Night before last Jo and I visited a different club. I had known about it for decades but never visited before. My ex-wife and I made plans to visit once with my landlord who had attended a few times but the plans fell through when my landlord came down with a cold.

The driveway and parking lot shared some characteristics with a maze and we weren’t exactly sure how to make it from the parking lot to the party house. We parked next to another couple who had just arrived and I figured we could follow them in. It was nearly pitch black and after we locked up the car and the lights were out I turned on my flashlight so we could avoid the mud puddles in the graveled parking area. That was when we saw the faces of the other couple for the first time. It turned out to be Nancy and her boyfriend. Nancy is considered to be “an old flame” of mine by Jo. There is a certain amount of truth to this but it’s also a bit of an exaggeration. After breaking up with my wife Nancy and I frequently slept together and went to the club together. I had met her there in fact. I really liked the companionship but she wasn’t interested in a committed relationship like I was and she wasn’t that great of match physically either. I’m quite tall and she is quite short. We are still on good terms and it was nice to see her again. Nancy explained that she had only been there once before and that was four years ago. Jo and I hadn’t seen her in several months and it was nice to catch up a bit on things. But there wasn’t going to be any playing with them. Nancy is on Jo’s “no list” for me and her current boyfriend was of zero interest to Jo.

The place is not nearly as physically nice as our usual club. We got a tour and went through orientation with about 20 other people. The play areas were few and except for one very large public/voyeur area they were small as well. Some of the play areas were even in separate buildings. You had to walk 75 to 90 feet across the yard to these other small buildings. That could be a real “joy killer” when it was cold outside and you weren’t wearing much in the way of clothes.

I had heard the décor described as “rustic” before and that was accurate. Minor disrepair might also have been appropriate. The hot tub had pieces of missing tile and the rough concrete edges were cold and abrasive on my back when we soaked in the tub for a while.

I looked around for others we might know from our usual club. Apart from Nancy there was a guy that used to come to the club with his wife, then got divorced, then with another woman for a while. I hadn’t seen him in months at our club and we briefly said hi to each other.

We originally thought we would like to participate in the couples speed dating event and sat down at the long table a few minutes before it was to start. As the table filled up we realized there was no one at the table we were interested in. The people there reminded us a lot of the meet and greet (and retreat) we attended last week. Again we retreated.

We sat on a couch in a clothing required area and had a nice chat with a young guy. His wife was close by chatting with another couple. They were pretty young and probably weren’t interested in us even if we had been exceptionally interested in them–which we weren’t. As we sat there we did see another couple arrive. It was the same couple we had sort of skipped over in the mirror room last week. They recognized us and we smiled at each other.

Eventually Jo and I wandered off to take a quick look at some of the play areas to see what was happening. There was some play going on but nothing we were interested in so we took off our clothes and sat in the hot tub. After a while a nice looking couple joined us and we hit it off quite well. They were younger than us but fun to talk to. This was their first time here as well and had the same opinion about the quality of the furnishing as we did. I asked them what sort of things they were interested in and they told us it was mostly other women for Janet but occasionally they played with couples too.

After a long chat and starting to get a little wrinkly we all decided to get out. There was some talk of leaving the club entirely and going back to their hotel room (they were from out of state) or my apartment with the water bed and mirrored canopy. They sort of seemed interested but didn’t run with the idea.

As we were drying off and putting clothes on Janet and Jo decided they needed a drink. Janet said she had a bottle of vodka and a bottle of Dr. Pepper in their car and we all went out into the parking lot. Henry and Janet, especially Janet, were a little bit on the crazy side. It was in a fun way and even though Jo and I had spent decades with truly crazy spouses this couple was okay. Janet drank most of the bottle with Jo taking a few sips. We laughed and talked for probably a half hour and then went back inside. Rather than picking up the rest of our stuff and leaving as I sort of expected they decided to do some dancing. It had come up that Jo had won an amateur pole-dance/stripping contest at our club once. She told Janet and Henry that whenever she hears Prince singing Cream she has an urge to take off her clothes because that was the music she used for the contest.

Jo and Janet went to the dance area with Henry and I following. Janet urged the D.J. to play Cream by Prince and, as you might expect, the D.J. made that the next song and Jo and Janet started pole dancing and stripping to the music. They kissed and they touched and soon Henry took off his clothes and joined them at the pole. I took off my clothes and Janet met me as I stepped into the dance area. We touched and fondled each other as we danced and then we all gyrated and rubbed against each other around the pole. Another woman joined us for a while and Janet gave her attention as well as Jo and I. Then the couple from our club who Jo and I weren’t interested in joined in at the pole.

Janet and Henry moved to the bed next to the pole where still another couple had been laying for quite some time. The man had been fingering her for at least 20 minutes without things really moving beyond that or the woman even appearing to be very excited by anything. As things between Janet and Henry heated up the other couple on the bed left. Jo and I occupied the place they vacated and had oral sex with each other. Henry and Janet started having sex with each other and Jo and I had sex beside them. Then the couple from our club, who we weren’t interested in, lay down on the bed beside Jo and I. They were both touching Jo and the woman was touching me some. We didn’t reciprocate but didn’t reject them either. Then as Janet migrated over the top of us to touch the other woman Jo and I migrated off the bed. We decided it was time to leave. The couple we weren’t interested in were too involved and it wasn’t what we wanted. As Jo said our good-byes to Henry and Janet Henry asked that she give him a “lap dance”. He was laying flat on his back on the bed and Jo lay on top of him for a minute or so and rubbed against him but then got up and we left.

Jo and I talked about the club as we left and decided we were glad we went but were pretty sure we wouldn’t be going back. The layout and the finish of our normal club was so much better. And since we do the volunteer work there all our parties are free there just wasn’t a point in going to a club that wasn’t as nice and we had to pay $45 per party for.

We we got home we had sex again, then again the next morning, and again that night and again this morning. We haven’t had sex with other people much in a while but things are still rocking with each other.