Separate rooms

Last night Jo and I went to the house party again (our first and second visits). As we anticipated Jack and Danielle were there. We talked to them and quite a few other people but before long Jack asked us if we wanted “to take the upstairs tour”. Of course he meant that as in invitation to have sex with Danielle and him.

We were hoping that would work out so we all went upstairs to the bedrooms. Danielle said that one of things they didn’t ask when we met them for drinks was what we were “into”. She prefers to be in separate rooms. Jo and I had never done that but I was okay with it and Jo said it was fine with her too so Jack and Jo went into one bedroom and Danielle and I went into another.

We got undressed and laid down on the bed together. She explained that she just felt better not seeing and hearing Jack when he was having sex with another woman. I told her that I enjoyed watching Jo with another man but I can understand how it might be better for some people to be in separate rooms.

She started asking questions about what we thought about the meeting we had on Thursday evening and that lead to a bunch of questions about my mentally ill ex-wife, and she told stories about people she knew with mental health issues. She told me how incredibly beautiful Jo is and how she should emphasize her height instead of sometimes trying to minimize it. She talked about how they “go hunting” for compatible couples at a party. It was a great conversation. We ended up just talking for probably 30 minutes or more while people came and went in the bedroom. Some talked for a bit with us or commented on how nice we looked together.

Finally  she said, “Why don’t we go see what they are doing?” So we got up and went to the doorway of the other bedroom to watch Jack and Jo having sex for a while. Then we went back to “our” bedroom and she told me, “Make your move.” I laughed and told her she could “make her move too”. So we started the foreplay much more earnestly than just the simple stroking of breasts, chests, arms and legs.

Just as we were staring to have intercourse Jack came in to use the bathroom accessible through our bedroom and commented, “You guys still aren’t done?” We laughed and continued to do our thing.

After we were done we put our clothes back on and went downstairs to mingle some more. Jo was dancing with some other women and occasionally a guy or three. I checked in with her and she said she had a good time with Jack and “would do that again”.

We chatted with a bunch of different people. These included:

Plus several other people that were becoming familiar faces from our visits.

It was interesting talking to Kathy. This was their second party ever. The first was at the hotel where we met them the first time. She was telling some other people that the previous party was the first time she had sex with anyone other than her husband in 22 years and that it was with me. Jack overheard and said, “It must have been good because you are here!” She asked me a bunch of questions and made observations about how difficult it is to find people that you are both attracted to and they are attracted to you. I agreed and said that Jo and I will sometimes go to a half dozen or more parties without playing with anyone other than each other. “Oh good!”, she said, “I don’t feel so bad about being picky then.” I shared what I could which I thought would help her come up to speed on how things work and how to be successful and not get into uncomfortable situations.

Jo got many more offers to have sex but she turned them down. About 10:30 she asked if I was ready to go home, and did I want to play again with her here or when we get home. And I said, “Why not both?” “Oh! That could work too.”, she replied. So we went back upstairs to one of the bedrooms. Calvin and Jerri were there with another couple and Frank and Kathy were there by themselves, except for the dozen or so other people in the room. Jo and I had sex with each other and watched other people as we did. Then we drove the 90 minutes home, went to bed, had sex again. When we woke up late this morning we again had sex.

We were pleased with the party. We had a really nice time.