The midnight shift

Jo and I volunteer time for the club. We get to attend that party for free and if we schedule enough volunteer time we get into all the parties for free that quarter.

Last night we volunteered to do “Bed Monitor” duty from midnight until 1:00 AM. We usually don’t stay this late. Jo is a morning person and by about 10:00 or 11:00 she is starting to slow down. The club needed someone to cover the midnight shift and we (well, mostly I) figured we could handle it because we had lots of sleep the night before then we had a long nap in the afternoon.

Bed Monitor duty means you occupy the bed just inside the entrance to the play area to make sure people entering are following the rules. The club is, in all ways, a woman’s club. The woman have all the power and the men are closely controlled by the female members. The primary duty of the bed monitor team is to make sure single men don’t get in. A woman can bring five (or more, there is no limit) with her but she is responsible for all of them and they must be stay with her or another woman while in the play area. We also make sure no one in street clothes enters, no alcohol, no open top water bottles, and general stuff like that.

When we have done bed monitor duty before it was early in the night. Usually 9:00 –> 10:00 PM. Frequently we are the first people in the play area. People are still eating dinner, dancing, and sitting in the hot tubs in the other parts of the club. It’s the vertical foreplay before the horizontal play starts. So Bed Monitor duty has usually been rather dull for us. We can “entertain” ourselves while there, which we frequently do, but for the most part it’s just sit there and see maybe two or three couples enter. This night, while working the midnight shift, was different.

We have known Sam and Joan for over a year. When we first met them at the club we found them attractive and nice to talk to. We spent lots of time talking to them. They told us they didn’t have sex with other people.  Sam had been involved in the lifestyle before but Joan wasn’t really ready for it yet. It was clear she enjoyed the atmosphere but she didn’t do anything beyond flirting, hugs, and light kisses. They frequently attend the parties and also volunteered their time. Last night we were observing them from a distance and speculated about them, “Why do they even attend? They never play with anyone else. And frequently they are still sitting around the dinner table or dancing when we leave.”

We hadn’t been on station very long when Rocky and Joan came in. “What?” We had never seen Joan with anyone else. Wow! What’s going on? Where is Sam? Rocky’s spouse, Wilma, was somewhere in a cubby playing with someone we didn’t recognize but that wasn’t really unusual. We didn’t even know Rocky and Joan were friends. A few minutes later Sam and another woman, who we didn’t recognized came in. Interesting! Apparently a lot of this time we thought Sam and Joan were just sitting around the dinner table and not playing with others they just delayed until after we usually left.

Other noteworthy items:

Barb is another volunteer and frequent party attendee. She dresses very revealingly. Her dresses are short, her tops are low-cut and/or see through and on the dance floor you frequently see her wearing only shoes.  Last night she surprised me a bit by wear a dress so short that I could see her shaved pussy lips even when she was standing. And later she was dancing with her daughter while topless. That’s not something you see every day.

I had seen the young woman around for a long time but it wasn’t until Jo pointed out Barb was dancing with the woman and commented about her being Barb’s daughter than I knew she was related to her.

While there were quite a few people we knew at the club last night there were a lot of new, to us, people as well. Because we attend so frequently most of the time we probably recognize 75% of the people even if we don’t know their names. We expected they were newbies or maybe very infrequent guests. There was one set of “youngsters”, three couples, who were in the mirror room when we went in for a while. These people were going at it in a big way. One woman announced she wanted two cocks in her at once. Her request was immediately fulfilled. They switched partners many times and did all kinds of combinations of woman on woman, woman sucking on one guy while having intercourse with another. They were what we call Mechanics. It didn’t seem to be really into the affection that Jo and I like when we play with others. It was about going through the mechanics of group sex. What really made that clear was one woman, a really striking woman who I had difficulty keeping my eyes off of while on the dance floor, kept adjusting her hair while she was having sex. She would be on her hands and knees with a guy banging away on her from behind doggy style and she would repeatedly push the hair back from her face. What was that about? Why bother?

We didn’t find anyone to play with us last night. There was one couple we were interested in but it was like we didn’t exist to them. They never made eye contact with us. It was very strange to us. Almost everyone makes eye contact with the people around them. It might not go further than a smile or a nod but you acknowledge their existence. We ended up playing with each other in “The Red Room” with several other couples close by. I was really turned on the by the short East Indian woman who was with some guy next to us but the guys in that group weren’t a good match for Jo.

Still, we had a good time. We had sex with each other again while doing bed monitor duty, then when we got home about 2:00 AM, then again about 10:00 AM when we woke up.