Quote of the week: Lawrence Lanoff

I believe women can never cheat because I don’t own my partner’s genitals. And If I fundamentally believe I don’t own my partner’s genitals, then cheating is not possible.

Lawrence Lanoff
January 6, 2017
I Don’t Believe a Woman Can Cheat. Ever

I’m not entirely in agreement on this. A couple could agree to be monogamous or have some restrictions on who they play with. Violation of the agreement would be “cheating”.

Still, I think Lanoff has a point worthy of more than a little consideration.

Quote of the week—Betty Dodson

We can be mentally excited by the prospect of sex, but in order to be physically aroused, we need up to twenty minutes (or more) of quality clitoral touching in order to be fully turned on.

That’s when vaginal walls plump up and get covered with a slippery mucous and we urgently want your penis inside us for a long slow hot deep fuck. We might even want a second lover to fill in while you’re resting. Alas, that’s the scary part of loving a sexually liberated woman. Only sexually secure men can handle this.

Betty Dodson
April 5, 2014
In Search of the Female Orgasm

Dodson frequently has some insightful things to say. But I sometimes get annoyed with her when she makes far too general of statements. This is one of those times.

I know many women become fully aroused, slippery wet, and asking for entry without 20 minutes of clitoral stimulation. I concede I have a biased sample. Dodson may be correct with a more typical woman but it certainly isn’t universal.

Quote of the week: Debbie

Alfred and I are going to have a polyamorous relationship with your vagina.

August 23, 2014

This was said to Jo when we bumped into Alfred and Debbie at a meet and great. Debbie and Alfred are quite attracted to Jo.  Debbie also told Jo that when Alfred is rejected by other women she tells him (in regards to having had sex with Jo):

You’ve been with a super model , so what do you care?

This praise, and rightly so, did wonders for Jo’s ego.

Quote of the week: Alain de Botton

If seeing marriage as the perfect answer to all our hopes for love, sex, and family is naive and misguided, so too is believing that adultery can be an effective antidote to the disappointments of marriage. It is impossible to sleep with someone outside of marriage and not spoil the things we care about inside it. There is no answer to the tensions of marriage.

Alain de Botton
From 12 Rude Revelations About Sex

I’m reminded of proverb, “Those who think it’s impossible shouldn’t interrupt those who are doing it.”

Quote of the week: Woman at a swingers club

Saturday is my 51st birthday.  I’m going to the club and going to have sex with 25 guys, twice, then have sex with my husband for number 51.

Woman at a swingers club
September, 1997

I didn’t go to the Saturday party and I don’t think I ever saw her again. But I expect she did do as she said she was going to do. She seemed very enthusiastic about it and her husband indicated he was fine with it too.

Quote of the day: Kim

You look so conservative without any clothes on and so wild with them.   

At a swingers club
December 3, 1997

She was referring to me. I suppose there is a certain amount of truth in that. But more interestingly is that it often difficult to recognize someone when you see them with their clothes on at the mall or a restaurant. Yet you might know them quite intimately from sex parties with their clothes off

Quote of the day: Sharon

After a couple years in my first two marriages I felt like I was suffocating. I  HAD to have some other partners. They were both good  husbands and lovers. I just needed more. This gives me that opportunity.

Member of a swingers club.
November, 1999

I really liked Sharon and over the decade or so that I knew her spent a lot of time talking to her yet I only had sex with her twice. She had a lot insight into herself and her relationships. The club felt like home to her. It was place where she could relax and be herself. Outside the club she always had to be “on guard” to put up the front of what people expected her to be rather than who she was.

Quote of the week: Jackee

Bob: How long after your first party did it take you to adapt?

By about the eighth guy — that night.  Of course I didn’t learn until the next day that I really needed to take some extra lubrication along. I  couldn’t walk right for about a week afterwards.

At a swingers party.
February 22, 1996

I then asked, “So you had sex with eight guys that night?” Her answer was, “No. I had sex with about 20 guys that first night. It was after the eighth that I was really comfortable with this environment.”

Women get far more out of a sex club than men do. They have the sexual capacity to enjoy it far more than men do and the amount of freedom it gives them compared to the repression they experience in most societies is far greater than that experienced by men.