I was amused

A librarian in the mid-west I know says they frequently have to chase creepy guys out of the library who come in and masturbate while using the computers to view porn. When you think about it makes a certain amount of sense that under certain circumstances someone might go to the library to view porn.

Hence it was with more than the obvious amusement factor that I saw this entry when I was reviewing the log files for this blog and found this for an entry in the month of June:

69 requests by 21-73-212-66.spl.org from

“spl.org” is the Seattle Public Library.

Dinner, talk, sex

We went to the club again earlier this week. There weren’t very many people there, maybe 50 at most. There weren’t any good matches for us. Most weren’t that good of a match physically. I had an interest in some of the single women but there weren’t any single men of interest to Jo. And there was at least one couple that looked interesting but they were not interested in a full swap.

We did have a nice chat with the entertainment director. I had sent her a link to this blog and asked if doing this blog was okay. There are privacy issues of course and I have been and plan to be very careful not to reveal enough information that people outside the club could figure out who is attending. She said she really liked the blog and was going to talk to some other people to make sure they thought it was okay too.

I explained and she immediately recognized it was probably impossible to prevent people who actually attended the parties from figuring out some of the people and the activities. This is particularly true of those people that we play with. We left it that I would continue to be very obscure in personal details and the phony names and she would talk to the club president and others about it.

We also talked to one couples that went through orientation before dinner then they had dinner at our table as well. It was the first time here for him but she had been through orientation once before about three years ago. They had been attending a few events at a different local club so they weren’t total newbies. They weren’t a good match for us physically but they were nice to talk to.

Also at the table was a single guy we had not seen before. And there was a single woman who attends frequently and another (sort of) couple. I don’t think the couple live together but they attend the club as a couple. The single women had said something to Jo about having intentions toward the male member of the couple when his girlfriend was late showing up. But then when the girlfriend showed up things changed.

We went out on the dance floor for a bit then wandered off to the play area a little bit earlier than most. We did a tour of the play area and found the single woman and man from our table in a cubby together but virtually no one else yet. We again found the bed monitor station unoccupied and stationed ourselves there for a few minutes until the designated couple showed up. They said we didn’t have to leave we could stay with them but we wandered off to see what else was going on. We ended up in the mirror room by ourselves for a while. We touched and kissed some and I believe some people paused and watched for a while but didn’t join us on the bed.

We then did another tour around the play area. There were some people playing in different areas but nothing of particular interest to us or their play area was already full. We ended up on “The Perch” where we could see a lot of the play area and play ourselves. We could see the bed monitor couple had some companions they were playing with and we could hear two other couples were having “a really good time” not far away. We had sex and cuddled for a while listening to the sounds of others having sex and watched another couple not too far away having sex. We saw the single woman from our table with a different guy and I decided she needn’t have worried about not getting the first guy she had designs on.

We went on another tour and found there was a couple in the mirror room. We weren’t interested in playing with them but we laid down on the opposite end of the bed from them and soon had sex again. After cuddling and drifting off to sleep a couple times we decided it was time to leave. Again we did a tour and found the single woman from our table in one of the “Frog Chairs” with still another guy. It was nice to see she was having a really good time after the apparent concern early on.

The party wasn’t all that great for us but it was still nice. Just talking and socializing with others is nice even if you don’t find playmates. And of course sex with each other in this environment is more exciting than in our own bed without others.

First post

My first sex club visit was decades ago. I attended with my wife and another newbie couple. Let’s call them Jan and Van. My wife and I had never had sex with anyone other than each other and we were very scared. Jan and Van seemed to be just as scared and I later found out Jan didn’t want to go there. She was just doing it to make her husband happy. (We now call that “taking one for the team”. Don’t do that.)

It was a disaster. My wife had sex with Van and I had sex with Jan. Van kept going and going and going. It went on for an hour or more. My wife kept asking him to stop and he didn’t. Jan didn’t want to be there. She didn’t like Van having sex with my wife. And she wasn’t really interesting in having sex with me.

The worst part was that we had carpooled to the party and now we were riding back home, an hour away, in a car with people we didn’t want to be with. Then the next day I went away on a business trip for a week. My wife and I really needed time to talk and recover and now we were apart.

Lessons learned.

The club scene didn’t work out for us very well at the time. So we found other playmates (swingers as they were called then) in contact/swinger magazines. We met some really nice people and had great fun. We also met some sketchy people and had bad experiences. More lessons learned.

Eventually my wife went crazy. It was independent of the sex parties but the symptoms showed up in that aspect of our lives as well.

The crazy keep getting worse and ultimately, after years of insisting we see a counselor and her refusing, I filed for separation and divorce. I haven’t seen or talked to her since then.

A few months later I met my girlfriend Jo on match.com. I was immediately very impressed with her. Her history of living with a crazy person for decades matched mine. She was really smart. Her social-economic status matched mine. Physically we were a good match for each other. She was a good mother to her kids. She was accepting of my other, somewhat outside the mainstream, hobbies. She seemed very interested in sex but her sex history didn’t match mine. I took her to her first sex club 10 days later. That was about a year and a half ago. It’s been working out really well.

These days we go to the local sex club once or twice a week. She says, “I’m not really horny all the time, but I’m always ready to be a willing participant.”

This blog is a diary of our visits to sex parties. I hope to share with you the lessons learned and the incredible pleasures experienced.