House party

Last night Jo and I went to a house party. Jo had been wondering what they were like and how they differed from a sex club. I had been to many house parties and hosted a few in the late 70’s and early 80’s. They were three to maybe six couples that would get together for dinner and play at someone’s home.

We knew this one would be different that what I had experienced but didn’t have a clue as to the details of those differences. A female friend of ours at the club had reported she had gone to the same house for a party the previous month and told us what a wonderful time she had. She had sex with four or five different guys throughout the evening and was very pleased. But she didn’t really describe the party dynamics that well.

We arrived about 7:30 PM and got a tour through the house. The couple own two homes and decided to live in one and use the other for parties about once a month. We decided to stay and paid a $20/person donation.

One room is for dancing and had a pole for those wanting to do little something more enticing than normal dancing. Jo and I both played with the pole  little bit but didn’t take off any clothes.

Most of the time we spent in the kitchen talking to people, snacking on the food they supplied, and sipping the wine we brought. Apparently this was a smaller party than normal. About 25 people. A normal party is about 50 people.

Jo only saw maybe one guy she was interested in playing with. We talked the he and his wife for a while and still thought they were acceptable to us. But I was getting the feeling the other woman more more interested in finding women to play with than men. And in any case there never was that “gleam in the eye” that indicated they were really all that interested in us. We sort of drifted away and later we saw her kissing another woman and her husband far more interested than earlier when he was talking to us.

One woman pretty clearly seemed interested in me. She invited me to come out on that dance floor and early in the evening and Jo and I chatted with her for quite a while in the kitchen. She also asked if anyone as ready to play. It was a general query but there were indicators it was aimed at me and perhaps Jo as well. But Jo and I didn’t really want to be apart and wanted a guy for Jo to play with so we mostly ignored what I suspect were invites to play.

There was another woman with a low-cut dress and large breasts in the kitchen who Jo asked, “May I touch your breasts?” The other woman immediately consented and pushed up to both Jo and I as Jo massaged her breasts. “Why”, she asked, “Do you want to just touch my breast?” Jo didn’t really understand at the time but I think the question meant, “Don’t you want to do more than just touch my breasts?” Again we declined to pursue that advance. Partially because there wasn’t a guy in the equation for Jo to play with and also the woman seemed to be pretty drunk.

We left the party about 10:15. The drive home is a little over an hour and we had time to discuss the evening. Our strong impression is there isn’t much, if any, couples hooking up with other couples. It is more of the couples mostly parting ways and then hooking up with other individuals. We haven’t done that sort of stuff before am I’m a little hesitant to do that. Jo is new in the lifestyle and there are indications she might be a uncomfortable if I’m off with another woman without her. I don’t see a point in pushing her boundaries so even though she has occasionally suggested this sort of thing I have been putting some mild brakes on those sort of activities.

When we returned home we had sex with each other.