Jo and I volunteered at the club last night. It was a new job for us. We arrived early and helped set silverware on the dinner tables. Then, because it was the first party after Valentines Day, we handed out roses to all the women as they came in the door.

Another couple at the door handled people who had prepaid so they could bypass the desk in the lobby. We talked to the other couple quite a bit and enjoyed their company as well as finding them attractive. After our volunteer duties were complete we had dinner with them and continued the conversation. After dinner Jo and the other man, separately, left the table for a bit. We had kind of run out of stuff to talk about at the time so I asked the other woman if she liked to dance and we danced for a while. Jo and the other guy arrived back at the table, found us missing and then came out on the dance floor and joined us. After a few dances the other couple wandered off to get their Valentines Day picture taken.

Jo and I talked briefly about it and decided to ask them if they would like to play with us. I suggested that Jo ask quietly and discreetly ask the other woman. My hope was this would be non-threatening and increase the comfort level. Jo did this and the other woman quietly and politely said, “No, I don’t think so.”


Thinking about it later I realized they had probably dropped some hints about their non-interest. At one point the other guy asked me, since I had been in the lifestyle with my ex-wife for so many years, “Did you ever go through periods where you didn’t do anything with others for a while?” The answer was, of course, “Yes. There were times when we had a lot going on in our lives, there wasn’t much money, when we had our kids, etc.” The lifestyle isn’t a necessity like food, shelter, and transportation. It’s recreation and as such other things frequently displace it.

Jo and I did go on into the play area together and she ended up having sex with someone in a group area. And for a while there were three men simultaneously giving her attention. She was having intercourse with one while another guy and I, were each kissing one of her breasts.

Then Jo and I had sex in the same group room together. Then again when we got home. Then again the next morning.