Club hopping

A couple weeks ago we met a couple via and enjoyed talking with them over drinks. But he was a former politician of considerable note (at the state level) and the politician in him was a little bit irritating after a while. The wife was nice and there wasn’t anything that was a definite deal breaker. We agreed to meet again sometime and as we parted Jo did her standard “good lover” test of kissing him. He failed. After we got home we looked up more information via the web on the politician. He was several years older than what they had said on their SLS profile. Another strike against them. But what do you expect from a politician? It’s like they say, “Q: How do you know if a politician is lying? A: His lips are moving.”

They wanted to get together again and we agreed to see them but not one-on-one. We suggested a Meet and Greet where we could meet others and give our SLS acquaintances a polite brush off if they continued to fail our tests.

I wasn’t all that interested in going to the Meet and Greet. When the band started playing it was too loud to talk to people and there just didn’t seem to be any good matches except for people we already knew. But Calvin and Jerri reported they had met something like five really nice looking couples the last time they went. So we decided to go then if things didn’t look very promising we would bail early and go to Club Topaz.

We arrived just as the M&G was supposed to start. On previous visits arriving 15 minutes after it started resulted in not being able to find a table or chair. This time we were the first ones there. We had a nice time talking with the organizers and we had seats which allowed us to see everyone as they came in. After an hour or so there were probably 25 or 30 couples and no one of interest to us. We were about to leave when the former politician and his wife showed up. We stayed for a while to talk to them and she was really stoned. She was almost zombie like with an almost shuffling walk, turning her entire body instead of just her head, and slow speech. He wasn’t stoned that we could tell but the politician was just as evident and we decided we weren’t interested in anyone there. We told them we were leaving to go to Club Topaz and they said they would go too. Okay, whatever.

As we were getting into our car Calvin and Jerri drove up and stopped right in front of us. Jerri gave us this exaggerated shocked and questioning look and mouthed, “What?” We went over to greet and kiss them. We told them we didn’t see anyone of interest there and were going to Club Topaz. They said they wouldn’t be going because it was further away from home for them (it was closer to home for us) and they were in Amsterdam that morning and weren’t going to be out very late this night. They had visited a sex club there and were quite impressed with it. After a few minutes of chatting we parted and continued on to Club Topaz.

The politician and stoned wife were already there. He showed increasing interest in Jo until she finally told him they weren’t a good match for us. I chatted with Kenny and Darcy for quite a while. And then saw a tall very good looking woman in a white dress with nothing underneath that had just as much are with holes as it did fabric. She and the dress were quite stunning. I just sort of starred and drooled for a long time.

Jo had surveyed the landscape and other than sitting on the lap of the club owner and kissing for a while didn’t see anyone of interest there. So she walked up to the tall woman in the white dress and did a “height check”. The woman was wearing about four inch heels and was close to two inches taller than Jo who was wearing flats. We chatted with her for quite a while. Her name was Karla. She told us she and her husband had just got back from Hedonism II. She, as well as everyone else we know who has been there, thought it was a wonderful place and how after a few days they would just wander around separately and have sex with people they were attracted to. She pointed out her husband, Kent, at a nearby table and as she finished getting her drink at the bar told us we should talk to him too.

When I saw an empty chair at the table I sat down and chatted with him for a while. They are planning to go to Club Diamond next week and the hotel takeover by Club Topaz in a couple months. We already had the same plans so that seemed like we had some similar interests. He seemed to be a nice guy too but I’m not sure he is tall enough to be interesting to Jo. They also both have a few tattoos which loses them a few points in my book. I gave him our card anyway and told him we would look forward to seeing them again. It was just too loud to chat for very long and really get to know them. Jo sat at the table with us for a few minutes and couldn’t hear a word that we said.

Jo and I ended up going into one of the play rooms together. The room was nearly full and we got to watch probably another half dozen couples have sex at the same time as we were playing. The politician and his stoned wife poked their heads in the room and watched longingly at Jo and I for a while before leaving.

After we were done we went home to get some sleep. We had big day ahead us…