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Quote of the week: Lawrence Lanoff

I believe women can never cheat because I don’t own my partner’s genitals. And If I fundamentally believe I don’t own my partner’s genitals, then cheating is not possible.

Lawrence Lanoff
January 6, 2017
I Don’t Believe a Woman Can Cheat. Ever

I’m not entirely in agreement on this. A couple could agree to be monogamous or have some restrictions on who they play with. Violation of the agreement would be “cheating”.

Still, I think Lanoff has a point worthy of more than a little consideration.

Quote of the week—Betty Dodson

We can be mentally excited by the prospect of sex, but in order to be physically aroused, we need up to twenty minutes (or more) of quality clitoral touching in order to be fully turned on.

That’s when vaginal walls plump up and get covered with a slippery mucous and we urgently want your penis inside us for a long slow hot deep fuck. We might even want a second lover to fill in while you’re resting. Alas, that’s the scary part of loving a sexually liberated woman. Only sexually secure men can handle this.

Betty Dodson
April 5, 2014
In Search of the Female Orgasm

Dodson frequently has some insightful things to say. But I sometimes get annoyed with her when she makes far too general of statements. This is one of those times.

I know many women become fully aroused, slippery wet, and asking for entry without 20 minutes of clitoral stimulation. I concede I have a biased sample. Dodson may be correct with a more typical woman but it certainly isn’t universal.