Catching up again

I’ve been incredibly busy with things and haven’t found the time to blog about things so it’s catch up time again.

March 4th, Jo and I visited Jeff and Mindy at their place again. We sat around and talked and drank some wine for a while then we went upstairs to separate rooms again. It’s what they like best so we can do that. We had a nice time with them. They are very pleasant to talk to and very enthusiastic about the sex.

March 14th we went to Club Topaz for their Saint Patrick’s Day party. We saw quite a few people we knew from Club Pyrite. They appear to be migrating as Club Pyrite shuts down. We saw Kane there. He was the first guy Jo ever played (other than me) with at a sex club. He was with two women, Kasey and Ursa. Kasey was six feet tall and really caught my attention even though she was a bit on the heavy side. Ursa was very nice and showed an interest in me but she was a bit on the short side and much heavier than Kasey. I wasn’t that interested in her.

Kasey and I did a lot of flirting which developed into touching and kissing. It was interesting to me that this was her first visit to a sex club yet she was really into it. It was Uriah’s second visit and again, really enthusiastic about the club.

Jo and I were invited to play with the three of them but Jo wasn’t really interested in playing with either of the women and wasn’t sure how it could work out with two guys and three women so she told me to go have fun and she would be okay.

Kane, Kasey, Ursa and I went off to one of the orgy rooms to play. I was with Kasey and Kane was with Ursa. I was somewhat worried about Jo and even though Kasey tried hard and was very enthusiastic I didn’t cum. The four of us laid around and talked for a while then Kasey and Kane started playing and I went over to be with Ursa. Again, lots of enthusiasm from Ursa but I couldn’t really get into. After chatting a bit I excused myself to go check on Jo.

I found Jo in one of the small play rooms with Mick and Michelle. I left without her noticing me and returned to the orgy room with Kane, Kasey, and Ursa. Not too long after Jo found me and we has sex together in the orgy room.

April 18th we went to Club Pyrite. There were a lot of people there. Something like 250. We enjoyed talking to several different couples but no one who was a good match. We ended up going into the play area together and searching for any bed space to play. We finally settled for narrow slice of a mattress in a big orgy room. It was nice watching and listening to all the other people but we didn’t stay long after we finished. There were lots of other people looking for play space too.

April 25th we went to Club Diamond. From the RSVP list Jo knew that “the tall woman you like” was going to be there. That would be Toni. She is a 5’ 11” blonde, smart, and interesting to talk to. We had seen her there before and I had talked to her for quite a while but Jo had no interest in her husband so we didn’t pursue it. This time Jo suggested we mingle on our own then get back in touch with each other before playing with anyone.

I made a beeline for Toni and hung around for a bit as she was talking to another woman. The other woman introduced herself to me and I to her then I turned to Toni and said you’re Toni. She was surprised. She didn’t remember me at all and was impressed that I remembered her. I told her a few other things I remembered about her and her smile got bigger. She asked how I could remember all that. I told her it was because I was very interested in her. We talked for a long while and it developed into some touching and a hug. She eventually excused herself to go have a cigarette and I went to find Jo. She had been kissing Jack and Ben but things didn’t seem to develop much further. She didn’t see anyone of interest and suggested we go to Club Topaz. That was a long drive back and I kind of wanted to stay there. We agreed to stay a while longer.

I eventually asked Toni if she wanted to play with me. She told me they didn’t usually play at the club. They like to make things a little more personal, “But that might change in 30 minutes.” Jo and I wandered around and talked to some more people. Jo asked Danielle if she and Jack were interested in playing with us. I had talked to her for quite a while but it wasn’t about sex and there wasn’t any flirting going on. That might have soured it because she told Jo they didn’t think so. Finally we went into the play area when it seemed pretty clear nothing was changing with Toni.

The play area was packed. We finally put a sheet down on a thick rug and played on the floor. Jackie was on one of the beds having sex with some guy and reached out and touched me as I was taking off my clothes. I smiled and said hi. She finished went off to the bathroom while Jo and I were having sex. From the bathroom she called out to us, “That’s a party foul!” We didn’t know what she meant. She meant that having sex with your spouse was, “Against the rules.” Not really but she was teasing us.

After we finished we decided to go home. As we were drifting toward the door and saying our goodbyes Ben came up to us and suggested we stay a while longer. We declined because of the long drive home and it was getting late. He asked to stay while he went to get Jackie so she could say goodbye too. She expressed her disappointment and held up her lingerie exposing everything from just below her breasts down and asked, “Are you sure I couldn’t distract you?” I would like have liked to play with her and Jo was interested in Ben as well but it just wasn’t going to work out for us so we said goodbye and went home.

I think there was another party at Club Topaz we went to as well. But nothing much of interest happened apart from talking to some old friends.