Hotel rendezvous

We met Kipp and Katherine at a hotel last night. As we were getting ready to go Jo was having second thoughts. Meeting at a hotel for sex made her feel a little odd. “Sort of like being a prostitute”, she said.  Some of my best memories of being in the lifestyle have taken place at hotels with another couple and I was disappointed that she wasn’t looking forward to the meeting as much as I was. She reassured me that I just plan on having a good time and maybe things would work out for her.

We meet at a restaurant a couple blocks from the motel and had a nice dinner and again we were instantly at ease with them and immensely enjoyed the conversation. I sat on one side of the table with Katherine and Jo was sitting across the table from me next to Kipp. At one point as we talked after dinner Kipp got a funny look on his face and his speech stumbled for a moment. Jo had put her hand somewhere on his lap. They continued to touch each other as we chatting. Soon Katherine and I were touching too.

Then after we had paid the bill and there was a pause in the conversation Kipp and I almost simultaneously suggested it was time to leave and go to the hotel.

The hotel room had two queen sized beds and Katherine and I used one bed while Kipp and Jo used the other one. After we were done having sex we again talked and talked.

One of the things that was somewhat surprising that came out of the conversation I had with Katherine was that her first sex partner was Kipp. And after years of marriage and children he had suggested she have sex with other men, without him, to see what other sex partners were like. I asked, “Did you liked that?” “OH YEAH!”, was the response. He probably would have had playmates of his own but there weren’t didn’t seem to be any opportunities for him. That was something like 20 years ago and it wasn’t until just a few years go they discovered and sex clubs and started playing with other couples.

We tried to figure out when we could next get together but it just doesn’t look good for next couple of months. We both have various travel and family plans which didn’t provide for any matching weekends. We were all disappointed because we get along so well together.

Then after trips to the bathroom by various people Jo ended up in bed with Katherine and I for a while. It was nice but lasted only a little longer than enough to give them both hugs while on either side of me. Katherine went to be in bed with Kipp and after a while I suggested to Jo that we have sex. As things started warming up between us Kipp and Katherine also started having sex with each other.

After we were finished again Katherine said having a “Round Two” with your normal partner while still in the same room was a first for them.

Jo and I left to go home while Kipp and Katherine were going to spend the night.