Hall pass

Last weekend I was going to be out of town visiting relatives while Jo stayed in town to take her son to band practice and a concert. Friday morning I suggested she attend the Saturday night party at the club. She wasn’t so sure about it at first but, as we were having sex, I told her I found the prospect of her going to the club and having sex with other men very exciting, as long as she told me all about it when we got back together. “Really?”, she asked. “Yes!”, I told her and our lovemaking increased in intensity to emphasis the point. Shortly thereafter she made reservations for the party.

On Saturday evening she sent me a picture of the clothes she was thinking of wearing with the message:

This, or that black dress? I’ve started to wonder if my trash-o-meter stopped working. It’s the fringed skirt. Thought I’d take the black dress along.

Then later while at the club she send two more messages:

Will probably be with Nick (of  Ellen and Nick).

Heading home. Was with Nick and had a nice time. I love you. Xoxoxo

When I returned home Monday evening we ate dinner and then quickly prepared for bed. We cuddled up together and reveled in the cuddling and touching each other again after three nights apart. I then asked, “Are you going to tell me about the party?” Jo replied, “The whole party or just the playtime part?” I told her the playtime part first then we could discuss the rest of the party later.

She told me that after dinner Nick asked if she really wanted to watch the entertainment or just head off to the play area early. They opted for the early playtime. She then told me, in detail, how Nick undressed her in the locker room, the bed they used (in “The Perch”), the kissing, the oral sex, the putting on the condom, him entering her, and the various positions they used. As expected we got very excited and we had sex together.

She then told me more about the party. Who she talked to before dinner, what they talked about, the men who flirted with her, and who were at the dinner table with her and Nick. When she went to the locker room to get dressed and return home she found Sam and Joan there. Sam asked, “Where is Bob?” and Jo told her that she was there as a single that night. Sam gave her a high five and said, “Hall Pass!”

I then asked if we were going to the club again on Wednesday so I could see her have sex with someone else. She reminded me there was another concert for her son but I should go by myself. I questioned her quite a bit about this to make sure she really was okay with it. In the end she summarized with, “I didn’t feel any different about you when I went by myself so I don’t see why you should feel any different about me if you go by yourself.” So I’ll be going to the club by myself tomorrow.

As Jo experienced and explained to me going by yourself simplifies some things because you don’t have to worry about your partner finding someone and having a good time too. If Brenda is there (she RSVP’d for the party) without her husband or playmate then I can play with her without worrying that Jo doesn’t have someone to play with or that Brenda’s husband, Keith, is there and Jo isn’t really interested in playing with him. As we talked about the club and the interpersonal dynamics of going alone versus as a couple we became aroused again and again had sex.

Before we went to sleep I asked, “So you had a good time and would consider going alone again if I can’t go?” Her reply was the best I could imagine, “Yes, I had a great time. I don’t know if I could ever top that experience.”