New Years Eve

On New Years Eve Jo and I went to the club with the new facility. I’m going to name this Club Topaz just to make it easier to refer to in the future.

We saw some couples of interest but for the most part they seemed to be already “attached” to other couples. We talked to one very nice looking couple but thought they were a bit on the young side and probably wouldn’t be interested in us. As it turned out I think we were probably mistaken on that issue because of the longing looks he gave Jo in the orgy room later.

I was talking to Trevor when someone came up behind me and put their arms around me. I continued talking for a few seconds think it was Jo. Then I realized the feel of there body wasn’t right for Jo. I turned around and found to my big surprise it was Darcy. Darcy and I used to be very close. Her husband had stopped going with her to the clubs. My wife didn’t go with me to the club so in essence we became a couple and would meet at the club twice a month. That progressed to us getting together outside the club sometimes too. She told me she loved me but there was never any interest in splitting with her husband Kenny for me. And then when I split with my wife Darcy told me she would like it if I would be her second husband. As much as I enjoyed her company it wasn’t a good match. She and her husband lived too far from where I worked and her husband was sometimes uncomfortable with our relationship as it was.

After I split with my wife Darcy coached me some on finding a new partner and I would discuss the dates I had with women who were potential partners. As I was leaving my first date with Jo I sent Darcy an email saying I was in love. Ten days later I took Jo to the club to introduce her to the lifestyle and also so Darcy could met her and give me her opinion. When we had a few moments of privacy she quietly told me, “She’s a keeper!”

After that meeting in September 2012 I think we saw Kenny and Darcy just once more until New Years Eve. There hadn’t even been any email back and forth. Kenny was pretty sensitive to the relationship I had with Darcy at the time. And also Jo wasn’t comfortable with me spending time with someone I had been that close with while the relationship between Jo and I was still so young. So we just didn’t have contact with each other.

With that as background… Darcy and I kissed, hugged, and then talked for a while. We got caught up on each others lives and then went back to our spouses. Later I found Kenny and talked to him for quite a while about non-sex things that we had in common.

Jo and I ended up just playing with each other and watching others in one of the orgy rooms. We went home early and I think we were in bed before midnight.