Hall pass for Bob

Jo was out of town the last few nights and about 4:30 AM yesterday morning sent me a text message:

I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday, but I feel fine with you having a hall pass tonight.

Maybe it is different being out of town?

I replied a few minutes later:

Being home or away is much different for some reason. I  didn’t get into bed until midnight. Very lonely without you here. Then woke  up a few minutes ago.

Thank you for the hall pass. I won’t make any commitment until 8:30 or later. You can change your mind at any time. Even if I actually go.

She replied:

That’s sort of what I do when you’re gone. Being the one who is away, for some reason I feel better about you having a hall pass than not having one. Weird.

That night, 7:58 PM:

Are you really okay with a hall pass tonight? It’s okay to change your mind.

At 8:02 she replied:

Yes! Fine with a hall pass. Have fun.

8:15 PM I replied:

Do you want updates as the evening progresses? Or silence?

8:18 from Jo:

Just end results when you get home is fine, and any interesting gossip of course!

I arrived Club Topaz about 9:00 PM. There weren’t a lot of people there (later I asked one of the owners and they said 36). I found a locker for my stuff, took a shower, and changed my clothes. I made a quick tour of the play areas. They were completely empty.

I grabbed a snack and walked to one end of the room where I had a good view of everyone. There were a couple of groups and some scattered people. I knew a couple of the owners and saw a few faces I recognized but no one I had played with before and very few single women. I was slowly eating my snack and one of the women from a group at a table near the opposite side of the room walked to me and asked, “Isn’t your wife really tall?” “Yes”, I replied. Rachael introduced herself and said she thought she recognized me.

She and her husband Don do volunteer work for the club, see us there frequently, then saw us at the last party at Club Diamond, but never got around to talking to us. She wanted to say hi and talk with us. She asked about Jo and I told her she was out of town and I had a hall pass tonight.

As we talked we saw a short, sort of chubby, guy with a Mohawk haircut go into the play area with a beautiful woman. Rachael commented on it, “I don’t know how he does it. He always get to play with the pretty ones.” I expressed my surprise too. I had seen him many times too.

She commented that in one of our pictures on a Lifestyle web site Don noticed a empty gun magazine pouch on my belt. He is a firearms instructor for a police agency and it sort of jumped out at him. I told her I do a lot of shooting and used to be a, non-professional, instructor myself. She wanted to introduce me to her husband and so we walked over to the table with some other people including the owners I recognized. I was introduced and we Don and I immediately started talking about gun and shooting.

Rachael quickly tuned out and was talking to a woman from another couple at the table. They were talking about the first few times they had played together and how much they enjoyed their time together. I disengaged from the gun talk and told Rachael I was sorry to have gotten distracted by the gun stuff. “This is a sex club. We should be talking about sex here”, I told her. I contributed some to the talk about the club, what happened to Club Pyrite, and asked her about their lifestyle experiences.

They had been in the lifestyle for about ten years but had just played with other people in their neighborhood. There had been a group of a half dozen couples or so and everything had been great for several years. Then there was a bunch of drama and everyone except them got divorced. They then decided to go to house parties and clubs to meet people. They had been doing this for several months now and it was working out well for them.

I told her about Jo and my experience some. I told her of our experiences at other clubs and they dynamics of house parties versus the different clubs.

We probably talked for 20 or 30 minutes and noticed that nearly everyone else in the social area except for our table was gone. She commented something about everyone must be having a good time and so I put my hand on her leg and asked if she would like to go play with me.  She said, “Yes, but I need to see what Don wants to do.” I told her I had to get something out of my locker anyway and would be right back. I went to my locker and retrieved my condoms and when I stood up she was right behind me. She asked, “Is it okay to go someplace where he isn’t?” I wasn’t quite sure who he was but I said we could go anywhere she wanted. It turned out he was some guy that was sort of lurking around watching people in the play areas. We found an empty play area where we could be alone and she quickly go into things. I don’t believe I have ever been with a woman who “got started” so quickly before. I was a little taken aback but had a very nice time with her.

After we were done and chatted for while we dressed and went back into the social area. Don was busy making out with the woman from the other couple. Rachael and I sat at the original table and chatted with the owners and the husband of the other couple. Eventually Rachael and the husband wandered off to have a more private conversation and I talked with the people at the table. The conversation drifted to spankings, handcuffs, and cages. That’s not my scene at all and it was going to spoil what had been a very pleasant evening for me. I said goodbye to the people at the table, found Rachael and said thank you for the nice evening and left to go home.

In the car I sent another text message to Jo and gave her Rachael and Don’s Facebook name:

Just leaving. I had a good time with Rachael .

10 minutes later:

She’s attractive! Glad you had a good time.

I went home and went to bed alone. I would have rather Jo had been home and I had spent the evening with her but being able to socialize and play with someone else was a nice distraction from being alone.