I saw red

Thursday morning Jo’s period started. “I’m hoping it will be almost over by the party on Saturday”, she told me. It was and we went to the monthly house party we have attended before.

Before we left we carefully reviewed the profiles of all the people who RSVP’d. Jack and Danielle were planning to attend which was nice. There were two other couples that we thought looked interesting and that we should talk to if we could. The problem was their profiles didn’t have any face pictures so it was going to be tough to identify them in a crowd of people. I think what we probably should do next time is send the people we are interested in a message a few days prior to the party and see if we can’t let them know we are interested and exchange face pictures.

We arrived a little bit late and the place was full and very loud. We could barely hear each other talk in the kitchen where all the socialization was going on. We soon spotted Jack and Danielle and gave them kisses and hugs. Cam and Rebecca were there too. We had similar greetings with them and I was thinking it might be nice to play with them tonight. But Rebecca told me they were leaving soon because of another commitment. I told Jo about this and she said something to the effect of, “What! What ‘other commitment’ could they have which would be more important that they would leave a sex party? I’m going to go ask her.” She did and found out that they were going to a hotel to live out some fantasy of theirs. I plan to ask the details the next time we see them.

Jack and Danielle seemed to have their sights set on another couple and I thought I heard Danielle ask them to go play with them but it seemed to have faltered at least for a while as the two couples continued to talk and flirt.

We just couldn’t see anyone that was a good match for the people we were interested in on the RSVP list so when Jo spotted a tall good looking guy across the room she said she was going to go talk to him. I wandered around a bit and snacked on the food. I found some incredible chocolate drops and brought a couple over to Jo and her prey. She was asking him about his necklace. I hung around for a bit and then drifted off to snack and chat with some others for a bit. Ultimately Jo and I connected for a bit and she said he asked, “Would you like to play with me a later this evening?” Jo said that maybe but that we only played as a couple and he said they can play separately but only at the parties, never outside the parties. His name was Alfred and his wife’s name was Debbie. We hadn’t been introduced to Debbie but Alfred had pointed her out to Jo.

Jo and I went over to where she was sitting and chatting with a couple other women. Jo said a few words about the chocolate snacks on the table in front of them and said, “See? That’s how you get started talking to them.” Then she left to go back to Alfred. I tried one of the chocolate covered pretzels. I didn’t care much for it but one of the women asked how it was. She said she had been avoiding them all evening. I told her I didn’t care much for them but there were some awesome chocolate drops over on the counter if she liked chocolate. She appeared to be exercising her will power and said she liked chocolate but would hold back at least for a while. She then asked Debbie something about her husband if he was here. Debbie smiled and said, “He’s over there with his tongue in the mouth of some woman. I think I’ll go over and check her out.”

As she stood up to leave I looked over and it was Jo. I told her that was my girlfriend. She immediately took an interest in me and we started talking. She asked if we could go someplace else where it was quieter so we could talk. I readily agreed. I did not care for the loud environment and we went outside and talked for five or ten minutes. They had been together for 10 years and married about a year. They had been playing with other couples for about three years and were really enjoying it.

I was starting to get cold and I was about to suggest we go inside when she said something very low key but clear she wanted to have sex with me. Something like, “Would like to do something else with me?” I readily agreed and said we need to go talk to Jo and Alfred about this. She agreed and as we walked in she said, “I’m having my period. Is that still going to be okay?” I said I had done that before. It should be okay.

We found Alfred and Jo where we had left them and Debbie told Jo, “I just propositioned your husband. Is that okay?” Jo said yes and asked Alfred if he wanted to go play with us. He agreed and we went off to find a bedroom. Debbie suggested the master bedroom with the shower so that she could clean up if necessary. It was the same room where Danielle and I had played last time. Debbie and I took the bed and Jo and Alfred took one of the mattresses on the floor. There was also a FMF threesome in the room playing on a futon or couch.

We all took off our clothes and started kissing and touching. She performed oral sex on me and I quickly got an erection. I rolled her over and then touched and kissed her breasts. Debbie has very large all natural breasts and I complemented her on them. She asked if I would like to fuck them and I said that I could do that for a while if she liked it. She asked if I had done that before and I said once. She got out some coconut oil and I rubbed my cock between her breasts as she squeezed them together. It was nice but it wasn’t all that interesting to me. We took off her panties and I gave her clit some attention. The tampon string was now obvious and she said would remove it. She said she was concerned it might gush out so she went to the bathroom to do it. I watched Jo and Alfred kissing and manually stimulating each other while Debbie was gone but still it was pretty disruptive to have her “pull the plug” when I was rather aroused.

She came back and we tried to pick up where we left off but it never really got back to where we were. I only had a partial erection and after putting the condom on I just wasn’t getting much sensation from intercourse and ultimately ended up using my fingers on her. She said she had a couple orgasms but I’m not convinced she did. We joined Jo and Alfred on the mattress as they had sex.

Debbie touched Jo for a while then quickly took an interest in one of the women who had been involved in the MFM on the futon next to the mattress. They started getting into it pretty good. And then Alfred said he need to take a break.

I immediately started giving Jo some attention and soon we were fucking as Debbie was eating on the other woman as Alfred watched.  When Jo and I were finished Debbie turned her attention to Jo and the two of them kissed and then for several minutes Debbie ate on Jo. Jo made the usual noises and shuddered and shook for a while then finally said she was tired out too. Debbie said she was glad Jo said something because she was exhausted as well. As she withdrew there was some spotting of blood from Jo’s period too. We chatted for a bit, cleaned up, and put on our clothes and went back into the kitchen to see if there were anyone else to talk to.

Jo worked her way to the snacks and I visited the music/dance area. There was a very tall good looking women I had seen earlier headed the other direction. I had seen her earlier in the evening but hadn’t been able to see if she was with a man and what the man looked like. I didn’t try to make contact then but this time as we passed in the hall we caught each others eye and she gave me a big smile and said hi. I smiled back and said hi as well.

There wasn’t much of interest in the dance area and I went back to the kitchen and stood with Jo as we surveyed the room. A guy, from the other side of the kitchen, told Jo, “Wow! You are really tall.” That was the introduction to a couple we talked to for 10 or 15 minutes before we left to go home.

They were interesting. The woman in particular went on about couples that were just “exploring” and “didn’t want to do anything on the first date”. She didn’t want a relationship. “I already have a relationship. I don’t want to date. I just want to fuck with the couples we meet.” It was a more extreme version of what our complaints have been recently and we laughed and agreed with them. We exchanged aliases on the swinger website we are both on and despite the guy’s suggestion that we go play right then Jo and I said we were partied out for the evening and we left for our long drive home.

It was actually fairly early compared to other times we had returned from this house party but Jo fell asleep in the car. It was about 12:20 when we arrived in our bedroom and I was almost asleep in bed by the time Jo had prepared and slipped between the sheets with me. We hugged and kissed for a bit and she suggested we wait until morning before doing anything else. I agreed and I probably fell asleep in seconds.

This morning we woke up late, talked about the previous evening, and then had sex twice before taking our showers and eating breakfast.