Meet, greet, and complete

Last night Jo and I went to a “meet and greet” at a casino/bar/dance place. There were probably something 100++ people there. We met a few new people but didn’t talk to them all that much. We gravitated to people we already knew and spent most of our time talking to them.

We spent quite a bit of time talking to Cam and Rebecca (and Jo did a fair amount of kissing with Cam) but it was Alfred and Debbie that invited us back to their place only a couple miles away. Debbie rode with me and Jo rode with Alfred so we wouldn’t get lost.

We were given a quick tour of their home which ended up with Debbie and I in one bedroom and Jo and Alfred in another. Jo and I would have liked to have been in the same room but it turned out fine.

Debbie and I could hear Jo really enjoying herself and I used my hands, fingers, and mouth to give Debbie her share of orgasms as well. Jo and Alfred came in and got on the bed with us after a while. I climbed on top of Jo and had sex with her for a while and then pulled out, put on a condom, and then finished up with Debbie.

It was really late by then and after talking and cuddling for only for a short while Jo and I put on our clothes and left.

Jo slept a lot of the way home but she reported she had a really good time and would “definitely do that again”.

It was so late when we got home that we didn’t have sex with each other again. We just went to sleep but had sex the this morning and again later.