Home meeting for drinks

Last night Jo and I met another couple at their place for drinks. I had met them with my ex at our usual club years ago and then Jo and I chatted with them for a while at the house party we went to a couple months ago. Jo had some symptoms from a cold or allergy or else we would have gone to a club party. As it is she didn’t want to be kissing anyone and potentially getting them sick as well as when she lays down she gets a lot of sinus pressure.

So we went to Jeff and Mindy’s place and got to know them a lot better. We really got along well with them. They have been in the lifestyle for many years and are quite enthusiastic about it. Mindy, in particular, is extremely outgoing and fun to listen to.

We stayed for about two and half hours and then left shortly after some other lifestyle friends of theirs showed up for “a date” which almost for certain meant play time. We were invited to stay but it was time to get Jo back home for more rest.

As we were driving home we chatted about Jeff and Mindy. Jo really enjoyed their company but Jeff isn’t physically a good match for her. Mindy is okay, but not great for me. I’d definitely be interested in having sex with her but she isn’t someone that I going to lust after for weeks until I get my chance. Another thing that adds some hesitancy is that they like to play in separate rooms while Jo and I prefer the same room.

Time will tell how this relationship turns out.

I’ll probably see Mindy again in the not to distance future as she wanted some instruction in a field for which I am a certified instructor. No sex, she would be treated just like any of my other students.