Another step across the desert

Last night we went to our usual club again. It was amateur strip night.

We had been watching the online RSVP list closely  and were pleased to see Andy and Ronda on the list. We had really enjoyed talking to them and they are very nice looking. But when we arrived we saw Ronda with a woman going through orientation. She smiled and waved at us as we put our stuff in a locker but we were a bit perplexed as to what was going on.

We talked to Sean and Martha at the snack bar for a while. It was nice but Jo doesn’t really think there is any potential for a full swap with them so she hinted we should move on. We talked with Janice for a bit and she surprised Jo by referring to someone as a freak. We all knew him but she had sex with him once and told us the details not too long after that. She would never do that again. We had been less than interested in him even before she told us and we are polite but don’t give him encouragement. It was a surprise to hear Janice use such a harsh label on him but she isn’t really out of line in our way of thinking.

We filled our plates with food at the buffet table and sat down at a nearly empty table. A couple guys sat with us but we weren’t interest in either of them. Then we saw what looked to be a new couple who were sitting alone. They were very nice looking so Jo made our apologies to our table companions and we moved to the other table.

It turns out James and Anna weren’t new. They had been members for about six months and attended about once a month. We just hadn’t crossed paths before. We had a wonderful conversation with them. It turns out Anna really likes being watched. Participating in strip night is a major attraction for her. It was ambiguous whether they actually played with other people or not.

When it got close to the time when the strip contest was to begin they left to prepare and “the freak” and his wife joined us at the table. It was fine, we enjoy talking to them but it didn’t enhance our chances of finding playmates for the evening.

We then watched the strip contest. Wow! The amateurs are getting good. We were very impressed. Jo won the first time she participated but that performance would have been in the bottom half of the contestants last night. Our dinner companion Anna won. It was well deserved.

Jo and I went off to the dressing room to change at nearly the same time as Sean and Martha and James and Anna. Jo and I talked between ourselves about the prospects for the evening. Sean and Martha went straight to the massage tables to get professional massages from Gretchen and Steve so they were out.

I was interested in Anna and Jo was fine with James but Jo didn’t think they were interested in us. The conversation was fun but just wasn’t any flirting going on. It was probably just wistful thinking on my part. She might be as much as 20 years younger than me.

So we went into the play area together and looked around some. There was some activity going on but nothing we were interested in joining or would have been welcomed into. So we ended up having sex with each other.

We left fairly early. Sean and Martha were still on the massage tables when we left. And we never did see where James and Anna went or did.

We talked to Ronda and her female companion on the way out. They still hadn’t gone near the play area. Her friend was new the club and wanted to check it out with just Ronda without Andy. Ronda said she was hesitant to go without him but Jo had inspired her when she attended without me. They seemed to be comfortable at the club and probably would soon check out the play area together soon. They were talking to one of the managers about her friend joining the club as we left.

It’s been a very long time since we both had full swap sex with others at this club. This party seemed to be just another step across the sexual desert.

When we got home we, as usual, had sex again with each other.