A comedy of obstacles

As I mentioned in my previous post Jo gave me a “hall pass” to go to the club while she went to her son’s concert. I have had far better times at the club. If I was a good enough writer I think it could made into a comedy skit without exaggerating the details much. It was as if the universe was conspiring against me.

First, the traffic was terrible. What should have been a 35 minute drive took an hour.

I knew that both Brenda and Kim would be there and planned to hang out with them and see if one of them were interested in playing with me. Brenda was standing in front of the fireplace when I got there which is typical. It’s frequently a little cold and it’s warmer by the fireplace plus you get to see people as they check in at the front desk for the party. I stood next to her and chatted for a while. She, and nearly everyone else, asked where Jo was. I explained the situation and then at an appropriate time I said, “I was hoping tonight would be my lucky night with you.” She said that she had hurt her back while helping to set up for the party and she was thinking she would go home right after supper. That was disappointing. We have sometimes done some pretty heavy kissing and had made it clear to each other we were interested in taking it further. But not this night I guess.

I continued to talk to her. I like talking, actually it probably is more listening, with her. She pointed out Kim at the bar with two guys chatting her up. Brenda pointed out that both of them were way below her own standard of who she was interested in playing with. Kim could do a lot better too if she wanted but seemed to find a much larger set of men acceptable to her.

We watched Kim and the interaction between her and the two guys. It didn’t seem that she was that interested in either of them and before long she came over to us and gave me a big kiss. That was the first time she had given me that strong of a signal. I was feeling pretty good about my chances with Kim. The three of us chatted until it was time for dinner.

At dinner Kim’s friend Brandi was next to me and Kim sat beyond her. Brenda was across the table from me. On the other side of Kim was one of the guys Kim had been talking to at the bar. He had her arm around her and he gave her a lot of attention. She wasn’t discouraging him but she didn’t seem to be returning much of the attention. Brandi and I talked a lot. She is smart and fun to talk to but her body type isn’t a good match for me and besides she informed everyone at the table she was being monogamous for now. She and her boyfriend got into the lifestyle because he was cheating on her and she insisted that either they both get to play outside the relationship or neither of them play outside the relationship. That worked for a while until they were both in bed with other playmates together. Afterward he spend an hour or more crying in her arms. So they decided to be monogamous .

After dinner there was some entertainment and people left our table bus their dishes and refresh their drinks and some went off to play. Kim’s was at another table with Brandi. and Brandi invited me to join them again. I did and gave my attention to Kim. I had my hand on her leg and was talking to her when “the guy” showed up again and not having a chair next to Kim stood behind her and started massaging her neck and shoulders. Brandi again started up an animated conversation with me. After a few minutes her animation got a little too vigorous and she swatted Kim’s tall glass full of soda into my lap. It was totally an accident and she was really apologetic. She even said that if she weren’t “being good” tonight she would offer to dry me off in a “creative way”. I didn’t get any such offer from Kim who also got a little bit splashed on her bare leg.

I concluded it was game over for now and went off to the dressing room to change into my robe and sit in the hot tub. I spent an hour or so in the hot tub talking to Brenda who apparently decide the hot tub was better therapy for her back than going home. Tammy showed up and talked for quite a while too. While sitting there I saw Kim enter the play area with “the guy” so I knew it was going to be a while before she would potentially available again.

After we were sufficiently wrinkled we left the hot tub. I went over to the entrance to the play area and talked to Brent for a while. He came and went a few times looking for something interesting to do. I waited for an hour or more for Kim to exit the play area hoping she would be interested in some more play time with me. Gretchen did stop by and give me a kiss and a hug before returning to her massage customers but other than that I was pretty much alone. It finally got late enough that I wouldn’t be able to get enough sleep before going to work in the morning if I didn’t leave.

I went back home and cuddled up with Jo. She asked who I was with and I told her my sad story. She was sympathetic and we talked for a while. She thought I should go again by myself but I insisted I wouldn’t be interested if she were available. I would only do it if she were busy with her son or some other family business that was a high priority. I used to go to the club alone nearly all the time and as a single guy I knew my odds were only about 50-50 and it wasn’t a big surprise that I didn’t “get lucky” this time. What was a surprise was the comedy of obstacles that appeared.