They weren’t doing it right!

Last night we went to our usual club. It was better than we have seen it in a long time. There were something like 150 people there and the “energy” was good. There were a lot of people on the dance floor and we met some new people that were interesting to talk to. They were people there who weren’t just “exploring” or “checking things out”.

We sat at a table with a couple that has a 12-year old at home and doesn’t attend very often even though they have been members for over ten years. They were very enthusiastic about the club and the lifestyle and we really enjoyed talking to them. We thought they might be interested in playing with us. Certainly there was some interest. He, with permission, put some chocolate pudding on Jo’s shoulder and licked it off.

We aren’t sure what went wrong there. Perhaps we weren’t responsive enough or she wasn’t all that interested in me. But they went to the dance floor and quick hooked up with another couple.

We danced for quite a while as well but didn’t really connect with anyone.

We stood in the lobby for a while and decided we had to “do something” because dancing and standing around wasn’t working. We went over to a drink/socializing table (no chairs with the table height appropriate for standing) with four other people. I started to introduce myself but Jo took me off guard at the last second and said she was going to “do the height check”. There was another woman at the table who was quite tall and Jo stood next to her and compared their heights. The other woman, Xena, took it in stride and conceded that Jo was just a tad taller than her. I then pointed out that Jo was in bare feet. Xena’s jaw dropped. She was wearing heels almost four inches tall.

Xena is quite the character. We barely had to contribute as she entertained us with her stories. The most memorable one was her explaining how she got into the lifestyle.

She told us she had been “doing this” since she was 19 years old but first tried it when she was 16. She knew from the first time she saw porn on the Internet that, “I want to do that!” She convinced her boyfriend and a girl friend to have a threesome with her. They all got together and she was using her hand on his cock and trying to “do something” with her girlfriend but they were just pretty much curled up and not moving. She was really frustrated with them, “They weren’t doing it right!”

It was getting late and Jo and I decided to move on. Xena was rather young for us, we suspected about 35 but later we found out she is 32, and we didn’t really see who, if anyone, her partner was. But Xena told us, “I want to see you guys again, like later tonight!” We smiled and drifted on to the play area by ourselves.

We “made the loop” looking for a couple or two to be near that might be interesting. We settled for a bed a few feet away from the couple we had dinner with and the couple they hooked up with. They were in a semi-private area and we were in public area. We played each other a little bit and then moved on when there wasn’t any response from any of the people walking by or the foursome in the bed next to us.

We made another loop and stood outside the mirror room. Jo kept asking me if I wanted to go in there. I said it would be fine if she wanted that. She said it would be fine “as long as no one there touches me”. It didn’t sound like something she really wanted to do it so I resisted that for a while. She keep suggesting it and finally when some space opened up so there was more room for us such that touching from others was less likely we went in and laid down in the open space.

We touched each other and watched Janice in a MFM threesome with another couple on one side of us and different couple on the other side of us. The second couple left after a few minutes and was soon replaced with a still different couple. We continued our foreplay and voyeurism for a while. The new couple were heavily involved in foreplay as well. The guy looked quite interested in us but I didn’t think Jo would be interested in him and the woman wasn’t showing any detectable interest so I didn’t indicate any interest in them. After a while they started talking some about the images in the mirrors above us. “He looks like the Star Trek captain” I heard them say about me. I’m not sure who said what after that but there was a little bit of talk between us before I continued the foreplay with Jo. The woman of the couple changed her position some such that she was closer to me and the guy continued stroking her. I was pretty sure this was a signal they were both interested in us but I hadn’t gotten any signals from Jo she was interested so I mostly ignored things but did move to between her legs for oral sex. This would give her unrestricted access to the other woman if she decided she was interested.

It took less than a minute for the other woman to ask if she could touch Jo. Jo quickly gave permission as I continued to eat on her. When the other woman reached for Jo’s crotch I moved back just a bit to give her access and as Jo responded favorably I backed up even more and reached to touch the other woman’s leg.

The other guy asked if he could touch Jo and again permission was granted and I moved a bit closer to the other woman and the guy said, “Go right ahead!” So I began to eat on her and use my fingers on her as she continued her manual and oral stimulation of Jo.

It wasn’t long before the other guy put on a condom and was busy having sex with Jo. The other woman performed oral sex on me for a while then I went back to doing that with her before putting on a condom and having sex with her as well. It was in the middle of having sex that she introduced herself. Her name was Jennifer and her husband was Kip.

After we were done having sex we talked with them for quite a while. They lived out of state had been in the lifestyle several years. They occasionally traveled to our club and said they had talked to us before but we didn’t remember them. We didn’t have a clock visible or watch with us but knew it was getting late and finally said we needed to get going. We were driving home but they were spending the night.

As we were entering the crowded dressing room Xena was just entering as well. She still had all her clothes on and could tell we were preparing to leave. “You assholes!”, she mock scolded us. “I told you to wait for me”, she said. We said we had to be going and she had stayed in the dining area instead of moving to the play area when we did. She insisted on playing with Jo’s breasts and made approving sounds and gestures at my nude body as well as I watched her give Jo all the physical attention. Jo finally moved on and still other people wanted to touch Jo as well. Jo let them have a small touch and snaked her way between people to get to our locker. She then decided she needed to use the bathroom and was conflicted because she didn’t really want to go through “the booby gantlet” again. I pointed out a bathroom that didn’t necessitate going through the crowd of people. She utilized the bathroom, we got dressed, and went back to the dining room for the midnight snack. It was past 12:30 and, especially after sex, food is a popular attraction that late at night.

By the time we got home and prepared for bed it was past 1:30 and we were both very tired. We didn’t have sex again until the next morning.