Independent flirting

Last night Jo and I went to the club with a little different plan than usual.

We knew from the RSVP list there weren’t many people attending. And there were zero couples who were attractive to both of us. Jo suggested we hang out with Brenda and/or Kim and invite them to have a threesome with us. I was very hesitant about this. I was not sure Jo was really okay with this or just saying this because it was something she thought I wanted and was “sacrificing herself” for my sake. Martyr like behavior on the part of my ex was a significant component of our break up and I’m probably hyper sensitive to behavior that reminds me of this.

Further increasing my concern is that I had long had an interest in Brenda but for a while Jo was uncomfortable with her. She was married but almost never brought her husband. Brenda also very clearly had an interest in me and Jo thought there was a somewhat secretive component to our mutual interest which bothered her. And in the case of Kim, Jo had once told me, “She’s on the ‘no list’. She is tall, attractive, brunette, and single.” The physical attributes are all on my “what makes a woman hot to me” list. The ‘single’ attribute fanned some insecurity issues for Jo. We are both recently divorced and maintain separate homes even though we rarely sleep apart. For one of us to terminate the relationship and/or decide to pursue a relationship with someone else would take little more than saying good-bye and carrying a couple arm-loads of possessions to the car.

What changed in the last few months was that Jo spent quite a bit of time getting to know Brenda and Kim. Brenda and I still huge and kiss when greeting each other at the club but Jo and Brenda hug also. The flirting between Brenda and I doesn’t seem secretive anymore. And in the case of Kim, well, she has been married three times, doesn’t have the kids from any of the marriages, and is going through bankruptcy. She might not be such a good mate. And from Kim’s viewpoint she is extremely cautious about getting seriously involved with anyone. She doesn’t trust her own judgment in regards to selecting men.

It turned out Brenda had brought a new playmate to the club so it was unlikely they would be doing a full swap with anyone else that night. So Jo encouraged me to concentrate on Kim and she would concentrate on Ed. Ed is a very attractive married guy, attending as a single, who shows up maybe once a month or so and was there.

Things didn’t work out so well for me with Kim. She was quite friendly and talkative but she came to the club just for the food, drink, and to talk this time. She didn’t have any intention of playing with anyone.

Things went well for Jo. Ed said she really boosted his ego and they kissed some and agreed to play at some future time.

There was another couple ,  Kevin and Tammy, that showed a great deal of interest in us. Before dinner Kevin talked to Jo and me quite a bit. Then they moved to our table to have dinner with us. At the dinner table were Larry and Brenda, Kevin and Tammy, and Kim. When Tammy and I were busing some plates and glasses from the table she made a big show of rubbing up against me. Kevin told funny stories to Jo and I. Kevin is much shorter than Jo and that is a deal breaker for Jo. I like Tammy, she is very happy, fun to talk to, and to be around. I wouldn’t reject her if she propositioned me and it was a situation where it was okay with Jo but I probably wouldn’t proposition her under most circumstance. Her body type is different than what interests me the most. So Jo and I didn’t pursue that.

Larry, Brenda’s playmate, was interesting to talk to. He was very articulate and extremely nice looking. Jo said, “Why can’t he be married to Brenda instead of Keith?” In the past Jo had plotted that maybe we could swap with Brenda and her husband so I could get some time with Brenda. But Keith doesn’t come to the club often and Jo found him uninteresting to the point, if we were to swap, she would be “taking one for the team.” This is a very poor idea and everyone with experience in the lifestyle strongly advises against it.

Jo and I ended up going to the play area by ourselves and watching others, including Brenda and Larry, while we had sex. I got really excited watching Brenda on top of him with her hips smoothly rotating back and forth. “Woman on top” isn’t a big deal for me when I’m having sex but seeing her with someone other than her husband and the slow sensuous movement as I had sex with Jo it was a big deal.