Meeting for drinks

Last March Jo and I had a great time at a house party. One of the couples we talked, to but didn’t play with, was Jack and Danielle. They were the couple that had been married for 40 years and in the lifestyle since the mid-1990’s. A while after the party they contacted us via a swinger website we belong to and wanted to get together for “drinks” sometime. Our schedules finally meshed and we met them at a restaurant last night.

We talked for nearly three hours. It was really pleasant. We talked about our kids, our homes, and about how we got into the lifestyle, different clubs we had been to, house parties, and all kinds of things.

What Jo and I independently decided was that one of the main motivations for them contacting us was that they have their own house parties and they were evaluating whether we would fit in with their other friends. I’m pretty sure we passed.

They had seen on the website where we had RSVP’d to attend the same house party this weekend and they were going too. They said they were looking forward to seeing us there. And also while Danielle and I excused ourselves to visit in the restrooms (separately no playing around or anything) before driving home Jack asked Jo if there was any chance of them getting to play with us. Jo told him that it probably could happen. She wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about Danielle so she didn’t make any strong assurances. I found her attractive, smart, and interesting to talk to and I was fine with them as a couple so I expect we will sometime get together with them.

Today we got another message from them via the swinger website saying they really enjoyed talking to us too and they hope to see us this weekend, if not then they want to get together sometime soon.

We are looking forward to it.