Why are sex parties so much fun?

The party last night was great! Including ourselves there were 10 couples. We knew half of them before we got there. One thing I thing I thought was interesting was that only three of the couples (and the hosts) were within an hours drive. Four different states were represented and people came from as far as 1200 miles away.

The hosts carefully select the guests they think will be compatible. The effort put into the parties show. They put on some of the best parties we have ever attended.

We heard some interesting things (besides all the sounds of a bunch of people having sex).

Although we hadn’t really thought about it one of the hosts said they never have parties during the summer. This is because the houses in the area are packed in rather closely and they don’t have air conditioning. So, they can’t open their windows to cool the house down during a summer party because the neighbors would hear the more vocal women making a lot of noise. That’s not something to be concerned about with a vanilla party!

I had a pleasant talk with one woman about how she and her husband got into the lifestyle. She told the following story (paraphrasing some):

We had been together a long time and we had an “empty nest”. I was kind of interested in the idea of swinging got on the Internet and ended up creating a profile on SwingLifestyle.com. I poked around some and found my husband’s profile there! I stormed into the other room to confront him and we started fighting about it. Never once, at the time, did it occur to me that I had done the same thing as he did!

After things calmed down we had some really good talks about it and we decided we would do some exploring together. We started going to a club and just looking around. We would have sex with each other in a closed room. Then in a room with other people. Then one time I was giving him a blow job in a room with other people and a nearby woman asked us if we wanted to have sex with her and her husband. I said, “No.” But my husband didn’t hear me and said, “Yes.” I ended up going along and was almost scared to death. I’m not sure I moved at all during it.

The next day I thought about it a lot. I was still alive. I hadn’t turned into a mutant or something. My husband I still liked each other. So, we tried it again – with lots of rules.

As time went on almost all the rules disappeared. It just feels so natural and good. We’ve been doing this for almost six years now. I wish we had been doing it longer.

Jo and I had a great time. The people were nice and we each played with three other people (and, of course, each other when we got home). As is frequently the case at these parities none of my playmates were the spouses of Jo’s playmates.

On the way home the question came up, “Why are sex parties so much fun?” I don’t have a good answer to this. The best I can come up with is, “Sex is fun. So parties with people having sex is going to be fun too.” But that seems inadequate. I think there must be more to it than that.

Vaccination party

Jo and I are now both vaccinated against COVID-19!

To celebrate we are going to a house party on Saturday night. It will be the first one in over a year. We are really looking forward to it. As Jo told our hosts the other day:

Agreed on the night of wild fun. Or maybe a week of wild fun. Lots of wild fun to catch up on.

We have been invited to another house party the following weekend. We’re still thinking about it before we commit to going.