, Blissfully Open, and I told her about this one. We were both fascinated about finding out that each other were telling our stories online. She hasn’t blogged for several months because “of some problems it was causing”. I didn’t ask exactly but from reading it I have my guesses.

We finally left as it was nearing midnight and on the way home I read one of Ellen’s blog posts (they are LONG) to Jo. I also discovered that Nick has a blog as well, Compersive Times. It is very interesting reading and I have another blog post in mind from the perspective someone who has been in the lifestyle for a long time and seen a lot of things happen with couples relationships. Nick and Ellen exhibit part of a common pattern. There were some stresses introduced by entering into the lifestyle. There some stresses it relieved as well and I suspect things are settling down at this point which, again, is also part of the pattern. Nick and Ellen are very smart and articulate people. I wish them well and if they were interested and available I would like to discuss things with them and perhaps help them if they still have some issues to resolve.

When we got home Jo and I talked a little about Nick and Ellen’s blogs then, as it usually after coming back from the club, we had sex with each other.