Jo gets another hall pass

I was out of town this weekend and Jo was home with her kids. The club was having a three day party for Memorial Day weekend and she decided to get away from the kids and house to have a little fun on Sunday night. She went to the club by herself again (the first time was documented here).

This time there weren’t any single men she was interested in. She hung out with Tom & Mary and Andy & Ronda, and talked to Rocky for quite a while. She also danced with a few other guys.

Tom was quite interested in her and did a lot of rubbing against her on the dance floor. But she wasn’t at all certain Mary would be okay with her playing with Tom. She learned a lot about Ronda we didn’t know before. From their profile on the club website it would appear they were interested in finding others to play with both at the club and outside the club. And as they live near to us, and are very attractive, we thought it would be a good match for us. But it turns out that Ronda had a bad previous relationship, has some some serious trust issues, and doesn’t want anyone other than Tom being intimate with her. And isn’t really comfortable with Tom being with another woman either.

One of the interesting things that came out of the discussion was that Ronda expressed surprise that Jo would go to the club by herself. “You are so brave!” she told Jo. “Did you tell Bob you were going?”, she asked. Jo told her she had and that she had come to the club before and had an experience she didn’t think she could ever top. And then when I came home we “had sex about 45 times.” That was a bit of an exaggeration but it certainly captured the sentiment of what happened when I came home. Ronda just couldn’t understand that even though Tom agreed with the likelihood of that happening. I wish I could have been there to explain it.

There was one guy that really, really wanted to play with Jo, but she was not interested in, and she had to be a little insistent, while still being polite, to extract herself from his attention. She left and went home early without ever going into the play area. I was a bit disappointed but understood the feeling she expressed of being a third wheel with all the couples and few single men none of which were interesting to her.