Four Las Vegas parties in three days

Jo and I just got back from Las Vegas. We don’t really gamble but there are other things to do there that we thought might be fun. Like check out the  sex clubs.

I had heard of Vegas Red Rooster for years but reviews were so poor compared to our usual club that I had never been all that interested. When we met Calvin and Jerri last weekend they had mentioned Couples Oasis was another party house in Vegas. We had not heard of that one before. We corresponded some with Calvin and Jerri before going to Vegas and they gave us more information about the place and said they were going to the pool party on Sunday. So Jo and I decided to check it out.

We attended the Couples Oasis on Friday night. It was a pretty nice place. It was clean and reasonably well decorated. Not “rustic” at all. It was quite a bit smaller than our usual club but that wasn’t surprising. Our club is considered quite large.

We got the tour/orientation and then sat down in the bar/dance area for a while. There wasn’t anyone of any real interest to us. We wandered over to the pool table where there was a couple that was a little more interesting and we played pool for a bit. We chatted with them a little bit but there wasn’t any really ‘magic’ there so we didn’t pursue anything with them. Then we went back to the bar area for a while, got bored, and went to sit in the hot tub.  It’s more of a very small swimming pool. There are only the steps to sit on so you can’t easily sit around and talk for long periods of time but it was nice. We were the only people there but we thought maybe taking off our clothes would get other people moving in the right direction. Even if we didn’t want to have sex with any of the people we thought it would be nice to be in the same room with others as they were having sex.

No such luck. After 15 or 20 minutes we got out, dried off, put our clothes on, and went looking at the various play areas to see if there was any action someplace. Nope. People were just sitting around in the bar area drinking and doing a little bit of talking. A few minutes after 11:00 PM we left without even seeing anyone else with their clothes off.

On Saturday night we went to Vegas Red Rooster. We expected lots of single guys hovering around Jo but there wasn’t really an issue. What was an issue was the smoke filled environment. The place was heavy with smoke residue and after we left our clothes and hair smelled of smoke.

Aside from the smoke there was only one couple that sort of looked interesting. Jo talked to them for while and we probably would have been okay with them but the environment wasn’t really sexy for us.

There was one older woman with very close cut hair that came up to Jo and started telling her about her new dentures. She as losing weight because the dentures didn’t fit right and she couldn’t eat much.

There were  quite a few people there but not really enough play areas for everyone had anyone actually tried to use them. We were told that you could only stay in a play area for 20 minutes so “do your foreplay before you go in”. However, if you tipped the play area security guys $20 they would let you stay longer. Really classy.

After only an hour and a half or so we were ready to leave. We did a quick tour of the play area and found they were all empty.

It was still fairly early so we went back to Couples Oasis. We thought maybe a Saturday night would be more interesting. It was and we started talking to a couple in the bar area that seemed promising. We were having a nice chat and another couple came over to join in the conversation. They were interesting to talk to but, physically, were not playmate material. The second couple sort of crowded out the first couple so we again decided to leave. Again we made a tour of the play areas to see if there was anything of interest going on. Again we couldn’t find anyone having sex.

Sunday we went on a tour through the Hoover dam power plant. In the early afternoon Calvin and Jerri texted us and said they were at the Couples Oasis pool party. We texted back and said we would be a little late but we would be there.

We arrived at the pool party and found Calvin and Jerri. Jerri and many of the other women were topless. We sat down next to them and talked for a long time. Things progressed some with Calvin sitting next to Jo and Jerri and I sitting together. There was a lot of touching as we talked. The party was to end at 5:00 PM and as party was getting close to ending I knew there wasn’t going to be any sex at this party either. None of the other people at the party seemed to have progressed beyond the talking stage and while Calvin was clearly very interested in Jo it was clear that while very friendly Jerri wasn’t interested in taking thing further with me. She kissed Jo and me and told us that she needs time to make a “connection” and that we shouldn’t be disappointed.

So we left our fourth sex party in three days and not only did we not have sex with anyone, or each other, we didn’t see anyone else having sex either. Where’s the evidence that Las Vegas is “sin city”? We sure didn’t see anything that would lead us to believe it was anything special in the sex scene.