Early night

Last night we went to the club again. There didn’t seem to be anyone very interesting signed up but we figured we could just go and talk to people and leave early if there wasn’t anyone of interest. There was one couple that looked nice enough and we thought we would try and find them and see how things went.

More people showed up at the last minute and it was a fairly well attended party. The couple we had some interest in came and sat down next to us in the snack area shortly after we arrived. Jo and the other guy were sitting next to each other on a couch with me on the other side of Jo. The other woman sat on a chair at the end of the couch just past her husband. Jo and the other guy seemed to hit it off well and I chipped in a sentence or two occasionally but because of the seating arrangement the other woman and I just didn’t have much opportunity to talk. I suppose I should have moved over near her to engage her in conversation but there wasn’t much in the way of seating opportunities near her. After 20 minutes or so she indicated she wanted to leave and they wondered off to another area and we didn’t really see them again until the entertainment part of the evening.

At dinner Brenda, Ed, Gretchen, Steve, Jo, and I sat together. It was a quite nice conversation. The entertainment for the night was “Spin the Bottle” with some enhancements for the club environment. The previous time Jo and I were there on “Spin the Bottle” night we had zero interest in the people that participated and so we stayed away. This time there were much more interesting people participating. So after some encouragement from Ed we joined in. Barb and I both ended up kissing several different women and Barb kissed a couple different guys as well. It was fun even though we both discovered some attractive women were smokers from our kisses.

We had hoped we could sometime would come of the entertainment but nothing really jumped out at us. We debated about just going home but ended up going to the play area alone. We went to “The Perch” and played with each other. As we were leaving one of the couples from the spin the bottle group invited us to join them in the Mirror Room but we declined. Had it been earlier we probably would have joined them and the other couple on the big beds under the mirrors.

We came home and had sex again before going to sleep.