Hall passes for Jo

I went out of state to visit my daughter this weekend for a few days and Jo stayed home. She had planned to go to a night club with her best friend but the friend canceled. We sort of expect this would happen and I had told her she could probably get together with Mick and Michelle or go to one of the sex clubs. She was hesitant and just before I left on Friday asked if I was really okay with it. I assured her I was and she sent messages to Mick and Michelle and also Calvin and Jerri via the Swing Lifestyle website. She asked if they were going to Club Topaz on Saturday night.

Calvin and Jerri got back to her and said they were out of town until Sunday but invited her to their place to watch the football game on TV. I knew it would be more than that if she went but she wasn’t entirely convinced she would play with them.

Saturday night she went to Club Pyrite, “just for drinks and dinner”. About 10:20 she sent me a text message:

Leaving the club. Had a much better time that I expected. I played with Norman.

I replied with a smiley face and told her:

Glad you had a good time.

She said:

You are so wonderful to be fine with all this. I wish I was going home to cuddle with you in bed.

I really wanted to be there with her too. I did the next best thing I could and masturbated while thinking of her having sex with Norman. And I did it again the next morning.

The next day before she was scheduled to leave for her visit with Calvin and Jerri we had the following text message conversation:

Jo: Looking forward to playing with Calvin and Jerri?

Jo: I’m sort of not expecting playing. I guess it’s possible, and I think it would be fun if it happens. Last night I really expected nothing and it took my brain a little while to think about it and process it.

Bob: Did you play with anyone else besides Norman?

Talk to anyone interesting?

I expect they will be interested in playing.

Jo: Just Norman. It was a lot of people I have never seen. And a few men talked to me. I got there about 8:05 and had a drink while everyone finished dinner (I saw zero prospects) danced with Hank and Janice. Norman and I went into the play area about 8:55 then he was volunteering at 10 and I didn’t want a late night anyway.

Bob: Thanks for the details.

Jo: Any second thoughts from you about me going to Calvin and Jerri’s?

Bob: Nope.

Just wish I could go with you.

Jo: I wish you could come with me too!

At 5:00 PM we had another text message conversation:

Jo: After the game we played. It started as me and Calvin, then Jerri joined in. We only had about 45 minutes and I’m headed home for dinner with my son.

Bob: Good time?

Jo: Yes. Just a teeny bit awkward here and there, but fun.

Bob: Jerri was okay with things?

Glad you had fun.

Jo: Yes, she was completely ok. He said he asked ahead of time, and we asked twice there.

Bob: Good.

I’m looking forward to hearing all the details.

Then later:

I’m home and fixing dinner. What I think is interesting is that Norman, and Calvin and Jerri wanted me to spend the night with them. There’s only one person I know of that I want to spend that much time with and it’s you!

When I went to bed I fantasized about being with her and having sex with her as I masturbated and then imagined myself cuddled up to her so I could get to sleep.

I’m more than ready to go home now.