Wonder women

The club had a themed party last night. We were supposed to dress as super heroes. Jo and weren’t all that interested in doing the costume thing but we went anyway.

Mandy, the entertainment director, was dressed as Wonder Woman. Kim was dressed as Wonder Woman. And still another woman was dressed as Wonder Woman. There were some other costumes as well. One guy was Clark Kent and changed into Superman during the party. But none were duplicated or as well done as the Wonder Women.

I asked Kim about the previous party. I wondered if I was reading things right. She said that she was trying to get away from one of the guys at the bar but the other guy that she ended up playing with was nice and she enjoyed his company. I asked if she was interested in playing with me some time and she said that was a possibility. She had thought I was going to end up with Brenda that night and I told her about the hurt back and Brenda’s plans to go home early without putting her back at risk with energetic sex play.

Jo and I then sort of hung around in the snack and bar areas looking for some attractive couples. Wilma, the other entertainment director gave us a super hero trivia quiz and we used that a pretense to sit down next to a nice looking couple at a table to collaborate on answering the quiz. We talked extensively with them. They had been to Hedonism Resort and told us all about it. They had been to several sex clubs in Canada and told us about those. We talked about thinking about attending a lifestyle cruise and our recent “vanilla” cruise in the Bahamas. We ended up having dinner with them and continued the conversation. Once when both the women were away the guy told me that his wife had a much stronger sex drive than he did and that he had to limit her to just once every 48 hours when she would have preferred twice a day. I told him that twice a day would be Jo’s preference too but I couldn’t really sustain that frequency. I don’t have to ration her to once every 48 hours though. It occurred to me that even though neither woman wore a Wonder Woman costume they probably qualified in some way as wonder women. That makes five that I know of at the party.

After dinner Jo asked the woman of the couple we had dinner with if they would like to play with us and was told, “It’s kind of early, maybe later.” Which Jo interpreted to mean, “No.” We ended up going to the play area by ourselves. We spent some time in the mirror room having sex as others were near by doing the same. Then we moved to a private bunk we had never used before that had a good view of the “Red Room” group area. The six people there were having a good time and they invited us to play with them but we didn’t have a physical interest in any of them even though they were fun to watch as we played with each other. We saw the dinner couple in the play area a couple of times but only exchanged a pleasant hello with them. They didn’t invite us to join them or anything.

It was a pleasant evening even if we didn’t play with anyone else. But just going to the club without finding new playmates isn’t really worth spending so much time.