Best night at the club in months

Last night Jo and I had the best night at our usual club in months. And the strange part is that we didn’t has sex with anyone there. Not even with each other.

Before going to the club we met a couple for drinks who had written to us via SLS. It was nice conversation. From the pictures and their profile it was sort of ho-hum, but the conversation was very good. It was a nice start to the evening.

We arrived at the club a little bit late but put our stuff in a locker and went out in search of ‘prey’ before filling our plates at the buffet table. We didn’t see anyone of particular interest.

The RSVP list had indicated a couple who are both tall and very attractive would be attending but we didn’t have much in the way of expectations for connecting with them. We’ve attempted to get things started with them on a couple occasions without success so we figured it is really “their move” if they decide they are interested in us. We saw the female half of the couple at a table which was completely full so that wasn’t a real option even if we had decided to make ourselves more available.

Sean and Martha were there but again were at a full table. Jo hasn’t been too keen on pursuing them because they have been saying they are moving slow and “exploring”. But I had been thinking they have been warming up to the idea of playing with us. I told her that I might tell them we were interested and let them take it from there.

We sat down with two couples that were familiar faces and almost friends but not potential playmates. One is very short and the other is very young and on the short side as well. We had a nice conversation with them but everyone knew it wasn’t going lead into the play area.

I went back to the buffet line to get some dessert and I could barely believe my eyes. There, going through the buffet line, was Nick and Ellen! Jo has played with him a couple times and I played with her once. But more importantly we have always extremely enjoyed the conversations we have had with them. They are the other couple we know with blogs about being in the lifestyle. They had left the area in April expecting they would not be back for at least a year. And we thought there was a real chance we would never see them again.

I had a warm greeting with them and hurried back to Jo and told her she would not believe who I just saw. I didn’t even try to make her guess like I usually do in such circumstances when she casually told me she didn’t know who that would be. When I told her she jumped up and quickly walked back to the buffet to see them. This greeting was just as warm and we found an empty table away everyone else to talk. We talked and talked about their adventures, our dissatisfaction with the club, and our experiences at other places, our kids, and totally ignored everything going on at the club. They were back just for a couple weeks and would again be gone, probably for months again.

Nick was sitting next to Jo and he had his hand between her legs a lot and she had her hand on his leg as well. As the music from the dance floor became increasingly difficult to talk over Nick suggested we sit in a hot tub for a while. As we were getting up from the table we overheard Nick say something to Ellen. I forget what the exact words were but we got the gist of the idea that Ellen wouldn’t be playing tonight.

After we undressed and were headed to the hot tubs Ellen quietly told Jo and I, “Just to manage expectations, I’m not playing with anyone tonight.” We told her we had already picked up on that and we appreciated her telling us but that was okay.

We sat in, and partially out of, the hot tub and talked for nearly another hour. At first Nick and Jo started getting pretty “frisky”. There was some heavy kissing and petting but when Nick asked if she wanted to have sex there on the edge of the tub she told him that she wasn’t going to have sex unless I was going have sex with someone else as well. Their activity became much more subdued then. We still had a great conversation.

Nick eventually left to search for another playmate. We suspect he probably connected with Janice who was there as well and she and Nick have a lot of “history”. Ellen, Jo, and I had a great conversation but it was getting very late. We sort of tried to make something work out in the next few days to met up with them but our schedules just weren’t going to let it happen. Jo and I finally left without even having sex with each other.

As we were leaving we saw Sean and Martha near the eating area and dance floor. Sean was sitting on a  chair with only a few clothes on and Martha was completely nude sitting astraddle of Sean. There was no sex going on. They were just talking. Martha didn’t see us until I gently stroked her shoulder as we walked by. She looked up and then jumped up to say hi. She told us she didn’t even know we were there. We told them we had been absorbed with some other friends and ignored almost everyone else. She gave us both hugs and kisses.

I told them that if they were interested or ever got to the place where they were interested in playing with us to let us know. They both lit up. Martha said, “Yes, I think that might happen! We feel so comfortable around you guys.” And Sean said, “Thanks for letting us know.” Even though they are frequently at the club I think they are still shy about taking any initiative in getting from “point A to point B”. I wanted to make that easier for them. And I think it might have worked. Jo told me, “Good job with Sean and Martha” after we were in the car.

We drove home happy. It was one of the most enjoyable evenings we have had at that club in months. And it was all without sexual intercourse. We did have sex when we got home though. And again this morning. That part is consistent.