Hall passes for Jo

I was out of town this weekend so Jo decided to visit Club Topaz Friday and Saturday nights by herself. She sent me several text messages asking if it was really okay with me. I reassured her and although she had some apprehension once she reached the lobby went in.

I expected her to play with the owner, Charley. They have done a lot of kissing over the last few months and he always makes a big deal over her and tells her they, “Need to do more sometime.” His wife, Dania, hasn’t shown much interest in me so we haven’t pursued it and I figured this would be their chance. Unfortunately he wasn’t there either night.

On Friday there was a guy who was quite smitten by her, Karl. They danced and kissed some. He had a big erection while on the dance floor and told her a bunch of things that turned her off. A real smooth talker:

  • Claimed to be a liberal talk show host
  • I would be delighted if you’d have diet Coke with me
  • Maybe we could go change and go on a tour of the playrooms
  • She looked like two famous hot actresses

Maybe there weren’t any lies but the constant flattery causes one to doubt his sincerity.

Saturday night she again asked if it was okay with me if she went to the club. I told her the usual, “Yes. Just report back to me.”

We were texted about other stuff just before she left home and I asked her, “Any interesting prospects for tonight?” She reported back that Mick and Michelle had RSVP’d. They always have a very strong interest in Jo and Jo always has a good time with them so I expect that would be her playmates for the evening. I indicated I expected she would have a good time with them and she said, “I hope they show up!”

She then, again, asked, “You’re okay with me going?” I was a tiny bit annoyed by being asked the same question so many times and told her:


How many times do I have to tell you? How many times do you need to play by yourself without adverse consequences?


I love you and know you love me. I know you will still want to be with me the next night.

Just don’t hide anything, tell me the truth, and everything will fine on my end.

The text conversation continued:

Jo: Am I hiding something? I sort of needed reassurance that it’s okay.

Bob: Nope. I don’t think so. You would know better than me. Smile Does it bother you that I’m okay with this? You have my reassurance.

Jo: No! It’s AMAZING that you’re ok with this. I feel bad that I can’t do the same…yet.

Bob: Don’t feel bad. I would like for you to be okay with it. But I know it is a bit step that you aren’t really ready for. And I know you had a bad first experience when you tried. Just know I’m extremely pleased to have you share this part of my life with so much enthusiasm. Xoxoxo

Jo: Xoxoxo

When she got to the club she sat in the car for a bit and texted me again. She said she was leaving her phone in the car and texted me a picture of herself:


I texted back, “You were giving me an erection just being there. Now this!”

There was no answer for two hours and twenty minutes. I figured she was having a good time and it was difficult for me to go to sleep wondering what she was doing.

She finally texted back:

Jo: Sigh. Wish I could put that erection to good use. Nothing there. No Mick and Michelle. Ferrari man was there. Talked to him a long time. I have his card. I wasn’t feeling playtime. Conversation with Andy and Ronda and Swedish couple. I had my hands on the butts of both guys for a while.

Bob: Thanks for the update.

Jo: Andy and Ronda have never played with anyone.

Bob: Interesting! Do they want to?

Jo: He does. I think he said we had a chance. Wondering if I should go back in and lure them.

Bob: Smile I’m definitely interested in her.

Jo: I went back in to propose the idea of me being a bonus person, soft only, but they were back already.

Bob: Maybe we should try to have drinks or dinner with them sometime.

Jo: Maybe. Rick gave me their super snazzy card.

Bob: Smile

Anyway, while she didn’t get to play with anyone she had a nice time and knows more about Andy and Ronda (we knew some of this from before but expected by now they had gotten beyond it) who we have both had a long time interest in.