You get more attention when you are naked

We went to the monthly house party last night. There weren’t nearly as many people attending as usual. There was another house party being held not too far away at the same time which drew some away. There weren’t that many people of interest showing up on the RSVP list but we have always had a good time there so we decided to go anyway.

Shortly after we arrived Jo gave me the challenge to talk to and kiss at least two women while there. I have a tendency to be a “wallflower” so it was a bit of a challenge for me. Kissing women I had kissed before didn’t count.

It wasn’t too long before Donna (she was the one who took such an interest in Jo’s long legs last March) approached Jo and insisted she take off the nylons so she could inspect the legs. Things progressed to the point where Barb suggested they just take off all the clothes. So they did and then they went for a little trip through the kitchen out onto the deck. They were quite the hit and collected lots of kisses and pets from both men and women. Donna insisted that I never allow Jo to wear nylons to the party again. She insisted those legs must be accessible.

The clothes went back on and we wandered around some. Some independently and some together. I saw Jackie dancing with the pole and after she made some eye contact that appeared to be inviting I approached and dance with her some. She rubbed her but against me and I pushed and rubbed back and kissed her neck and put my arms around her from behind. After a bit she said she needed to go check on her husband Ben. I already knew Ben was quite interested in Jo and Jo was okay with Ben as well. She said she would come back but didn’t so I wandered off to tell Jo of my moderate accomplishment.

Jo was with sitting on a couch Donna. Donna was trying to arrange a multiple cock sucking situation for herself and Jo. I was invited along with several other guys. We all dropped our pants and Jo and Donna sucked and stroked the various cocks for a while. More people came around to watch but Donna was ready to move on to other things. Explained to me that she does the outrageous flirting thing with a bunch of different people so that she is in control. She can sort of sample all of them and then decide if she wants to get their number and arrange to meet with her and her husband outside the party or maybe continue to play with them at the party. She and I kissed for a while and she asked for our number. She said she liked us and would like to play with us outside the party environment. Her husband was of interest to Jo as well so I gave her my number.

We talked to several other people and keep getting caught up with Donna again and again. I finally asked if she would like to go to the play area with us. She said, “Maybe later.” I’m not sure if that really meant later or it was just a polite way of saying not tonight. In any case Jo and I were getting tired and needed to go home soon.

We debated with ourselves going home or going to the play area by ourselves. We decided to go to the play area by ourselves. As we were about to enter the play area we bumped into Randi. She is one of the administrators of the party and has greeted us at the door when we arrived several times. She asked if we were having a good time and I asked if she was having a good time. She said she couldn’t find anyone to play with. I told her there were lots of guys that would love to play with her. “Who?” she asked. “She can play with us”, Jo whispered in my other ear. I was surprised but I told Randi, “You can play with us if you like.” Randi had expressed an interest in me at our first visit to this house party but Jo wasn’t interested in her husband Ken so I had not encouraged her before. But Ken was nowhere in sight and Randi was actively looking for a playmate.

Randi quickly agreed and asked if she could bring her husband along. Jo’s said she wasn’t that interested so the three of us went into a bedroom together. There was a lot of kissing and touching between everyone and I ultimately I had intercourse with Jo for a while then pulled out, put on a condom and had sex with Randi to completion. We lay in bed for a while talking and cuddling and finally another couple, Carl and May, came in. They seemed interested in joining us. May positioned herself between my feet and lower legs and stroked me some. Jo has no interest in Carl and said she needed to us the bathroom and hurried out. I wasn’t going to stay and play without her but I stayed just long enough to say good-bye to Randi. Carl was starting to get things going with Randi as Jo came back and I rolled out of bed. We said good-bye to some of the people not busy playing and left for home later than normal.

Shortly after getting in the car Jo told me, “You get a lot more attention when you are naked.” I gave her “a look” and smiled.

It was a nice party from my viewpoint. I kissed Donna, had sex with Jo and Randi in a threesome, and did some heavy flirting with Jackie. Jo said she was a little disappointed but had a nice time. There was a lot of work that went into keeping up with the attention from Donna without anything really coming of it. Maybe next time…

We got home very late and didn’t have sex again until this morning.