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Quote of the week—Betty Dodson

We can be mentally excited by the prospect of sex, but in order to be physically aroused, we need up to twenty minutes (or more) of quality clitoral touching in order to be fully turned on.

That’s when vaginal walls plump up and get covered with a slippery mucous and we urgently want your penis inside us for a long slow hot deep fuck. We might even want a second lover to fill in while you’re resting. Alas, that’s the scary part of loving a sexually liberated woman. Only sexually secure men can handle this.

Betty Dodson
April 5, 2014
In Search of the Female Orgasm

Dodson frequently has some insightful things to say. But I sometimes get annoyed with her when she makes far too general of statements. This is one of those times.

I know many women become fully aroused, slippery wet, and asking for entry without 20 minutes of clitoral stimulation. I concede I have a biased sample. Dodson may be correct with a more typical woman but it certainly isn’t universal.

Female promiscuity and economic dependence

I found the article Why So Many People Care So Much About Others’ Sex Lives interesting. It referenced this study which concluded:

At the individual level, perceived female economic dependence explained significant variance in anti-promiscuity morality, even after controlling for variance explained by age, sex, religiosity, political conservatism, and the anti-promiscuity views of geographical neighbors. At the state level, median female income was strongly negatively related to anti-promiscuity morality and this relationship was fully mediated by perceived female economic dependence. These results were consistent with the view that anti-promiscuity beliefs may function to promote paternity certainty in circumstances where male parental investment is particularly important.

That would imply that people would be more likely to participate in the lifestyle when women are more likely to have their own jobs and able to support themselves. It is certainly true that nearly all of the women I know in the lifestyle have their own jobs. But I don’t know that much about women who are not in the lifestyle. It could be that most of the women I happen to know are capable of being independent.