Is that weird? Part two

Last night Jo went to a concert her son was performing in. I went to our usual club alone.

I’ve been watching other men and it seems they touch the women a lot more than I do. It is a way to signal your interest and as long as it is not inappropriate touching it probably is appreciated by the women. Jo seems to like it so I have decided I need to do this more.

I saw Kim at the bar as I walked in. She was talking to some people and and as I walked past I patted her shoulder and smiled at her. She smiled back and kept talking to her friends.

I dumped off my pack with towel and robe in a locker and went to the snack area. I had some deep fried cheese and some melon slices for a snack and observed the people chatting in the lounge area. Tammy was looking particularly hot in a low cut gown and I complemented her on it but she might not have heard me because she didn’t respond.

The groups were sort of closed and I didn’t want to squirm my way into them, especially as a single guy. I went to the drink area and got myself a glass of lemonade. Joan came up to me and asked about Jo and how things were going for me and she told me about her new job. Her husband Sam came by and the three of us talked for quite a while. A single women I had never seen before came over and introduced herself. It turns out she wasn’t new. This was her first Wednesday party though. She barely talked but she listened as Joan, Sam, and I chatted away.

I saw Uriah walk by and I was pleased. We had really hit it off well the last time I saw her and I was thinking that maybe things could go a bit further this time.

People were sitting down with plates of food before Sam, Joan, and I decided it was time to get in line at the buffet table. I looked in the dining room for a table and saw Kim at an empty table but no Uriah. I asked if I could sit with her and she said, “Of course!” So I sat my glass of lemonade down and went to get food.

I sat with Kim and asked if she was going to do the Karaoke thing most of the night like she frequently does. She said she wanted to practice some for the competition on Saturday so she was going to do at least some. We chatted about her upcoming divorce. She has a court date finally and is looking forward to getting it over with. Elmer and Fran sat down across the table from me and we all chatted for a while.

Then Uriah asked if she could sit down beside me and I quickly agreed. It was almost like she was continuing the conversation from last time. She talked a lot about her boyfriend and how she was coming to the club, by herself, in part to make him happy. She enjoyed the dinner and enjoy the conversation but it was all just a little different and weird to her. Especially her boyfriend wanting her to have sex with other men.

Janice walked by and stopped to give me a big kiss and I squeezed her butt as she continued on to her table. Ahh… touching and kissing is so nice…

The Karaoke started and we couldn’t really talk and my back was facing the stage so I got up to refill my glass with lemonade and check my phone. Jo had texted me asking how traffic had been getting to the club and I texted back that it had been really slow and how it had taken me more than twice as long as usual to get to the club.

I went back into the dining area and chose a different chair on the other side of Uriah such that I could see the Karaoke and still be next to her. As I leaned forward to talk to her the front of my shoulder touched her the back of hers and she seemed to like the touch and we talked while continuing the touch. After a couple of songs I was getting cold and asked if she would like to go to the hot tub where we could talk better and I could get warmed up.

She agreed but said she wasn’t sure she wanted to do anything further. And that she hadn’t really planned on doing even that. The indoor hot tub was empty and so we could easily talk there. She talked and talked about her boyfriend. And what did it mean that he wanted her to have sex with other men, but he wouldn’t say he loved her? And she was coming to the club, by herself, to make him happy why wouldn’t he do little things for her to make her happy? One time when they came to the club together she wanted him to dance with her during one particular song and he refused. Why was that such a big deal to him? On two different occasions he had invited a friend over and telling them he wanted them to have sex with her and she did. He mostly watched. She had a good time but she wasn’t very comfortable with her boyfriend pushing it when she wasn’t all the interested until it got started. Did this mean he cared for her? Was this weird?

I told her about this blog and the blog post where I wrote about her and that I had probably explained things better in the post than I had when we last talked. She said she would definitely read it.

We talked for long time and three other people got in the hot tub with us but we ignored them and had our own conversation. Then without me seeing it coming she sat astraddle of me and gave me a big kiss. She pushed her breasts toward my face and I kissed them. We kissed and touched for a few minutes then I said I was getting too hot. The hot water below and her blocking the air flow around my upper body was causing some serious overheating. Plus a hot tub isn’t the most comfortable place to take care of the increasing arousal. We dried off and went off to the play area. We continued the talk and the touching. She told me she really liked oral sex and fucking. I ate on her for a while and she clearly enjoyed it but I was still very hot and couldn’t really get an erection even after her performing oral sex on me. We left that area and went to a different place that was somewhat cooler. Again I tried without any real success to get an erection and ended up performing more oral and manual sex. She really liked my “vibrator mode” fingers inside of her and squirted profusely. Gretchen who was nearby listening and sometimes watching commented, “Good job!” After a few minutes my arms were tired and we went back to talking.

This was the first time she had sex with someone other than her boyfriend at the club. She was still trying to understand everything. She had only had about seven or eight sex partners in her entire life (she is in her fifties) and most of those had been in the last four or five years. She enjoyed this and was looking forward to telling her boyfriend all about it. She was sure he would be pleased and proud of her. She kept saying that she expected a sex club to be scary and uncomfortable but she felt strangely at ease and comfortable. Even having sex with other people watching and sometime commenting. And with someone other than her boyfriend who she didn’t really know that well. And having sex with someone so that she could go home and tell her boyfriend all the details? Wow! Is that weird? She was sort of beginning to understand. It isn’t all that weird. It’s entirely natural and comfortable for some people. It’s only weird because for many decades she didn’t know people actually did that and that the expected standard was that if you had sex with someone other than your one committed partner then you should be shamed and rejected instead of sharing and enjoying the experience.

After a while I asked her to eat on me some and she was happy to do so. As the evening progressed the play area had cooled down some and I was more comfortable with her and I was eventually able to get an erection and we had intercourse. She was enthusiastic and after a few minutes we both came and l was a sweaty mess as I lay down for a few minutes more to talk. She was very pleased and certain that telling her boyfriend all the details was going to be rewarding.

We knew it was getting late but not how late. I checked the time. It as 11:20! We hurriedly gathered our stuff and left. I took a quick shower, put on my clothes, and walked with her across the dark parking lot to our cars.

Jo had texted me a few minutes after I had last texted her and asked if I had any prospects. It was now 11:30 and I decided that it was too late to text back. She was surely asleep by now and I didn’t want to wake her.