Spin the bottle

Jo and I went to our usual club last night. We thought about it quite a bit before going. The RSVP list looked pretty bleak. Our rational finally boiled down to “the kids don’t need us and we don’t have anything else going on”.

We arrived, put our stuff away and kind of got cornered by Tim who was there without Candy. It was interesting to hear about issues with his new house and step kids but that wasn’t why we went to the club.

After dinner was served I spotted a table with two open chairs with Sean, Martha, and another couple we hadn’t met before. We sat with them and Martha, sitting next to me, started relating a creepy/awkward/weird experience they recently had at the club.

There was some old guy, perhaps in his 80’s, who followed them and some other people into the play area. Then he tried to get involved with Sean and Martha as they were playing with only themselves. They had to rather forcefully tell him to leave them alone.

Jo and I discussed this with them and confirmed their impression of him being completely out of line. Probably the best opportunity to have prevented that would have been to have asked him, “Who is your partner?” when he followed them into the play area. Single men are not allowed in the play area and this probably would have been least confrontational means of keeping him out and from messing up their evening.

Other interesting things came out of the discussion. Sean and Martha enjoy attending and being around other people in the play area but apparently haven’t played with other people yet. At least nothing beyond some soft swap type stuff. They are, “Still figuring out what we want.” Jo and I sort of knew that because we never got a strong interest from them yet they seemed just as interested in us as anyone else.

It was game night so after dinner we sort of half-heartedly ended up playing “Who is the Biggest Slut?” After a while Martha suggested we play Spin the Bottle instead. We all agreed and had fun kissing with our new friends. The other couple wasn’t a good match for us and when Martha, again, suggested we all go to the hot tub Jo and I opted to go to the play area by ourselves.

The play areas only had one other couple in it. We weren’t really interested in them so we went off to a group room where maybe someone else would join us later and played by ourselves. We heard others enter the play area but didn’t see who it was until we were done and were leaving. It was Sean and Martha. They were “busy” with each other but said, “Hi” as we walked past.

It was a very slow evening but it was interesting and pleasant to chat with Sean and Martha and perhaps help them avoid an unpleasant experience some other time. And maybe they will be interested in playing with us when they figure out what they really want at the club.