Club hopping

A couple weeks ago we met a couple via and enjoyed talking with them over drinks. But he was a former politician of considerable note (at the state level) and the politician in him was a little bit irritating after a while. The wife was nice and there wasn’t anything that was a definite deal breaker. We agreed to meet again sometime and as we parted Jo did her standard “good lover” test of kissing him. He failed. After we got home we looked up more information via the web on the politician. He was several years older than what they had said on their SLS profile. Another strike against them. But what do you expect from a politician? It’s like they say, “Q: How do you know if a politician is lying? A: His lips are moving.”

They wanted to get together again and we agreed to see them but not one-on-one. We suggested a Meet and Greet where we could meet others and give our SLS acquaintances a polite brush off if they continued to fail our tests.

I wasn’t all that interested in going to the Meet and Greet. When the band started playing it was too loud to talk to people and there just didn’t seem to be any good matches except for people we already knew. But Calvin and Jerri reported they had met something like five really nice looking couples the last time they went. So we decided to go then if things didn’t look very promising we would bail early and go to Club Topaz.

We arrived just as the M&G was supposed to start. On previous visits arriving 15 minutes after it started resulted in not being able to find a table or chair. This time we were the first ones there. We had a nice time talking with the organizers and we had seats which allowed us to see everyone as they came in. After an hour or so there were probably 25 or 30 couples and no one of interest to us. We were about to leave when the former politician and his wife showed up. We stayed for a while to talk to them and she was really stoned. She was almost zombie like with an almost shuffling walk, turning her entire body instead of just her head, and slow speech. He wasn’t stoned that we could tell but the politician was just as evident and we decided we weren’t interested in anyone there. We told them we were leaving to go to Club Topaz and they said they would go too. Okay, whatever.

As we were getting into our car Calvin and Jerri drove up and stopped right in front of us. Jerri gave us this exaggerated shocked and questioning look and mouthed, “What?” We went over to greet and kiss them. We told them we didn’t see anyone of interest there and were going to Club Topaz. They said they wouldn’t be going because it was further away from home for them (it was closer to home for us) and they were in Amsterdam that morning and weren’t going to be out very late this night. They had visited a sex club there and were quite impressed with it. After a few minutes of chatting we parted and continued on to Club Topaz.

The politician and stoned wife were already there. He showed increasing interest in Jo until she finally told him they weren’t a good match for us. I chatted with Kenny and Darcy for quite a while. And then saw a tall very good looking woman in a white dress with nothing underneath that had just as much are with holes as it did fabric. She and the dress were quite stunning. I just sort of starred and drooled for a long time.

Jo had surveyed the landscape and other than sitting on the lap of the club owner and kissing for a while didn’t see anyone of interest there. So she walked up to the tall woman in the white dress and did a “height check”. The woman was wearing about four inch heels and was close to two inches taller than Jo who was wearing flats. We chatted with her for quite a while. Her name was Karla. She told us she and her husband had just got back from Hedonism II. She, as well as everyone else we know who has been there, thought it was a wonderful place and how after a few days they would just wander around separately and have sex with people they were attracted to. She pointed out her husband, Kent, at a nearby table and as she finished getting her drink at the bar told us we should talk to him too.

When I saw an empty chair at the table I sat down and chatted with him for a while. They are planning to go to Club Diamond next week and the hotel takeover by Club Topaz in a couple months. We already had the same plans so that seemed like we had some similar interests. He seemed to be a nice guy too but I’m not sure he is tall enough to be interesting to Jo. They also both have a few tattoos which loses them a few points in my book. I gave him our card anyway and told him we would look forward to seeing them again. It was just too loud to chat for very long and really get to know them. Jo sat at the table with us for a few minutes and couldn’t hear a word that we said.

Jo and I ended up going into one of the play rooms together. The room was nearly full and we got to watch probably another half dozen couples have sex at the same time as we were playing. The politician and his stoned wife poked their heads in the room and watched longingly at Jo and I for a while before leaving.

After we were done we went home to get some sleep. We had big day ahead us…

Hotel rendezvous

We met Kipp and Katherine at a hotel last night. As we were getting ready to go Jo was having second thoughts. Meeting at a hotel for sex made her feel a little odd. “Sort of like being a prostitute”, she said.  Some of my best memories of being in the lifestyle have taken place at hotels with another couple and I was disappointed that she wasn’t looking forward to the meeting as much as I was. She reassured me that I just plan on having a good time and maybe things would work out for her.

We meet at a restaurant a couple blocks from the motel and had a nice dinner and again we were instantly at ease with them and immensely enjoyed the conversation. I sat on one side of the table with Katherine and Jo was sitting across the table from me next to Kipp. At one point as we talked after dinner Kipp got a funny look on his face and his speech stumbled for a moment. Jo had put her hand somewhere on his lap. They continued to touch each other as we chatting. Soon Katherine and I were touching too.

Then after we had paid the bill and there was a pause in the conversation Kipp and I almost simultaneously suggested it was time to leave and go to the hotel.

The hotel room had two queen sized beds and Katherine and I used one bed while Kipp and Jo used the other one. After we were done having sex we again talked and talked.

One of the things that was somewhat surprising that came out of the conversation I had with Katherine was that her first sex partner was Kipp. And after years of marriage and children he had suggested she have sex with other men, without him, to see what other sex partners were like. I asked, “Did you liked that?” “OH YEAH!”, was the response. He probably would have had playmates of his own but there weren’t didn’t seem to be any opportunities for him. That was something like 20 years ago and it wasn’t until just a few years go they discovered and sex clubs and started playing with other couples.

We tried to figure out when we could next get together but it just doesn’t look good for next couple of months. We both have various travel and family plans which didn’t provide for any matching weekends. We were all disappointed because we get along so well together.

Then after trips to the bathroom by various people Jo ended up in bed with Katherine and I for a while. It was nice but lasted only a little longer than enough to give them both hugs while on either side of me. Katherine went to be in bed with Kipp and after a while I suggested to Jo that we have sex. As things started warming up between us Kipp and Katherine also started having sex with each other.

After we were finished again Katherine said having a “Round Two” with your normal partner while still in the same room was a first for them.

Jo and I left to go home while Kipp and Katherine were going to spend the night.

The last party

Jo and I went to the last party at Club Pyrite last night. In my previous post are the pictures of the play area.

It was sad. Almost all the art was off the walls and on tables in the ballroom. I had purchased two about a month ago and I bought two more which matched the ones I already had.

Jo and I socialized with numerous friends, avoided some people that had a lot of interest in us but were of no interest to us, ate dinner, danced, and finally went to the play area together. The play area was nearly completely full when we got there and was packed with people “in orbit” around the loop when we left. We didn’t see anyone playing with someone that

Probably the most interesting thing for me was a woman that I found talking to Jo after I returned from a trip to the bathroom. I didn’t recognize her but she was telling Jo what a nice person I was and how much she appreciated something I had done for her. At first I thought maybe it was someone I had sex with and didn’t remember. But I was almost certain that wasn’t the case. Jo reported that this women knew Jo by name and Jo didn’t recognize her either. There have been times it takes me a while to recognize someone after it has been a few years and perhaps the only time I saw them was in a darkened room without clothes on. But I convinced myself this wasn’t the case in this instance.

We talked for a while and hit it off fairly well. She likes to have a connection to her playmates and is on the polyamorous end of the scale of people in the lifestyle. She left when she had to “go fold towels” which I think means she was doing volunteer work last night. As she left she said something cryptic and I didn’t figure it out until later. She said, “Thanks for closing the curtains.” I think “the thing I had done for her” was that sometime in the eight years she had been a member there I had closed some curtains to a play space she was using when she was having trouble closing them. That’s in character for me even though I don’t specifically remember that instance.

Late last night Jo captured why we haven’t been happy at this club for quite a while (paraphrasing some):

This is now more a social club than a sex club. Most of the swingers have left .

It’s the end of what I have been told was the longest continuously running sex club in the United States and perhaps the world. I was a small part of it from before it’s doors opened until the last party.

Party house pictures

Last night was the last party ever at Club Pyrite. I first visited here over 35 years ago. The first woman I ever had sex with other than my wife was here. And the first man she had sex with, other than me, was also here. I could not begin to tell you how many people I have seen have sex here.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been to this club but probably on the order of 500 times.

I got permission to come in early before the party and take pictures of the play area. Click on the pictures for a larger version.

These are the indoor and outdoor hot tubs.

This is the entrance to the locker room, bathrooms, and showers. I didn’t take pictures in there as there were people there at the time.

This is the stairway to the upstairs play area. Some people have called it, “The stairway to heaven.”

This is the bed at the top of the stairs for the “Bed Monitors” to make sure people entering the play area obey the rules.

This is the interior of the room you see on the right in the previous picture.

This is to the right of the bed for the bed monitors.

This is a group area to the immediate right as you come up the stairs.

Looking down the hall between the bunk beds and the group area you see the “Frog Chair”.

A closer view of the Frog Chair.

Around the corner to the right from the Frog Chair we enter the Red Room.

Opposite the bed in the previous picture are these two sets of beds. Both the upper and lower area are composed of two king sized mattresses. The upper area is what Jo and I call The Perch.

This is what The Perch looks like.

This set of pictures is part of the view from The Perch as you scan from left to right. You can also see the first bed coming into the Red Room and if you try a little bit you can see the Frog Chair as well.

This is the rest of the Red Room as you continue on to the right from The Perch.

This is looking back into the Red Room from the opposite end of the room.

I forget this room is officially called, maybe “The Glow Room”. Jo and I just call it the Black Light room. It is illuminated with black light and paintings, posters (gone in the picture), towels, sheets, etc. created some interesting effects here. It is just round the corner from the Red Room as you can see in the last picture.

This is the Mirror Room. The ceiling is covered with mirrors. This is the room where Jo had her first lifestyle sex with someone other than me.

To the left of this bed you can see into the Mirror Room. Beyond the bed you can see the Bed Monitor bed. To the right you can see the railing for the stairway. We have come back to the beginning. This is “The Loop” I sometimes mention.

On the left you see the stairs going up to the upper play area. In the picture on the right you see a play and socialization area. To the extreme right is the entrance to another play area.

This set of pictures is primary downstairs play area. On the right you see the back of a couch and smaller play area.

On the far left of the upper picture you see part of the primary play area from the previous set of pictures. Then the couch and video screen (X-rated videos shown here during parties). In the last picture you see another frog chair which is to the far left of the video screen.

On the left, with the video viewing area in the background and the stairs on the left you see the public massage table at the base of the stairs. On the right is another view of the table.

Although Jo and I hadn’t played with any couples, despite trying many times, in over a year I’m going to miss the club. There are so many memories and the club changed my life. It was a such a huge part of my life.

Group dynamics

Last night we went to Club Topaz. We spent a lot of time wandering around and chatting briefly with various people of little interest or people we had played with before, such as Trevor & Kathleen from just the night before who seem to be on the prowl for someone new. Kane was very interested in Jo and they spent a lot of time talking and kissing but Jo didn’t really want to play with him.

I was standing at a table alone while Jo went to get a snack and Ivy came up to talk to me. We knew her from Club Pyrite but we hadn’t really talked much there. I remember her being a very enthusiastic kisser in a game of spin the bottle but that and a few very short exchanges of pleasantries were about all the interactions we had had before. She is nice looking but quite a bit younger than me. And since she doesn’t usually have a partner at the parties I didn’t see much future in pursuing her. But she was expressing interest in me and Jo was spending a lot of time with Kane so maybe it was time to get to know her better.

We talked a long time. We talked about how she got into the lifestyle just a couple years ago, our ex-spouses, and what we liked to do at parties. Except for the age difference, which she didn’t seem to be concerned about, we are a pretty good match. We danced together, kissed, and fondled. All the while Jo was doing pretty much the same thing with Kane. I needed to use the bathroom and wanted to talk with Jo before suggested to Ivy that we go into the play area.

When I got back from the bathroom neither Jo nor Ivy were in sight and as looked around I found Jo first. I went to talk to her and she was in a group with Trevor & Kathleen, Jack & Danielle, and two other couples that we had some interest in that night but hadn’t talk to at all. It turned out the group was getting ready to go into the play area together and Jo and I were invited. Okay. It was sort of a surprise to us, but we definitely like two of the couple and had an interest in the other two, so we decided to join them.

I saw Ivy off in the distance as Jo and I disappeared into the play area. But I didn’t have time to explain to her that I was disappearing even though I was very interested in her and appreciated all the time she had invested in getting to know me.

We found a play area big enough for all five couples and Jo and I weren’t quite sure what the plan was from there. Everyone took off their clothes and Jo and I went off to one side with each other. Kathleen saw this and started directing. She put Jack with Jo, and me on the other side of Kathleen from Jo. One of the guys and one of the women I didn’t know was with Kathleen. I joined in with the touching of Kathleen’s breasts as the other woman performed oral sex and used a vibrator on her and the guy kissed Kathleen’s breasts as well. I gradually gave more and more attention to the other woman but she was concentrating on Kathleen and wasn’t giving me much back in return. I wasn’t really sure she wanted my attention and started giving attention to the other woman I didn’t know who was with her husband. She reciprocated for a while but as things got more and more intimate she excused herself and she and her husband left the room for a while.

The woman with Kathleen was finishing up and her husband was getting ready to have sex with Kathleen. By this time Jack and Jo were having sex and it provided a stimulating background to seeing Kathleen having sex with the other guy. And over near the door I saw Ivy with the young guy who told us “it only takes one couple or even one person to make the difference“ a couple weeks ago.

The woman moved to me and we took turns performing oral sex on each other then I put on a condom and had sex with her. The other couple returned to the room next to us and had sex on the bed next to us. After Jo and Jack finished up Jo visited Mick & Michelle who were close by and kissed with them for a while as I finished up with my partner.

As I lay down beside my partner she smiled, told me her name and laughed. Her name was Madeline. She, as did I, thought it was funny to be exchanging names after you had sex with someone. But that is the way it is sometimes in groups. Not everyone knows everyone else but the group dynamic is that you end up with someone you haven’t been introduced to yet. I prefer to have a emotional connection with someone but sometimes you can have a great time when you don’t make the connection first.

After a while Madeline excused herself and Jo moved from being with Mick & Michelle to being with me. We had sex with each other, cuddled for a while, and went home.

The next day I sent a message to Ivy and explained what happened. That I was interested in her but on the spur of the moment Jo and I got invited with the group. She said she understood that you have to go with the flow. And told me she had a good time at the party. The guy had asked her if she wanted him to give her oral sex and so they went into the play area for that and after many minutes of oral sex they had intercourse together which she enjoyed.

I was okay with the way things went but Jo wasn’t all that happy. She didn’t like being treated as “an interchangeable female”. She had a nice time with Jack but the group dynamic sort of turned her off. We have some busy weekends ahead of us and probably will be taking a short break from the sex club scene.

Small house/birthday party

Last night Jo and I went to an interesting house party. Interesting in that it wasn’t really what I think of a sex party. It was more of a party where it was okay to have sex. The house was a little small to have much of a party. There was one bedroom that was okay and another bedroom that was small and had a lot of stuff in it that took up most of the room. The living room, dining room, and kitchen were the socialization area and wasn’t really conducive to being a play area.

We just barely knew about half of the people there and so we, with the permission of the hosts, invited two other couples we knew. Trevor & Kathleen and Jack & Danielle. Jack and & Danielle weren’t able to attend but Trevor and Kathleen made it.

We socialized with everyone for a couple hours. It was a birthday party and the “birthday boy” was put in a chair and many of the women came up to him, kissed him, and touched him in various ways. His girlfriend who arranged the surprise party is experienced in the lifestyle but it appeared to me he wasn’t entirely comfortable with this sort of behavior.

After the birthday boy chair stuff Jo and Trevor started doing a lot of kissing. The Kathleen and I kind of drifted off to the edge of the group, did some touching and kissing, and then signaled to Jo and Trevor we were going to the bedroom. Jo and Trevor joined us. It was very hot and even with the window open it was uncomfortable. The bed was too narrow for all four of us and it just wasn’t the best environment.

Jo and Trevor seemed to have a pretty good time but things just weren’t working for me. After Jo and Trevor were finished I played with Jo then collapsed in a puddle of sweat. We cuddled for a while, put on our clothes, said good-bye to everyone, and left about midnight.

It was nice enough but we probably wouldn’t go back until after they complete the remodeling they plan to do to make it into a place almost specifically intended for sex parties.

Just one couple can make the difference

Last night we went to Club Topaz again. We were going to be gone for the weekend and decided to try out a Friday party even though we knew there would be a lot more people on Saturday.

We arrived about 7:30 and even though we didn’t expect a lot of people present we were disappointed in the number of people present. It didn’t take long for Jo to start talking about writing off Friday parties as well as Wednesday parties. We sat on the couch near the door so we could see people as they arrived. There wasn’t anyone of interest but a young guy stopped by to talk for a while.

He asked if we were from Club Pyrite and we told him yes. He welcomed us and told us how much he was going to miss the club, etc., etc. He asked what we thought of Club Topaz and we told him we were disappointed in the lack of people on Wednesday and Friday nights. He told us it only takes one couple or even one person to make the difference between a wonderful time and a complete disappointment. While true, the odds are that if there aren’t very many people present the “one couple” is less likely to be there as well. He told Jo how beautiful she was and that helped brighten up the evening some for her.

After talking for a while Jo went to the bar to get a drink while I got a snack from the food table. When I went to find her she was talking with another young man near the bar. He was too short for Jo to be interested in as a playmate but there wasn’t anyone else there who was remotely interesting either. It turns out he was a mechanical engineering student working on a quad-copter drone for a photographing plant life. I found that interesting and chatted for quite a while. Then, probably about 8:30 or so, I saw Calvin and Jerri (see here, here, here, and here) across the room. I waved at them and they came over and joined us at the table where we were still talking to the ME student.

We all chatted for quite a while and after a hearing several times that 22 years old was much too young for either of the women the ME student wandered off to check on his girlfriend. At one point Jo wandered off to get water from the bar which was to my back. Calvin commented that Jo was kissing the ME student. What? Interesting… After a while Jo came back and reported that she was just testing him. He passed the kissing test but he was still much too young.

There was a new couple at a table next to us and I’m not sure if it was Jerri or Calvin who invited the blond woman to our table when she was there alone while waiting for her partner to come back from a snack run or something. She looked a bit on the young side too. But her partner was probably close to our age. But Jo didn’t care for his physical appearance even the young woman had been interested in me. There was a lot of touching going on between Calvin, Jerri, Jo, and I with some of kissing between Jo and both Jerri and Calvin. We talked to the third couple and found they were very new to the lifestyle and not really sure what they were looking for yet.

Ultimately Jerri asked me, “Are you interested playing?” I told her I was very interested and checked with Barb who was somewhat involved with Calvin at the moment. She agreed and after Jerri told the woman of the third couple she and Calvin would be back for the party the next evening and would like to see them again the four of us went into the play area together.

Jerri with help from Calvin gave Jo a lot of attention for many minutes. Jerri ate on her for a long time as Calvin kissed and stroked Jo’s breasts. I used my fingers and hands on Jerri’s pussy and breasts at the same time. After much gasping and many shudders Jerri turned her attention to me and changed positions so I could eat on her easier as well. Calvin put on a condom and Jo had sex with him while on top then after a while Calvin got on top. I put on a condom and fucked Jerri at the same time. I wasn’t able to get a full erection and didn’t come and shortly after Jo and Calvin finished I stopped with Jerri as well. After a minute or so of cuddling Jo scooted over closer to me and we started having sex. Jerri reached in and massaged my scrotum and penis. I quickly got a full erection and after a few minutes asked Jerri if she wanted to try again. She said, “Sure!” and so I put on another condom and had sex with her as Calvin watched and Jo kissed Jerri’s breasts.

After Jerri and I finished we all lay around and talked for a few minutes before putting on our clothes and returning to the socialization area. Jo and I decided it was time to leave since it was getting close to midnight and we planned to leave fairly early the next morning. Jerri and Calvin had gone out ahead of us and as we left we saw Jerri dancing with the young blond woman. It was pretty clear Jerri was attracted to her and had plans to play with her sometime.

It was nearly 1:00 AM by the time Jo and I were home in bed but we had sex again before going to sleep and again this morning.

Wednesday Party dearth

Jo and I decided we really needed to check out the Wednesday parties at Club Topaz. We arrived about 7:30 (they open at 7:00) and there were only a few people there. We asked what time people started showing up and we were told people are still arriving at 9:00 or later.

We wandered around a bit and then while I picked up a few snacks at the food table Jo fixed herself a drink and started talking to a single guy. I joined them and we talked for probably 45 minutes or so. It was a pleasant conversation but the guy was too short to be someone Jo was interested in.

A few more people had arrived and Jo said we need to go talk to some other people. We saw a nice looking couple sitting on a couch and joined them. They were brand new to the lifestyle and the woman told us the extent of their interest at this time was to be in the same room with another people as everyone was having sex. This isn’t what we are looking for but out of the probably 30 people or so there we didn’t have any other prospects so we continued to talk to them about kids, jobs, etc.

Eventually the other couple went into the play area by themselves and we discussed whether to go home and have sex or go into the play area for sex. I wanted to stay but Jo was just as inclined to go home.

We eventually went into one of the play area where there were three other couple, including the couple from the couch, and we had sex together there. After we finished and were putting on our clothes the woman from the couch told me she was sorry they just got up and left without saying good-bye. I told her it wasn’t a big deal and maybe we would see them again sometime.

Jo and I went home and agreed we didn’t need to attend a Wednesday party for a long time, if ever.

Catching up again

I’ve been incredibly busy with things and haven’t found the time to blog about things so it’s catch up time again.

March 4th, Jo and I visited Jeff and Mindy at their place again. We sat around and talked and drank some wine for a while then we went upstairs to separate rooms again. It’s what they like best so we can do that. We had a nice time with them. They are very pleasant to talk to and very enthusiastic about the sex.

March 14th we went to Club Topaz for their Saint Patrick’s Day party. We saw quite a few people we knew from Club Pyrite. They appear to be migrating as Club Pyrite shuts down. We saw Kane there. He was the first guy Jo ever played (other than me) with at a sex club. He was with two women, Kasey and Ursa. Kasey was six feet tall and really caught my attention even though she was a bit on the heavy side. Ursa was very nice and showed an interest in me but she was a bit on the short side and much heavier than Kasey. I wasn’t that interested in her.

Kasey and I did a lot of flirting which developed into touching and kissing. It was interesting to me that this was her first visit to a sex club yet she was really into it. It was Uriah’s second visit and again, really enthusiastic about the club.

Jo and I were invited to play with the three of them but Jo wasn’t really interested in playing with either of the women and wasn’t sure how it could work out with two guys and three women so she told me to go have fun and she would be okay.

Kane, Kasey, Ursa and I went off to one of the orgy rooms to play. I was with Kasey and Kane was with Ursa. I was somewhat worried about Jo and even though Kasey tried hard and was very enthusiastic I didn’t cum. The four of us laid around and talked for a while then Kasey and Kane started playing and I went over to be with Ursa. Again, lots of enthusiasm from Ursa but I couldn’t really get into. After chatting a bit I excused myself to go check on Jo.

I found Jo in one of the small play rooms with Mick and Michelle. I left without her noticing me and returned to the orgy room with Kane, Kasey, and Ursa. Not too long after Jo found me and we has sex together in the orgy room.

April 18th we went to Club Pyrite. There were a lot of people there. Something like 250. We enjoyed talking to several different couples but no one who was a good match. We ended up going into the play area together and searching for any bed space to play. We finally settled for narrow slice of a mattress in a big orgy room. It was nice watching and listening to all the other people but we didn’t stay long after we finished. There were lots of other people looking for play space too.

April 25th we went to Club Diamond. From the RSVP list Jo knew that “the tall woman you like” was going to be there. That would be Toni. She is a 5’ 11” blonde, smart, and interesting to talk to. We had seen her there before and I had talked to her for quite a while but Jo had no interest in her husband so we didn’t pursue it. This time Jo suggested we mingle on our own then get back in touch with each other before playing with anyone.

I made a beeline for Toni and hung around for a bit as she was talking to another woman. The other woman introduced herself to me and I to her then I turned to Toni and said you’re Toni. She was surprised. She didn’t remember me at all and was impressed that I remembered her. I told her a few other things I remembered about her and her smile got bigger. She asked how I could remember all that. I told her it was because I was very interested in her. We talked for a long while and it developed into some touching and a hug. She eventually excused herself to go have a cigarette and I went to find Jo. She had been kissing Jack and Ben but things didn’t seem to develop much further. She didn’t see anyone of interest and suggested we go to Club Topaz. That was a long drive back and I kind of wanted to stay there. We agreed to stay a while longer.

I eventually asked Toni if she wanted to play with me. She told me they didn’t usually play at the club. They like to make things a little more personal, “But that might change in 30 minutes.” Jo and I wandered around and talked to some more people. Jo asked Danielle if she and Jack were interested in playing with us. I had talked to her for quite a while but it wasn’t about sex and there wasn’t any flirting going on. That might have soured it because she told Jo they didn’t think so. Finally we went into the play area when it seemed pretty clear nothing was changing with Toni.

The play area was packed. We finally put a sheet down on a thick rug and played on the floor. Jackie was on one of the beds having sex with some guy and reached out and touched me as I was taking off my clothes. I smiled and said hi. She finished went off to the bathroom while Jo and I were having sex. From the bathroom she called out to us, “That’s a party foul!” We didn’t know what she meant. She meant that having sex with your spouse was, “Against the rules.” Not really but she was teasing us.

After we finished we decided to go home. As we were drifting toward the door and saying our goodbyes Ben came up to us and suggested we stay a while longer. We declined because of the long drive home and it was getting late. He asked to stay while he went to get Jackie so she could say goodbye too. She expressed her disappointment and held up her lingerie exposing everything from just below her breasts down and asked, “Are you sure I couldn’t distract you?” I would like have liked to play with her and Jo was interested in Ben as well but it just wasn’t going to work out for us so we said goodbye and went home.

I think there was another party at Club Topaz we went to as well. But nothing much of interest happened apart from talking to some old friends.