The last party

Jo and I went to the last party at Club Pyrite last night. In my previous post are the pictures of the play area.

It was sad. Almost all the art was off the walls and on tables in the ballroom. I had purchased two about a month ago and I bought two more which matched the ones I already had.

Jo and I socialized with numerous friends, avoided some people that had a lot of interest in us but were of no interest to us, ate dinner, danced, and finally went to the play area together. The play area was nearly completely full when we got there and was packed with people “in orbit” around the loop when we left. We didn’t see anyone playing with someone that

Probably the most interesting thing for me was a woman that I found talking to Jo after I returned from a trip to the bathroom. I didn’t recognize her but she was telling Jo what a nice person I was and how much she appreciated something I had done for her. At first I thought maybe it was someone I had sex with and didn’t remember. But I was almost certain that wasn’t the case. Jo reported that this women knew Jo by name and Jo didn’t recognize her either. There have been times it takes me a while to recognize someone after it has been a few years and perhaps the only time I saw them was in a darkened room without clothes on. But I convinced myself this wasn’t the case in this instance.

We talked for a while and hit it off fairly well. She likes to have a connection to her playmates and is on the polyamorous end of the scale of people in the lifestyle. She left when she had to “go fold towels” which I think means she was doing volunteer work last night. As she left she said something cryptic and I didn’t figure it out until later. She said, “Thanks for closing the curtains.” I think “the thing I had done for her” was that sometime in the eight years she had been a member there I had closed some curtains to a play space she was using when she was having trouble closing them. That’s in character for me even though I don’t specifically remember that instance.

Late last night Jo captured why we haven’t been happy at this club for quite a while (paraphrasing some):

This is now more a social club than a sex club. Most of the swingers have left .

It’s the end of what I have been told was the longest continuously running sex club in the United States and perhaps the world. I was a small part of it from before it’s doors opened until the last party.