Can you do us a favor?

Jo and I went to the club last night. We had dinner with some friends we had played with before with whom we really enjoyed their company. At the table was a newbie couple.

The newbies reported had never done anything like this before and just wanted to explore. They were nice to talk to but appeared to be either a little scared about everything or weren’t really that interested.

Before dinner we Jo had suggested to our friends that we play together after dinner and our friends were quite agreeable to that. The club had some entertainment that we got bored with after 15 minutes or so and our friends gave us “a look” signaling they were headed to the play area and that we should go with them. So we got up and we headed off to the locker room together leaving the newbies at the table alone.

We found a semi-private area and had a good time with our friends. Jo and I had sex with each other for a while as our friends had sex. Then there was some touching between the couples and finally a full swap. Then still another swap back to our original partners. We then talked and visited some more before our friends said they had to go.

Jo and I decided to take a look around at what else was going on before we left and we almost immediately came across the newbie couple. She was on her back, completely naked, with her legs up and spread on “The Frog Chair”. The Frog Chair is a crude, but very sturdy, imitation of a gynecological exam chair. Her male companion was beside her and as we approached he said, “Can you do us a favor?”, he asked. “Maybe”, I replied.  “What is it?”, I asked. “Could you put your cock into her?” was his reply.

Hmmm… maybe this couple wasn’t quite as scared as I thought were.

I told them that I was a little worn out and probably couldn’t do very much. But he said, “I’m sure you can do something.”

I looked at her and she appeared to be completely accepting of the idea. I should have asked if that is what she wanted. It was a breach of etiquette to not ask her if I could touch her. But her companion was very direct about wanting that and I didn’t detect any hesitation on her part so I dropped my towel and knelt between her legs and slowly began to touch her and perform oral sex on her as I touched myself and tried to get an erection. Jo asked if she could touch and the woman said, “Yes! I love to be touched by women.” And Jo began touching the woman’s breasts as did her male companion. After a while I had enough of an erection to put on a condom and push my partially erect penis into her. She seemed to enjoy it and her male companion narrated the details to the woman and encouraged us to continue. After a while, with the partial erection slowly fading, I withdrew and used my tongue and fingers on her for a few minutes until I thought maybe she had cum. I stroked her breasts, chest and stomach some, thanked them for inviting us to play with them, and Jo and I continued our tour.

In another area we found Gretchen having sex with her boyfriend Steve. We hadn’t seen them but we knew someplace close by her husband, Elmer, was with his girlfriend. I’ve been interested in Gretchen for a long time and have repeatedly propositioned her but it never worked out. She says to keep asking so I do every once in a while. Jo and I laid down on a bed next to Gretchen and Steve and started having sex as well. A couple minutes later they changed positions and Gretchen noticed us and said, “Hi kids!” We said hi back and continued as did they. I really like watching others have sex. And for some reason watching a woman have sex with someone other than her husband or boyfriend is even more exciting for me. The is especially true if it is my wife or girlfriend. It was exciting to watch Gretchen, just a few feet away, having sex with Steve.

Gretchen and Steve finished first and as they were walking away Gretchen grabbed Jo’s foot which was high in the air and kissed it. She then gave us a big smile as she walked away. Jo giggled and we finished with our lovemaking a short time later.

It was a great night.