Quick! We need to talk to them!

Last night we went to the club again. I had some car trouble and we were later than usual. It was almost time for dinner to be served by the time we checked in at the front desk. We did the check in thing and were headed to the lockers to put our towels and stuff away in preparation for dinner when we saw a couple at the bar. Both were tall, in good shape, about our age, and very nice looking.

As we walked to the locker area Jo whispered to me, “Quick! We need to talk to them!” I agreed. We quickly put our stuff away and hurried back to the bar. They were gone. Jo got a drink for herself and then we went looking for them. They were at the buffet table filling their plates. We hurried to get in line behind them. I exchanged smiles with the woman as we went through the line. Jo and I whispered back and forth and decided to try and get at the same table with them. Luckily they chose a table that was empty and still had room for us. We asked if we could join them and when they gave permission I sat down next to the woman. We introduced ourselves and started talking. They were Andy and Ronda.

It turns out they live less than 10 miles from us and were great fun to talk to. They are smart, articulate, and happy people. They were fairly new to the club. After the party we realized they were a couple we had sent a message to via the club website back in November. We said we were interested in them and would like to have dinner with them sometime. They got back to us about two weeks later and said they were going to the club again in a couple days but they were going with another couple. But to say hi if we saw them. If we recall correctly we did see them briefly on the dance floor and said hi but nothing more.

From talking to them it wasn’t clear if they had actually had any sexual contact with anyone outside their relationship. They enjoyed being in the nude and having sex in the presence of others but they didn’t talk about anything beyond that. At one point Jo and Andy were away from the table for a while and I asked Ronda how long they had been in the lifestyle. She said they were just exploring at this point. I interpreted this to mean they hadn’t really had sexual contact with others yet. No matter they were great fun to talk to. Ronda’s adult daughter and son have very similar hobbies and strong political beliefs similar to mine and I shared links to some of my websites that might be of interest to them.

And almost as interesting was that Brenda came over and sat on the same chair with Jo, twice, and said hi. Jo and I independently came to the conclusion that since we hadn’t given her the usual attention we do that she came to looking for it. Funny!

This was sexual trivia night at the club and Jo and I seldom do very well at this. Andy and Ronda had never been on a Wednesday before and didn’t seem all that interested in the trivia game either. We almost decided not to play but finally decided that we could at least play for a while. The first round was true or false we ended up guessing on about five out of the seven questions. It turned out we only missed two and that was encouraging enough that we continued to play. We again got five of the seven questions right on the second round which was multiple choice. The last round was identification of people from their nude pictures. This was always the round Jo and I did terrible on. Ronda was amazing at this. She would announce the name of the person within a couple seconds after it was displayed. Jo and I had no clue on any but one or two even after all the verbal clues were given. With Ronda’s amazing skill on the last round we won the trivia contest. We each won a small vibrating dildo for our efforts.

After the trivia contest we migrated to the bar area talked and talked until it was getting pretty late. Jo stood next to Andy and I stood next to Ronda. Ronda ended up showing us her breasts. She told us she had them enlarged so people would look at them instead of her other body parts. Jo and I didn’t see anything wrong with any of her other body parts but we were happy to explore her breasts when offered.

It was getting pretty late and Jo would have been willing to go directly home because we both had to get up an go to work in the morning. But I wanted to at least spend a little bit of time in the play area. So we told them we were going to the play area and made it clear they were welcome to go with us. We all went to the locker room and changed. We went into the play area together and when Jo and I found “the perch” available we took it and I told Andy and Ronda they were welcome to join us if they wanted. They continued on and we didn’t see them for probably ten or fifteen minutes when they came back and took a play space nearby.

As Jo and I had sex Andy and Ronda got “warmed up” and had sex. We watched and smiled at each other as we continued our lovemaking. After Jo and I finished then cuddled for a while we got up and said good-bye to Andy and Ronda as they continued to have sex with each other.

Although we didn’t get to play with them we were pleased with how things went. They live close by and a good match for us in the physical as well as personality departments. We hope to hear have contact with them again soon.